Creating a web of deceit
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Aug 25, 2014

Too many words are spoken
Creating a web of deceit
Waiting to attract a prey
Trying to walk through it
Merely hanging by a thread
There lies the web of deceit

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Daniel Steven Moskowitz

Is not always
A Dirty Word.
If you deceive a Mass Murderer,
You'll probably end up saving someone's life.

Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
Apr 19, 2016

Longing for the taste of a new lover's lips
gazing upon their silhouette as they undress
craving the scent of their freshly showered skin
aching for the touch of their gentle caress

Hearing their partner's key in the door

I hope you didn't expect that!
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Oct 9, 2014

Your lies could stretch for miles
And I'd still hang on your every word
As if your voice was a buoy
In my sea of senselessness.  
I long to love you
The way you should be loved,
But I'm not sure how you'd handle truth
If it were to wrap around your tongue.

#love   #truth   #hate   #pain   #confused   #lie   #deceit   #spite  
Doxa J Zannou
Doxa J Zannou
Oct 10, 2014

I received you in the mail today.
White envelope. Rumpled at the edges.
Blackened with accrued dust.
You looked nothing like what
They made me believe you'd be.

I opened you though. Hoping
That maybe I was wrong.

I wasn't.

The brochure showed a Brother.

But you were a Foe.

#metaphor   #hope   #friendship   #wrong   #change   #trick   #deceit   #deception   #mail   #veil  
my deceit complete.
Jul 25, 2014

I dismantle you little by little,
pick you apart piece by piece
as I edge you ever closer to the precipice.
Your curiosity is titillated
by the tantalizing nothings
I whisper to draw you near,
promises I never intend to keep.
I tease as we creep, and you have no clue
as to the depths of my nefarious intent
until the moment I lay my hands
on your chest
         and push.
Your hands catch, grasp tightly.
So I lean forward and gift you
with one last kiss
before I stare into your eyes
as I peel them from the surface.
Laughter pours forth
as I witness your fall
from high above.
I turn and walk away,
my deceit complete.

#love   #betrayal   #dark   #deceit  
love, drowned in society’s deceit.
Travis Wayne Goley
Travis Wayne Goley
May 31, 2014

The definition of Love
had a greater meaning to start.
It only now has the meaning of
until boredom do us part.

Used to describe hobbies,
clothes, games, and more.
Love is beaten, bruised, black
and has been left
trampled on the floor

Some love, sincere
Some other is not
The seed can grow
with but one little lustful

That seed of deception
Grows to fields of remorse.
A so-called Lovers’ quarrel
ends in bittersweet divorce.

Therefore, we leave
love, drowned in society’s deceit.
With a faint memory of
What love had used to be

But true love being rare
blossoms like a unique flower.
Without labor you’ll find it there
shining with its bright petals

Through hard work and understanding
And deceitful love fore’er forgotten
Trust and fervor everlasting
True love gives color to its gray garland

Definitely would love feedback on this (If possible).  This is the final draft.
#love   #true   #flower   #random   #deceitful  
Ah deceit, you wicked bastard
May 4, 2014

Ah deceit, you wicked bastard
creeping up uninvited, as always
no one sees you coming
none will know when you’re gone
your delicious lies stay but for an instant
and here still, you find a cue
to salt the exposed wounds.

You were never missed
your many forms, vibrant faces
the infamy and calumny
stories unchecked and forgotten
buried under the moniker of bygones.
Yet the scars remain,
deep cuts betrayal, but never fills.

The entrusted deceiver
your snake in the grass
silence is deadlier than a sharp tongue
this venom cannot drown a writhing heart
hope, kindling another tragedy
the reasons are always above par
emotions run amuck behind bars.

The tongue blackens every time
you sever the threads which bind loyalty
leaving the void to suck away the remains
into a crushing dark abyss
the face carries a smile that never fades
the heart has long since withered to naught
now, it cheats itself to bitter death.

Posted on November 23, 2013
#lies   #hate   #death   #betrayal   #cheating   #deceit   #back   #deception   #liars   #betray   #trickery   #cheaters   #stabbers   #fraud   #falseness  
She’s the Queen of Deceit with her lies getting smarter,
Anthony Casamassima

Under the sheets of emotional armor,
A shy little girl masquerades as a martyr.
She’s the Queen of Deceit with her lies getting smarter,
While every tale told draws her self even farther
From finding out why she’s emotionally bothered
By all of the men in her life: like her father
Who only was trying the best for his daughter
And striving to be something more than a pauper
But coming up short. Who knows how much harder
He’d try if she wasn’t an argument starter?
The guilt and the shame from the family slaughter
Has made her insane and continues to bar her
From finding out just what the world has to offer.

Luckily she won’t have to be here much longer;
In fairy-tale land, there's nothing can harm her.

Suddenly she finds herself all alone
With nobody’s thoughts to address but her own.
This is the time when she’d pick up the phone,
Demanding a savior to hear her bemoan
About all the problems that she’s ever known,
But what she doesn’t know is a friend can’t atone
For the lack of a man with his patience to loan
To a lost little girl whose bad temper is known.
All she needs is a strong one that doesn’t condone
All the treacherous lies and the hatred she’s shown.
It’s hard to deny all the reaping she’s sewn.
She’ll have to tread soft lest her cover is blown
And everyone finds out she still hasn’t grown
Through the hundreds of tempers and tantrums she’s thrown.
Hopefully soon she can bury the bone
And calm herself into a nostalgic zone
Where smiles and candles were filling her home
And love and affection were all that was loaned.

Enlightenment comes when you realize you’re prone
To the wrath of the heartache that comes with the throne.

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Deceit comes in so many disguise
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Jul 12, 2014

Deceit comes in so many disguise
Caught unaware by its stealth blow
Shaking the core of your belief
Leaving you no ground to stand on
Relentless deceit, so many layers
Coming in the garb of trusted
Conceited, it takes pride in hurting
Deceit is conniving for fresh strike
Tearing away the soul and its existence
It has thrived through centuries
Launched many warring factions
Pitted against each other, thirsty for blood
For deceit will always draw blood
Silently bleeding the heart of its feelings
Deceit always innovates, with new disguise

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