Maybe someday,
Dec 28, 2014

Maybe someday,
My life won't be this way.

Maybe someday,
I'll be happy again.

Maybe someday,
I'll find that right person
Who will whisk away all my hurting
As if it were nothing.

Maybe someday...
I just have to keep waiting.

Someday the moon will not shine at night and th
Feb 22, 2015

Someday the moon will not shine at night and the sun won't rise

Someday my soul will leave this body and the remains will be dust

Someday I might rise with the sun and maybe I won't

Written: February 22. - 2015
#life   #death   #sun   #moon   #soul   #someday  
My valentine someday
Bailey Lewis
Bailey Lewis
Feb 14, 2015

Even though you’re
975 miles away
I know you will be
My valentine someday

I miss her so much.
#love   #i   #her   #miss   #valentine   #someday   #texas   #minnesota  
May 5, 2015

A day cometh when together we shall stand ne'er
Our different part we shall thread
Leaving behind our families and our homes
Back to them we look not
Just hoping we meet again...

But someday, just someday,
John Carlo Cahimat
John Carlo Cahimat
Jan 20, 2016

People come and go in our life,
Some will leave marks, Some will leave scars,
We carved those memories into ourselves,
But someday, just someday,
He will give you someone  that will stay,
Just wait for his time and pray.

There is always someone who will stay with you that God will give. You will never be alone forever.
#alone   #stay   #forever   #someday  
Someday *soon* we will be holding **hands** ins
Matthew Harlovic
Matthew Harlovic
Oct 29, 2014

Someday soon we will be holding hands instead of grudges

© Matthew Harlovic

#love   #hatred   #future   #past   #hands   #10w   #someday   #animosity   #grudges   #digust  
Someday my little flower
Dec 16, 2014

Someday my little flower
Things will change
You will see the sun shine lovelier
When the rain ceases from falling
like broken angels that
cry from the grey clouds of misery

Someday my little dove
You'll float into the
Wiser, stronger and even lovelier than before
So magnificent
Only the heavens could
have imagined it.

#hope   #happiness   #someday   #tbiytc  
Someday *soon* we will be passing **praise** in
Matthew Harlovic
Matthew Harlovic
Oct 29, 2014

Someday soon we will be passing praise instead of judgment

© Matthew Harlovic

Amanda Kobryn Poe
Amanda Kobryn Poe
Nov 17, 2014

To the one who got away,
I will always want you to be mine one day.
But we don't always get our way,
Or at least that's what they say.

#love   #poem   #short   #future   #hope   #someday  

Some day you'll cry for me
Like I cried for you,
Some day you'll miss me
Like I missed you,
Some day you'll need me
Like I needed you,
Some day you'll love me
But I won't love you

#love   #need   #cry   #you   #someday   #missyou  
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