Hedonic Nihilist
Jun 11, 2014

Writing is dangerous a sport
With far too many muscles left to pull
Not only in my body

Writing is far few abstract-I cannot think in words and I cannot label-the day I put it into words it's labeled
And that is dangerous a vote

Thinking is much cleaner yes, for now
They said that thoughts are safe
yet I don't think obscenities in public
And I don't feel obscenities in public

Two sane thoughts a day(required by law) they say will keep the writers away from Fitzgerald's and Virginia's-Poe is still fair ground

They said that diaries were safe, but we writers do not write in public
But sports are played to audiences and votes need to be a-gotten and we writers express our condolences for the death of writing and the birth of Athleticism and Campaigns

Grandma's advice to girls:
Fuck the athlete;
marry the mathlete.

Mathlete - a person who competes in mathematics competitions
Part of my Grandma's Advice series:
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Feb 23, 2015

I don't consider myself a poet
I don't consider myself an artist
I don't consider myself smart
But I consider myself an athlete
Though I'm not pristine at that
It may be all I have

Until interconnecting. Astral athletes
SG Holter
SG Holter
Sep 1, 2014

We laugh like there's nothing
That's not hilarious.
We speak in unison when skipping down

Cobblestone streets, on our way to
Music or movies. Like magnets
Through two crowds, drawn

Until interconnecting. Astral athletes
Exchanging tops after a game; pointing,
Asking, learning, relaxing.

Learning, relaxing more, pacing. When
Love tries, everything becomes

Margo May
Margo May
Nov 18, 2015

i went down to florida
and came back with pneumonia,
maybe due to my life so busy
running and running and getting so dizzy,
always managing to stay on track
costing my sleep to be in major lack,
pushing myself past every limit
enjoying it all and never feeling timid,
but everyone said i'd eventually hit a wall
i guess they were right after all.

turns out it was actually bronchitis, oh well, haha..
Tonya Maria
Tonya Maria
Jul 22, 2013

I met him yesterday.
He introduced himself as a triathlete.
No first name. Just  TRIATHLETE.
Gave me a wink and a very firm handshake.
He exchanged glances with me and his left bicep.
I found it humorous that he was flirting with a humerus.
Said he would see me in a few weeks,
At the triathlon.
Well, I won't be found with a numbered card on my chest
at the start or finish line.
I'll be found in the first aid tent rendering aid to
other good will coffin dodgers named TRIATHLETE.

Jeremy Lately
Jeremy Lately
May 30, 2015

He was a good runner;
And one hell of a stunner;
Your stop-glass picture for a lightning vision;
And a start-pass winner, a stunting gold finisher;
A heart cold hunter, he was my knock-out hitter;
He was a K.O. Rider--
He was a collider: on one collect collision course;
Of course, the beginning was when it began:
Between the specific sheet of force
With a good measure...
Had me landing on all fours,
Reveling in it again;
To rev up was the plan.

I want to experience kabe don one day!
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Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor
Aug 30, 2014

Hands are shaking but I know they won't fail.
Stepping up the the line - my sixty mark.
This is nothing like running on a trail.
Different from hitting out of the park.

The run-up looks easy but it's quite hard.
Counting steps to correctly plant the pole.
To pull myself up, my arms must be barred.
My body must have the strength of a troll.

Powerful kick to get to inversion.
The sensation of being upside down
is nasty and takes complete conversion.
I fly up and over the bar and town.

And the difference between me and you:
my parents are proud of the high I do.

Gleb Zavlanov
Oct 3, 2013

Young athlete who just joined the game
Keep your hopes high while running low
Towards success must be your aim
For you to wend, for you to go

E’en if you lose, e’en if you drop
Trodden by feet of rivalry
Get right back up and never stop
And win this race with chivalry

Ne’er seclude yourself, ne’er be coy
Don’t take in vain each accolade
Don’t be too scared, don’t over joy
And don’t let worthy honor fade

Never go blind with dark distress
Nor deaf with roars of losing so
Young athlete, don’t apply duress
But keep dreams high while running low

And even if you go too deep
Down the path you should not have set
Your worthy honor always keep
With bravery, ne’er with regret

Keep running on, keep running still
At the far end, light you will see
Keep running with force, if you will
You will soon grasp bright victory

And don’t let such grand rewards go
But don’t keep them so you may boast
Keep your dreams high while running low
And keep on trying if you lost

Copyright Gleb Zavlanov 2013
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