Forgotten Memory
Forgotten Memory
Jan 18, 2016

Memory that I have forgotten
Why do you seek to be remembered
When you're allowed an eternal rest
Because of the connection severed

Yet, continuing to rebuild a bridge
You aim to come back inside
Even though my head is painful
You refuse to say good-bye

When I try to push you out
You stand your ground  profound
When I refuse to remember you
You choose to stick around

I begin to wonder why you can't stop
And leave me where I lay
Even now you cradle me with feelings
No matter what I say

Maybe after all this time that's passed
I've been thinking completely wrong
All these times I swore I was empty
You were there for me all along

Memory that I now remember
I'm sorry for what I've done
I promise to cherish you all my life
My heart is what you've won

Treasure your  memories for they make you who you are, and even if they are painful, they are something that is special to you, something nobody else could ever have, something that makes you the special person you are~
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Nicole Dawn
Nicole Dawn
Jun 13, 2015

Memory hits
Pain in head
Hands clench
Nails bite
Skin breaks
Memory gone


Sometimes I get hit by a horrible memory and I can't like breathe or see or anything until it's gone
#sad   #pain   #memories   #memory   #attack  
In memories.
Feb 18

In memories.

#memories   #remember   #young   #old   #memory   #age   #aging  
This is something only memories remain of,
B M Clark
B M Clark
May 8, 2014

This is something only memories remain of,
it is lost forever,
for you and me.
Nothing but empty bitter pain remains,
but I cling desperately
to the memory

#love   #lonely   #pain   #alone   #memories   #lost   #hurt   #bitter   #memory   #loneliness  
memories come back as we forget about it too
Youthful Nevermore
Youthful Nevermore
Nov 19, 2016

let's talk about life as our voices fade
by the night's sparkles and sunlight's shades
sorrow ensues and happiness becomes blue
memories come back as we forget about it too

our hearts grew fonder and fonder
yet came haste then you were such a bother
hold me close yet let me go
for i am the wind that must flow

watch me from afar as you leave
for i am not responsible when you grieve

Inspired by Petrarch's Sonnet 307.
#love   #memories   #happiness   #sorrow   #wind   #voices  

If I die tonight,
One scary theory
Is true

If one memory repeats,
For all eternity
I hope it is about you

A scary but beautiful theory after death: your most cherished memories will repeat over and over and over again.
Aug 28, 2014

Previous commemorative
                          memorials of positivity
     drown in radioactive slime.
   Disperse chi like flooding water
                              Contaminated, laminated with oily tears.

"How is pain controlled?

Audrey Maday
Audrey Maday
Mar 30, 2015

I think one of the most terrifying,
Is when you try to,
Remember someone and you can see,
Except their face.

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Dec 29, 2016

I had a thought
A deep little thought
Some intruiging thought
The most beautiful thought

but then I forgot...

#memories   #beauty   #brain   #thoughts   #mind   #think   #memory   #ugh   #forgetful   #goldish  
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