Back to school, no way!
After school, there's holidays,
Now we're old, sere and grey,
We're never going  to school dances again!

Feedback welcome.
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Ms Levinson
May 13, 2015

school is very hard
like a rock REALLY HARD
sometimes  is a mock
oneday i wish
iwill cry
and somethings fly
i always wast time
and i say hi
i wish school will be fun
and sometime a sun
for a week

Oh how i hate schools
Alex Vice
Alex Vice
Apr 15, 2014

Oh how i hate school,
Played like a fool, society's tool,
Oh how i hate schools
With all the people and their stupid rules,
Oh how i hate school

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Jack Pedlow
Apr 2, 2014

Outside of our school
The pine trees are majestic
Brings thoughts of christmas

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Adriean New
Adriean New
Aug 13, 2014

Teacher lectures.
Talking students.
Busy hallways.
Quiet librarys.
Running in gym.
Crying in chem.
Numbers & letters.
Words in a book.
Lockers slamming
& jamming.

I'm in school.
Sep 6, 2014

People love to learn
But they hate going to school
This is a problem

Sep 1, 2016

It's so easy
To forget, in the summer,
What your school is like

It's equally easy
To forget that my school has
Five thousand students

It's also easy
To neglect that the main hall
Is a quarter mile

The exact number of students was 4858 in 2013.
And I know *maybe* thirty of the kids in the school...
Jun 12, 2016

For school, we attend.
For school, we educate.
For school, we are friends.
Till the end of the day.

Accepted for who we are.
Accepted for what we became.
Accepted for what I do.
Till judgement led our name.

Part ways of paths.
Part ways of words.
Part ways of actions.
Till thoughts were unheard.

For school, we attend.
For homework, we speak.
For questions, we answer.
Till trust be antique.

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