gray storm
gray storm
Jun 25      Jun 27

Sunshine and rainbows and all that stuff..

Jun 26, 2013

Have you seen the troubled youth these days?
They're not very troubled at all.
They create their own illness then spread it amongst the masses of degenerates.
The symptoms consist of debauchery and disrespect.
They yell to the crowd, "Look at me for I am broken."
No. You are fixed...fixed onto the idea that one must be troubled to be different.
Oh, have you seen the troubled youth of today?
They're not so troubled after all.

Oct 12      Oct 13

i pinch off some lip cancer
and it melts into my bloodstream
flaccid eyes filled
something aqueous

my stomach unclenches a bit
my brow sharpens

self-pit self-burn circles of cigarettes
and wined time yields ruddy cheeks
and rust wetted smooth

the milk of a crutched teat,
the drink that will crutch your fate.

(Young man in dressing gown enters room, sees a man also in dressing gown in front of laptop, glasses on.)

Erm... give us a clue?
I can't, you'll get it straight away.
OK, is it to do with the football?
The weather, it's raining aga-
Umm... I guess her?
Go on...
There's something online?
Well, yes, keep going.
I presume the usual.
The usual?
You know, Saturday nights and she...
Yep, you are thinking what I'm thinking.
Oh, that is a surprise!
I know, I did say at the start...

(Man in front of laptop checks to make sure if it is true or not. Indeed it is. Groans and looks up to see there is no one else in the room with him.)

Written: May 2012.
Explanation: To be honest, not sure if this even is a poem. Written in my own time.

All you have to offer me is broken English
but what you get in return is a broken heart!
"Hi cute pic u me friend?" you ping me randomly;
I am sorry dude,my picture didn't respond!

Not just you,but all the guys from your clan
have a typical dressing style that I can note from your photos.
A smug face,bright colored clothes,unkempt hair;
cigarette burnt lips and alcohol shot eyes!

Don't judge me, I am just sharing my observation
but I appreciate your perseverance of sending multiple messages!
"Hey u","Reply and expect* me","Don't put scene^","Fraandship#??","Change new pic"
and all I could think of is "Not happening bro!!"

Wondering why I wrote this ode to you?!
You are a hero man! An unsung hero in your own world!
When science and technology advances,when countries and continents fight and make up
all you can think of is this random girl who is ignoring you!Talk about goal-oriented!!

You have a dumpy old computer with an internet connection and a Facebook account
and you want to have girls who you don't even know;You are more ambitious than Shakespeare's Brutus!
You get irritated looks from all the girls you stalk,
Yet you are unaffected as you never get to know that!!

I envy your spirit, I envy your hard-work!!
Burning the midnight oil to get ignored by girls you don't even know!
Though you stalk this much, in reality you are shy to even talk!
You are a mystery, a dark knight I might say!!

Whatever anyone says, I know you wont give up!!
You are a big challenge for all those privacy setting developers,
you creep and crawl through the web so much and still
you always remain -A random stalker!!

^Don't show off
Lau Chavis
May 26, 2011

'It’s the shoes I noticed first', you tell me
fabric and rubber worn-down by too much love
remnants of favorite memories stained into the sides

‘It’s how they changed’, you explain
One day to the next
Flat and easy to Amazonian heights and ankle breakers

‘They are full of surprises’, you say
                       Just like you
My cheeks flush pink

‘I like that’, you tell me
I wonder, what kind of guy notices a girl’s shoes?

You wait for me to accept the compliment
Instead I roll my eyes

And you see in me a common ally

Aug 18, 2013

Choosing a series a words for a ditty,
Those we first pluck a few at a time.
For readers it will, at first, seem so pretty
When they detect that rhythm and rhyme.

But soon, I suggest, it becomes such a chore,
When words strung together do pose
An oft-trodden pattern or insipid score
That bounces and sings as it goes.

The message conveyed in this rigid frame,
Is lesser I fear than than when we escape
From words chosen for just ending the same
Or some fortuitous fit to that shape.

So I tend to lean towards using blank form,
For verses I build by the letter,
And chose the words that I feel will conform
To that which my heart says are better.

Poking fun at myself, in critique of my oft-penned rhyming stuff. :)
Tara Sampson
Tara Sampson
Feb 28, 2012

Lights out, music on

Ladies, time to dress classy

And dance like a slut.

Tara Sampson
Tara Sampson
Mar 10, 2012

I'm the teenage girl,
Restless, with an attitude,
Living just to die.

Wake up.
Tell yourself the bathroom can wait no longer.
Forget to go
5 more minutes
30 more minutes
Get dressed
Grab mismatched shoes
Almost miss the mandated public transportation to hell
Walk to a door I know will be locked
Pull on the door trying to see if my arms get stronger since
The day before 
Pretend to listen
Have nothing important to say back
“What the HELL you do that for?”
More duck.

Ride back from hell in a smelly monster
Nap again
Remember to go to the bathroom
Climb a tree
Fall out
“Where’s my phone?”
Find it,
Lose it again
Lose myself
Find myself

Then do it all 

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