pixie dust
pixie dust
Jan 5      Jan 6

I sit
at the
center of
one worm-
holed world,
wanting to
wave words like
"young" and
"skinny" at
women who
would want to
hear them and
I wonder,
with Williams
in my ears,
"What did I do
to deserve this?
Am I happy?"
Hair curls
down from
crown to
third eye to
throat to
heart and
I wince as
my solar
plexus sings
Celtic chants and
its songs
radiate out in
waves of
If you've
already heard
of me,
that makes
one of us;
I'm driving a
bus powered by
thunder claps and
electric jazz melodies
into the
cosmic sea
to meet up
with Pluto and
make myself
his mistress.
Chain me to
the baobab
trees of your
perceptions and
I will claw my
way to the
mountainous flat
tops of your mind,
laying my limbs
out like wet
laundry in
silent soliloquy
dedicated to
your soul
finding a
use for
the word
Your ice cream
cone dreams
may start to
melt deliciously
but forgo your fear
and lap them up,
then abandon
the drops for
want of
fresh fruit and
cool, cool water.
Be cool,
let the otter
make the
moonlit path to
paradise and
mount your raft
to ride it only
twice in
one life.
Keep your
eyes peeled
and put the
carrot skins
in the compost.
You are the
one you need

a s h
a s h
Nov 3, 2012

I had a genuinely good night tonight. I went to a party and talked to people. I held a drink and laughed when things were funny. And for once it was easy. It wasn't like I didn't belong and always had to be conscious of how I was acting. I just flowed and meshed in with everyone else naturally. It was wonderfully weird.

Maybe I'll try it again sometime.

Oct 2, 2014

entertainment is at its best on the street
wherever there are two humans

Man, woman interacting,
Mar 6, 2014

Magic unrealized  .  .  .
Man, woman interacting,
Child just loves flower.

from the doom of interacting
Daniel Magner

The living room is invaded
I've barricaded myself in the bathroom
yellow light my only savior
from the doom of interacting

I have trouble interacting with others.
Rich KillJoy
Rich KillJoy
May 18, 2014

Unlike most people I know who make friends everywhere they go;
I have trouble interacting with others.
It took me all long time to make friends,
sure people would talk to me but
I guess they’d got bored
cause they never tried speaking to me again.
I try to make friends once and a while,
but sometimes we have nothing in common
so I stop interacting with them.  
Either way I’m going to have to start to learn
how to make friends,
I can’t be a loner forever.
Or can I?

#friends   #loner   #shy   #outcast   #wallflower  
Interacting with each other
Ahmad Cox
Ahmad Cox
Nov 30, 2011

Rays of light
Suspended in space
Rays of light that float through time
These rays of light are in our hearts
Connecting us through time and space
We are all rays of light
Propagating through space
Interacting with each other
In different ways
Interacting with each other
So that we create this chaotic mess
That somehow has a beautiful order
And when you step back and look at it all
You start to realize just how beautiful
Our rays of light really are

interacting with him.
Mar 19

At this point,
I am just waiting for the
night that can go by
without him even taking up
one second of my dreams.
I know I'm romanticizing
what we had,
but it's hard to forget
when I can't stop mentally
interacting with him.
And it's really
messing me up.

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