May 22, 2015

Woodsy smell
Gentle touch
Husky voice
Sensuous words
Teasing smile
Steady, mysterious eyes
Appealing my five senses
Seducing me, tenderly,
your sweet and spicy nothings.

#lust   #seduction   #tender  
Colten White
Colten White
May 15, 2015

Tender is her light
that radiates from her marble skin,
except for the dark of her eyes,
so deep that light never escapes,
but only builds greater beauty
within her spirit.

May 7, 2015
#love   #eyes   #beauty   #skin   #light   #spirit   #tender  
Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
Dec 17, 2014

He was sleeping
When she walked in

She smiled

She took her dress off
And her bra

She walked towards the bed
Slid under the covers
And hugged him

With a leg over his waist

He is as blind as he is in his sleep.
She is tender.

#love   #sleep   #bed   #night   #her   #him   #skin   #tenderness   #tenderlove  
tenderness as rare
Anna Mosca
Anna Mosca
Mar 29, 2015

I long for your hand
reaching out to you
in your solitary time

it feels right to exchange
tenderness as rare
garment today

everyone wearing
passion, jealousy, envy
claiming to feel

alive consumed indeed
that common look
wearing everything out

underwear outerwear
deeds feelings selfies
very little left beneath

simply I reach out
to your hand let it be
all with all its significance

All these poems are from The California Notebook collection from
Apr 25, 2014

I lay there
Tired, Drained
aloof and gone
I have not been touched
In so damn long

You stroke my head
As we lay close
In your bed
Not from a man
Nor my dad

kind gestures of my mother
Who seldom
shows her affection
but this loving touch I needed
her sweetest blessing

A mother's love is PRICEL$$
#love   #mother   #numb   #touch   #daughter   #tender   #single  
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
Jan 28, 2016

Pardie, mine is thine, parfay in
Mine siesta; I hadst a sweven of
Tender refine. We art perantique
To the temporal, sacrosanct we
Art, divinity's temple's. Patration
Hath been acknowledged, by the
Guardian's of the extrasolar, as doth
Me and thine beauty amour', lieth in
The eye's of ourn beholder.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( Filipino rose) dedicated

Pardie- archaic for verily, or truly, or indeed. I mean truly...
Thine is archaic for- yours.
Parfay- by my faith; verily.
Siesta- is an afternoon rest or nap.
sweven- vision seen in sleep; a dream.
perantique- very old or ancient.
Temporal- relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular.
Patration- archaic for completion of something.
Guardians- meaning angels.
Extrasolar.- existing or occurring outside the solar system
sacrosanct means- divine or holy.... (:::
Zaeema Hussain
Zaeema Hussain
Aug 27, 2014

sometimes you will meet certain people,
who will be able to open you up.
you will leak all over them,
and they may not be able to handle it.

do not apologise.

leak as much as you want,
but never apologise if they are
unable to swim in your sea;
in your love,
in your trust,
in your softness.

Sheltered tenderness
Mariah Wynn
Mariah Wynn
Dec 21, 2015

Hardened exterior ever so slightly
More of a facade, a mask.
Sheltered tenderness
Seldomly shines through.
But ask me?
It most certainly is not true.
This feeling, so unnatural
And surprisingly poignant too.
It seeds a knot in my throat.
I will not let them collaborate with me
For I cringe, as this cannot be.
I know,
I should not be this way,
But for now,
I am going to stay.
I do not have the courage
You see,
To face and claim this thing
Called vulnerability.
But one day
Just maybe...
My arms will be open free.

My sweetheart if you kiss my lips thousand times
I will definitely be intoxicated with taste of the wine
Love and beauty are face to face as innocent crimes
My sweetheart I do realize that you are only mine

I want to see your head high to be in front on line
I want to see you just equal in charms,style and grace  
Like a full moonlit night in my abode you just shine
Your alluring beauty takes me to galaxies in space

So let us cross all distances to be really one to celebrate
Our jubilation like swans dancing in a real taste and style
What a scenario of beauty where love has to culminate
So my sweetheart beguile me with your sweet tender smile

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#smile   #sweet   #tender  
Shay Ruth
Shay Ruth
Mar 10, 2015

In the blackness of the darkest hour
I felt his arms tight around my waist
Loosening as they drew nearer towards by stretched
Naked, fevered neck
His stars all bolted my nerves to the bottom of my feet
Stuck like pink bubble gum, melty and stringy
Like 97 degrees
His sweet breath grazed by cooled, burning cheeks
His touch reminded be of swimming under the moon of
The darkest hour
I drink in his laughter
It trembles the pads of my fingers
Shattering my vision all over again
I wait for him on the loneliest nights, when
Rusted wheels of cargo trains roll in, tight and full of history
The neighborhoods won't quit, even when the day does
He's always there
Nonchalantly kicked up against some shiny car, titled to another
He's wearing his darkest jeans and his James Dean smirk today
I slurp it up
Soak it in like he belongs to me
Like I belong to him

#love   #darkness   #hopeful   #night   #laughter   #james   #tender   #dean   #wildly   #freely  
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