White dust covered bark
in black slashes
to crowns of
and yellow

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Aspen, stands by river,
Jan 14, 2013

Aspen, stands by river,
Shouting out the noonday sun,
Dwarfed by foothill mountains.

Nov 14

they'll say you're too
young and you have
no experience and you
don't know what you're
doing and it's impossible
at your age but god damn
it you know what you
feel and you're not about
to let that go for anyone or
anything and that's all that

6 days ago

it's cold all the time
now and it's even
colder when i'm all
alone but i'm working
on warming up and
i'm working on
getting close and i'm
working on fixing

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Apr 12

I watched him like I watch sunsets...
With my breath held waiting for him to disappear
To my surprise he never did

Could it have been possible he was just an apparition?
Jan 1

V: C'est la vie.

A: Vous croyez? Pourquoi?

V: Ma vie n'est pas belle.

A: Ouais? Je ne pense pas que moi-même. Vous êtes très belle, intelligente, et génial! Je t'aime beaucoup.

V: Oui, je le suis. Mais ma vie n'est pas. Vous voyez?

A: Je ne sais pas. Vous pensez trop petit de vous-même. Vous devez sourire.

V: Je pense que vous pensez trop haute opinion de moi.

V: Je t'aime.

A: Je t'aime aussi.

Oct 6, 2013

not that stuff that's in you, just the expression.
did you hear?
things have changed between us.
didn't you notice?
how could you be surprised?
i never let you think otherwise.
i'm bad for you.
don't you see that?
there's nothing that will change my mind, it's been made up.
i just want you to go.
*l    e    a    v    e *

Nov 13

you always got frustrated
because i refused to use any
capital letters and hated
you said everything looked
like one giant sentence and
it confused you
i never told you that i typed
only with these tiny letters and
spaces and apostrophes in
fear that if i didn't i'd never
get everything out in time

Feb 27, 2012

I’m alone, but it’s okay.
I’ll find someone another day.
As much as I complain,
Or pretend I don’t care,
I’ll admit that I do, and end the conversation there.
These days by myself haven’t been so bad,
In time I’ve forgotten that I’m supposed to be sad.
I’m content where I am and I’m enjoying the ride,
But I guess there’s still loneliness, deep down inside.
But don't interrupt my silence, please just let me be.
Because right now has a name, and its called, "Single Me"
                  I guess that's just the way, it's simply meant to be.

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