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a s h
Nov 3, 2012

I had a genuinely good night tonight. I went to a party and talked to people. I held a drink and laughed when things were funny. And for once it was easy. It wasn't like I didn't belong and always had to be conscious of how I was acting. I just flowed and meshed in with everyone else naturally. It was wonderfully weird.

Maybe I'll try it again sometime.

Oct 2

entertainment is at its best on the street
wherever there are two humans

Man, woman interacting,
Mar 6

Magic unrealized  .  .  .
Man, woman interacting,
Child just loves flower.

interacting with —, on any level, still quickens my
Faux Zenji

interacting with —, on any level, still quickens my heartbeat,
but — couldn't care less about my existence:
oh well, I guess.

I have trouble interacting with others.
Rich KillJoy

Unlike most people I know who make friends everywhere they go;
I have trouble interacting with others.
It took me all long time to make friends,
sure people would talk to me but
I guess they’d got bored
cause they never tried speaking to me again.
I try to make friends once and a while,
but sometimes we have nothing in common
so I stop interacting with them.  
Either way I’m going to have to start to learn
how to make friends,
I can’t be a loner forever.
Or can I?

#friends   #loner   #shy   #outcast   #wallflower  
Interacting with each other
Ahmad Cox
Ahmad Cox
Nov 30, 2011

Rays of light
Suspended in space
Rays of light that float through time
These rays of light are in our hearts
Connecting us through time and space
We are all rays of light
Propagating through space
Interacting with each other
In different ways
Interacting with each other
So that we create this chaotic mess
That somehow has a beautiful order
And when you step back and look at it all
You start to realize just how beautiful
Our rays of light really are

Micheal Wolf
Micheal Wolf
Mar 7, 2013

It's all there
Every thought,
Neurons on fire
All firing
Electrons tingle
The mind is full
Cold devoid
No matter within
Echoes of a happier time
No neuron sends a message here
The heart is empty

a non-person interacting with a baby I began.  I am br
Barton D Smock

a non-person interacting with a baby I began.  I am bright
but want to be distance.

inspiring kindness
the kind.

the photo captures nothing
that is not
aftermath.  you can keep


to god I tell my secrets.

to be my father
I fight his.

and feel the interacting
Aug 19

we watch a stream
encountering its banks
or the progress of
mowing of grass..
and feel the interacting
one side and its other
the stream with the bank
the bank with the stream
mowing and grass
separations joining
until watching tires
bows and dissolves
to Awareness
which Knows only

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