A Lynn
Feb 14, 2013

She wants to be shoved up against a wall
then coddled when she says her back hurts.
Slitting her wrists in a lavender bath,
she wants you to bandage her up.
"I want you to hurt me," she'll cry.
And you'll be confused when she plays victim.
When you look into her doe eyes, don't be fooled.
She's a monster.

Devon Newsom
Feb 27, 2011

Cold, cold hands.
These hands of mine...
Cold with red.

I carry a burden.
Such a heavy burden.
I bury this burden-I bury deep.
So, so deep.

As I drive, I feel relief.
My mind is wandering from place to place-
from thought to thought.
...I swirve.
Hitting a tree is not what I need right now,
or is it?

Maybe it would be better if I no longer existed.
I'm quite awful, really.
I lie to people very often-
no remorse.

Nah, maybe not.
Just keep on driving.
That's what I should do.
Exactly what I should do.

Home feels so wonderous.
I need my bed...but I shall retire to the couch tonight.
My sheets are awfully messy.

Pit pat,
ratta tat.
Knock knock,
it's twelve o' clock.

I answer the door,
and I find a man in uniform.
"Do you know the whereabouts of this woman?"
She looked very familiar...

"No, oh no, my, my, no, no."
I answer with earnest.
"That will be all, sir".
Men in blue.
Never leaving me alone.

I feel they like me.
I wonder why?

Night time again.
Oh, I love the night.
I don't love this woman, though.
She lays on my bed, naked.
Some girl from a bar-
she wants to lose her inhibitions with me.

What she doesn't realize is...
I'm losing mine with her.

I tell her to close her eyes.
She obliges.
I walk softly over to her.
Slowly, slowly.

I feel her body with my hand...
I feel absolute power within my palm.
Bliss runs through my body-
I end her.

Now I have another burden for the night.
It's no real problem, honestly.
I'll just take her where I dump all of my other burdens.
Hopefully I won't be too tired to lift her.

She's pretty light, anyways.

-Written by Devon Newsom
th like vomit, nothing but untruths and deceit.
Jerika Cori
Mar 12, 2011

You let the smoke surround you and the alcohol slide right through you. The demons fight for what's left to stand alone. The battle rages and you lose all sense. deteriorating,wasting. Dream of goodbyes, and spit on the faith. Hope brings the weak, and hate brings the hopeless. The death of a loved one and the retreat of the balance we keep. Words spill out of your mouth like vomit, nothing but untruths and deceit.

20 hours ago

My brain constantly
Deceives my heart

Michelle DeTomaso
Michelle DeTomaso
Sep 5, 2012      Sep 7, 2012

I never knew those glossy eyes
Could tell such great lies to me
I never knew the promises you told
Were merely screens to the lies that were to unfold
I never knew that silent banter
Was a way to conceive acts, to reveal an enticing enchanter
I never knew I would question love
And think all we had was not pure, graceful and simple, like a morning dove
My only sweet escape from this, was the swirled twilight
That formed between the glowing horizon and the tranquil skylight
As I sat there on the tethered rock
I came to a conclusion that I might ironically be mocked for
In general life is a conspiracy of activities to deceive
So join the crowd, before the game is complete
Or in return, for being so humble and veracious, life will equal to a momentous defeat

a man full of deceit.
Poetic Justice
Sep 12, 2013      Sep 13, 2013

Tears falling like timber,
Years and years in the past
And right now she has to remember?
This isn’t fair,
Who ever said life was?
And she deserves this because?

With eyes of sapphire,
A pure heart of gold,
She buried down deep,
A story never told.

Stuck in a dream,
A mist settled on the scene,
Shoes walking on the sidewalk,
It was around two o’clock.

The streets entirely bare,
There’s no time to spare.
She knew what she had to do
Many webs of lies askew.

Fear grabbing at her wrists,
Time and time she’s cried
But no one comes and assists.
This isn’t fair,
He didn’t intend it to be,
But theres no magic key.

With little trust and no faith
He took what he wanted,
As in a routine, she promised.
Surely, forever haunted.

Awoken suddenly by a nudge,
Time to cover up the smudge.
walk downstairs and there you’ll meet
a man full of deceit.

Why is it I that must always play deceit, and lie and say that everything is chi
Apr 8, 2013

Why is it I that must always play deceit, and lie and say that everything is chipper and alright? Why is it so important that I stay positive, chin up, nose clean, slap on a worn and broken smile? Why can I never know the luxury of having a shoulder to cry on, and just suck it up instead? Why must I deal with this?

I hate it, the feeling that I get, this low that I fall into. Part of me hates the icy pessimism that snakes its way into my heart, yet worse still is that the other half feels that I deserve it, to die like a martyr for a lost cause.

Why must I torture myself with a lie, cause literally, sometimes I feel like it's killing me keeping up this facade.

the phantom
the phantom
Oct 31, 2012      Nov 1, 2012

Each night I sit and wait for the day, like a faithful lover waiting for pay. I think, why can't you complete what you need. Why is it your always asking silly things?
There is no resolution. there is only the solution.
and that is a complicated thing.

I'm in awe of the power
that makes bees flower

and I know you know about me.

Sammy Lee
Sammy Lee
12 hours ago

It didn't mean anything.
Not when he cupped my cheek,
Stroking his thumb over
The sharp curves of my jaw;
Not when he tucked my head
Into the slant of his shoulder,
And held me—for one, two, three
Seconds too long.
It didn't mean anything when he
Pulled me close,
And I went with him,
Like an echo,
Shadowing the reverberations of sound.

It meant nothing.
Nothing at all.
Not that I expected it to from the start.

i give you my word neela
i'll set you free
to go back to the forest
home on the greenest tree.
the blue your eyes dream for
beyond this hole of doom
from a life you perforce endure
for comforts of a prisoner's room.
i give you my word neela
i can't take it anymore
my heart is set on setting you free
should have done it long before.
i'll love to see your aching wings soar up the tallest tree
your feathers to sing in glee wind's sweetest melody
when you glow in the sun bathe in the dewy rain
you'll forget in that morrow all of today's pain.
i give you my word neela
i'll set you free
to escape from this hole of doom
from this hell of misery.

i give you my word neela
for a small favor you must do
speak before i set you free
my lessons of a word or two.

for neela, my lovebird.
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