To me, I see
Further than he, but he,
Sees his own seas;
Soft, innocent fleece

Circled under a veil
Of creativity, sets sail,
Wondered aimlessly, but well,
An answerless well, you fell

Never let your vanity bail you out, dude.
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Apr 26, 2015

Let me,
Be the waves;

The tides that will wash your troubled thoughts.

And with every crash of waves
being your happiness and joy,
Your ripples of bliss.

Pushing away crumpled parts,
Craddling your body
in warm currents.

Let me,
Be the waves.

Guiding you effortlessly
Out into the everlasting blue.

The waves, that orchestrates your heart.

With every crash of a wave,
Cayla frazier
Cayla frazier
Nov 7, 2014

With every crash of a wave,
My stress is washed away..

#waves   #beach   #relax  
Mar 23, 2015

Waves on the ocean
Flowing with the moon-set tides,
Met by seas of sand

A simple haiku
#haiku   #ocean   #waves  
BB Tyler
BB Tyler
Jun 1, 2015



Cicada Waves

Teach me to Breathe

in the Depths of Breathlessness

#breath   #nature   #insect   #waves   #lessons   #listening   #cicada  
Oct 12, 2015

The silence isn't so bad.
I'm used to drowning in the mad sound of it pounding against my brain  in the form of tidal waves.

I'm used to it.
#poetry   #silence   #drowning   #waves  
Dec 22, 2015

What's wrong?
I don't belong
here with you,
Never will do.

So I'm gone,
If this is home
Then I'm alone
Remain unknown.

For ever on,
I will belong
Into the waves
For all my days...

Alexandra J
Alexandra J
Sep 16, 2014

My eyes can't help but gaze at your sight,
and I bite my lip,
for I know
I shouldn't,
but who could ever stop himself
from watching
the waves of the sea touch so divinely
the luring shore?

#love   #crush   #sea   #waves  
Aug 18, 2014

your words wash over me,like crashing waves upon rocky shores
constantly haunting me night after night...
what is it that you want ?

nothing seem to make sense to me anymore and honesty in a different light it never
#thoughts   #crashing   #idk   #tired   #waves   #wondering   #wtf   #title  
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