our emotions freely through the written word
The Ten Word Wonder

Let us express our emotions freely through the written word

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Circa 1994
Circa 1994
Jul 8, 2014

I love words and
I love metaphors.
I love the muse that inspires the words
and how flawlessly these words form metaphors.

I love deciding how people perceive me.
Even I am beautiful when painted metaphorically.

The words run through my veins
innate to me like blood.
Thick, gooey flowing through my head;
my body.
Like when a nurse takes blood to save lives,
I bleed my words onto the paper to save myself.
To save others.
The way a person needs a pint of blood,
I need a poem.
I need words to give me hope.
Words, words,

Dana Skorvankova
Dana Skorvankova
Jun 23, 2016

These words that fill my mouth
Have nothing to do with what I
Wanted to say  ~

Can we listen to the wind of the past?

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Stars and words
Stars and words
Jun 16, 2016

You've always been toxic that spilling you out from the glass of words that we shared was the right thing to do

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Ren Writes Things
Ren Writes Things
May 15, 2015

all the beautiful words have already been spoken
all the good hearts have already been broken
maybe that's why the rhymes come to us
and we build ourself back up from the dust

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Ann M Johnson
Ann M Johnson
Jul 27, 2014

Sometimes my words do not  adequately describe how I feel

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Imagine big,
write well
and never
loose sight of yourself

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May 27, 2015

I'm a mess when you're around.

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