;       A wave
MaryJane Doe
MaryJane Doe
4 days ago

Is an ocean
   We flow in
               A tide
      That we ride
   High and low in
                     A wave
                   Can behave
        To infact be the save
           You must know when
            To put your own toe in

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Suddenly the wave breaks.
Jun 26

I read the words of strangers
And so many of them ring in my mind,
Exploding with the exact memories of someone I have never met
That mimic mine so closely.

Sometimes I even think for the split second of reaction
That someone I knew might have written these words
And then all sense returns and I realise it is simple similarity.

Suddenly the wave breaks.
I was well and now I'm not.

I was floating, even drifting,
But then the vicious white surf tickles my hair,
As I look up to see the entire body of the wave collapse on me.

And below the water,
Watching the submerged air bubbles all around,
I realise I'm alone again.

A poem darker than my usual style. I usually don't like to be so dramatic and melancholic, but at the moment I feel it is fair for me to write in such a way.
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your hands they work like levees
and you stop me when you've had enough
too much
build up my walls cause you couldn't handle it all

i am
an ocean
the sea
angry, unpredictable
monsters hide under me
lurking in the darkest corners
inching towards the faintest smell of blood
crave the warmth between their teeth

but your hands
they work like levees
pushing and
pulling away
when you've had too much
one day
it will not be enough.

i will sneak in through the smallest crack
if you give me the chance
walls will crumble like babylon
and i will be relieved
i will get everything i need
not enough
not too much
i will snap your hands
smash your levee down

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mprehend the ocean's depths just from a wave.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

Great men comprehend the ocean's depths just from a wave.

A wave catches me
Shelly Woods

First the sun
Warm and gold
Then the wind
Swift and bold
Of all that I know
Little I remember; little I behold

Fearing it is my last... I gasp for breath.

A scent like no other
Fills my emptied soul
Memories flood into me
Like a perilous undertow
A wave catches me
And carries my soul

I am full again.

Wonder pulsates through my veins
Living is no longer in vain
Blood warms my extremities
Chasing fond memories
Once again, I begin
For the moment, I am

I see... I breathe... I believe.

For the moment, no end
To stop me
No fear to paralyze
No wounds to hide
A moment of peaceful bliss
All tears subside

I will let this wave carry me.

I don't fight the current
I let it take me
where it wants
Not out of bravery
But from my addiction
To wonder... and clarity

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The wave, I understand so late, rumbles and loom
Nov 22, 2013

The wave, I understand so late, rumbles and looms larger than expected.
I wade forward in surrender.  Waiting.
Drawing closer, the tow low and powerful, I know that the shore is no longer attainable.

As the crest nears, I see in it things I am not prepared to face....
Regret, Sadness and Fear all churn violently as I seek passage.
Rise. Float.  I wait silently and accept.
I long to float above into forgotten still waters, peaceful currents.

The wave presses me close. I feel its chilling power and succumb.
I remember. Agonize over choices made and consequences realized.

Rise. Float. Dream of still water and peaceful currents.


hold yourself back
more times
than anyone else
times infinity

it's not your
blah blah blah

it's your thoughts
on the environment
around you
that you can change
if you wanted
if you
had a vision
a plan
for what you want

or you can let someone
like me change it
for you

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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as assured as the wave’s return, seeking
Alex S Di Iorio
Alex S Di Iorio
Sep 25, 2012

Heavy hearted and light-headed I stand,
my musing eyes open wide like the sea.
Desperation clutching my shelled heart’s hand,
longing for the right opportunity.
Two frigid feet bound by time’s iron clasp
buried deeply underneath sandy grit,
long hidden from warmth or water, they gasp,
and to the aqueous nectar forfeit
as it trickles, healing like tears streaming
down a child’s freshly salted red cheeks
and breath of clean air upon pain’s leaving,
as assured as the wave’s return, seeking
to lift tender soles from their timid rest,
soothing the yearning ache within my chest.

Like a crashing wave
Nestor David Armas
Nestor David Armas
Mar 25, 2013

When she rushes
Into you
Like a crashing wave
Like a gust of wind
Like a summer's day breeze
Like a happy pup,
This is her love
Washing over you
Drowning you
Embracing you
Adoring you,
Her arms
Her smile
Her laughter
Her joy
Of her heart
Her mind blinded
At the sight of you,
All for you
Whether friend
Or lover,
Don't ever;
Never ever let go...
APAD13 - 083 © okpoet

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