in the most sarcastic way
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Oct 30, 2014

I mean nice
in the most sarcastic way
'Cause I disagree
with everything you have to say.

aid that life is what you make it to my sarcastic statement, but tell me, when in the **h
Rafael Melendez
Rafael Melendez
Nov 1      Nov 1

They said that life is what you make it to my sarcastic statement, but tell me, when in the hell did I make it this way?

#life   #tired   #done   #sarcastic  
Steph Arcadia
Steph Arcadia
Dec 26, 2014

This poem
-about you-
lasted longer
than we did.

#love   #poem   #short   #sad   #boyfriend   #relationships   #long   #sarcastic  
Xan Abyss
Xan Abyss
Oct 8, 2014

'Be Concise,'
She said,
So that's what I did.
Does it get more concise than this?

Answer: yes, actually. That poem took 4 whole lines.
#poem   #humor   #silly   #joke   #worship   #sarcastic   #shel   #silverstein  
THE Apache Tomcat
THE Apache Tomcat
Nov 25, 2014

The virtuous society Lost regulates overwhelming
Depraved citizens all contained then become cynical
A mandate or suggestive guideline to think like a criminal

It sounded like the duck was making fun of me.

Camellia Japonica
Camellia Japonica
Sep 21, 2014

I am a nymphomaniac.
I'm not really but it got your attention.
I bet I nearly gave all reading a cardiac.
I have to make bold statements now, as I have a condition called,
"Black Glasses" and no one makes passes at ladies in glasses.

As you can see from my updated pic, I'm all about geek chic now!
23:05 BST
#truth   #funny   #black   #ironic   #sarcastic  
Tara Sampson
Tara Sampson
Feb 28, 2012

Lights out, music on

Ladies, time to dress classy

And dance like a slut.

Tara Sampson
Tara Sampson
Mar 10, 2012

I'm the teenage girl,
Restless, with an attitude,
Living just to die.

gray storm
gray storm
Jun 25, 2014      Jun 27, 2014

Sunshine and rainbows and all that stuff..

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