Until interconnecting. Astral athletes
Sverre G Holter
Sverre G Holter
Sep 1, 2014

We laugh like there's nothing
That's not hilarious.
We speak in unison when skipping down

Cobblestone streets, on our way to
Music or movies. Like magnets
Through two crowds, drawn

Until interconnecting. Astral athletes
Exchanging tops after a game; pointing,
Asking, learning, relaxing.

Learning, relaxing more, pacing. When
Love tries, everything becomes

Hedonic Nihilist
Jun 11, 2014

Writing is dangerous a sport
With far too many muscles left to pull
Not only in my body

Writing is far few abstract-I cannot think in words and I cannot label-the day I put it into words it's labeled
And that is dangerous a vote

Thinking is much cleaner yes, for now
They said that thoughts are safe
yet I don't think obscenities in public
And I don't feel obscenities in public

Two sane thoughts a day(required by law) they say will keep the writers away from Fitzgerald's and Virginia's-Poe is still fair ground

They said that diaries were safe, but we writers do not write in public
But sports are played to audiences and votes need to be a-gotten and we writers express our condolences for the death of writing and the birth of Athleticism and Campaigns

iron-bodied athletes,
Apr 20, 2013

This world doesn't favor the artists.
They favor the strong,
iron-bodied athletes,
with empty minds.
They favor the pure-bred,
big-headed geniuses,
with cold hearts.
The world is made for the strong,
I am weak.

we are the athletes
Apr 30, 2014

we are puppets
of this late night show

trying to unleash
all these thoughts in a blow

we are the athletes
of a championship event

trying to not waste
every second of this moment

the kiss, the hug,
let me swallow every piece of memory we had

for the last time

#love   #sad   #end   #lasttime  
as great athletes do?
Dec 30, 2013

Might I hang the
indivisible complex
of these parts for posterity?
Retire the number of their
meat-suit as Michelangelo
did of himself in
"The Final Judgement"...
as great athletes do?
...Sure...why the hell not!

Konstantinos Mark

Been athletes on scholarships
Patricia Drake
Patricia Drake
Jul 9, 2014

Sometimes we wish
We were Americans

We would have aced the Spelling B's
Been athletes on scholarships
Or won beauty pageants

Our institutions would compete
And we would win prizes
For accomplishments

If we were Americans
We would thrive with competition

We would live the American Dream
And be rich and famous
I just know it

Sometimes we just wish
Our Scandinavian system favoured people with our talents
Our lack of compromise

port our expectations destroy us how do athletes possibly in training their entire lives
michael reid rubenstein

these games 2010 vancouver olympics are about performance under tremendous pressure more than they are about sport our expectations destroy us how do athletes possibly in training their entire lives cope with cameras nationalism corporate media mania? these distinguished people fallible humans with frail emotions doubts superstitions insecurities just like everyone else sustain skill phenomenal precision how do they sleep at night? carry on relationships with spouses family friends? endure eminent separateness loneliness? do gold medal winners become bloated rock stars conceited movie stars overpaid professional athletes? do losers become life’s could have been a contender drunk in obscurity casualties? what price in human terms these games? hey when joannie rochette hit ice prayer to mom i cried love watching sports this gorgeous display of human talent yet wonder about underlying meaning consequence sports or spectacle?

while the athletes reach for water
david badgerow
david badgerow
Oct 9, 2011

the poets reach for gin
while the athletes reach for water
the christians teach of sin
and look forward to the Slaughter

the warriors fight to win
while the poets become authors
the dancers flash their skin
and look, the right one is your Daughter

the poets look within
the mathletes become solvers
a musician breaks a violin
and serenades the eye of a Revolver

only the elite athletes are allowed in the village
Zulu Samperfas
Zulu Samperfas
Jul 30, 2012

All those young bodies
so trained, taught and tight
all put together for more than a few nights
only the elite athletes are allowed in the village
no partners, no spouses no one to investigate

Apparently that leads to lots of hook ups
Celebrations, commiserations, there's a lot of stuff to do up
So the villagers are supplied with fifteen condoms each
And all around, there is fun in heaps

Worshiping athletes is through
Feb 21, 2013

People will disappoint you
Find your hero within
Confidants are few

Worshiping athletes is through
Trash jerseys in the bin
People will disappoint you

Hero worship is taboo
Celebrities and spin
Confidants are few

Others will lead you askew
Fidelity is thin
People will disappoint you

Parents can lose luster too
Once hero, now has been
Confidants are few

Bid pseudo heroes a dew
Your hero dawns your skin
People will disappoint you
Confidants are few

I don't completely feel this way. I just told myself to write a poem about this subject. I love the Villanelle form.
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