Many people coming in
Should I even say they come here daily
Faces new
I don't even know who
How should I act
With these strangers
Not even given time to
Settle down with the first group
Then comes the other groups
Keep saying "hello" then walk away
I know it's rude
But I just can't interact

new people. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE. ok ok what should i do with them??
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M Eastman
M Eastman
Nov 16, 2014

with a black sharpie smile
and two scissor holes
my brown paper bag face
lets me walk out the door
and interact with you
its safer in here
my brown paper bag face

Those wandering eyes,
never seemed as significant at the time.
How was I to know,
those eyes could see me,
see me the way no one else could.
The first interactions were the hardest.
You were shy.
As was I.
You would stand upon my feet,
as I stood on yours.
This became but a game.
How was I to know those first interactions
would change my life forever.

Dennis Alston
Dec 13, 2014

Concerning social interactions,
I've concluded after thinking,
They call such things relation"ships",
Because they're always sinking.

May 16, 2014      May 17, 2014

The difference
three little words
can make.

What are yours?

I kinda wanted to see if you could get what I mean. Three words that what I'm asking- It can be a sentence or three individual words...

Familiar places
Unfamiliar if
you don't give up
the comfort
Of the four walls

Unfamiliar places
familiar only if
you don't give up
the boredom
Of the four walls.

May 18, 2014

I have grown accustomed to the way
silence forced itself upon my social interactions
like a guest who wasn't invited
but was let in anyway.

My eyes have memorised the dents
on these four walls
that I could draw infinitely
on maps of this bare surface.

Pencils have worn out,
I'm running low on graphite
so my life decides to turn itself
into the same shade of gray
that I use to write about it.

Books are doors to another world
but their handles have broken,
"Help!" I screamed,
I am locked into this lonely reality.

A social life
filled with ghosts,
and empty souls.

Nothing to give ,
Nothing to receive.

My social life atm

"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is the new_ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _   _."
    any word                         any vaguely related word

Fill in the blanks!
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Jul 5, 2014

I am sorry for being indisposed for such a long time.  I have been busy with many things and had very little time to complete self expression. I do carry heavy news that I am under watch now. Everything I do and say online is being monitored by my father as he believes me insane and to be a possible terrorist.  I assure you that is not the case.  I am a transcendentalist and a non-conformist.  I have also decided to write an article, possibly to become a thesis on human social behaviors and interactions as I and others see them through our ages.  I am however only at one age and any reflection is viewed with bias of that time.  I will need your help.  Please if you mind email me a few words or paragraphs about how humans your age interact with others from every age group. I would enjoy positive and negative, as non bias and or bias as you like.  I want to provide the voice of the people on how poorly we as humans interact and how much bias there is in the community.  I will provide you with full annotation or anonymity as you desire.  I would enjoy even the slightest assistance.

email@ or kik cfrenchie96 or FB Austin French (I'm the guy in the hood)

Thank you all,

Wrath/Carlos/Frenchie/Mystery Man/ Lee/Neil/...might as well, Austin
Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson
Dec 18, 2013

Don’t just hear, listen
Don’t just see, analyze

It’s urging me to listen
Which means grasp what someone is saying and understand the underlying meaning

And to comprehend instead of only seeing a person speaking at me

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