White Lphant
White Lphant
Jan 4, 2015

I draw circles
to think straight,
that's why i can't draw a straight line.

#life   #time   #line   #think   #circles   #live   #straight   #draw  
Mohammad Skati
Feb 16, 2015

I can draw different pictures ,but                                                                               From where should I start ?                                                                                      I can draw with a pencil                                                                                              As a reminder that I can do something ...                                                                  I can draw pictures ,but                                                                                              In my mind this time ...                                                                                              I can draw with my eyes ,but                                                                                     Through different sights ...                                                                                         My drawings vary from                                                                                             One thing to another ...

#drawing   #is   #pretty  
May 2, 2015

Draw a heart on your palm
if you miss someone really bad
And pretend it's beating there
Pulsing away dub lub dub lub.
Its hard I know
Pretending makes it easier

© RazanRinaldi
#heart   #fight   #hard   #beating   #draw   #missyou  
that's my kind of drawing
Mar 5, 2015

I just can't get the curl right
on that question mark
and my straight line
is more of a straight curve

But look at those words
that are forming pictures
in your beautiful mine
that's my kind of drawing

#cant   #mind   #draw   #questionmark  
I tried drawing you this morning, darling, I attempted
Nameless Wonder
Nameless Wonder
Dec 28, 2015

I tried drawing you this morning, darling, I attempted to render your beautiful body in black and white on paper, as you slept on my bed .

It was an epic fail,
A disgusting piece of artwork,
That's the total opposite of what an angel looks like.

I tried drawing you, and I failed, but because of that, I appreciate your beauty even more.

In reality, it just means I can't draw if my life depended on it xD... But who doesn't love sweet little lies?
Luna Elora
Luna Elora
Dec 2, 2014

Memories fade over time
Everyday you forget something you once knew.
It's not a crime
to remember what you drew
As a child
Your dreams hardly ever mild
So extravagant
I wish I could remember
What I drew as a child too.

#memories   #drawing   #art   #youth   #child  
Jade Melrose
Jade Melrose
Feb 24, 2015

I’ll paint the colour of your eyes
toffee brown
contrasting the crinkles beside
that always appear when you lie

I’ll paint the blue of your smile
the corners of your mouth
slightly upturned
with a quirk of your brow

I’ll paint the yellow in your laugh
your cheeks slightly tinged pink
the way your eyes twinkle
without uncertainty

Every tone and every hue
captured in brushstrokes that end too soon
But darling
I’ll always draw you gently, like a soft croon
Here is the finished
portrait of you.

#paint   #eyes   #smile   #blue   #you   #colour   #draw  
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