tenderness as rare
Anna Mosca

I long for your hand
reaching out to you
in your solitary time

it feels right to exchange
tenderness as rare
garment today

everyone wearing
passion, jealousy, envy
claiming to feel

alive consumed indeed
that common look
wearing everything out

underwear outerwear
deeds feelings selfies
very little left beneath

simply I reach out
to your hand let it be
all with all its significance

All these poems are from The California Notebook collection from www.annamosca.com

I held you. Warm and fragile. You gave me butterflies, I gave you flushed cheeks. Innocent and simple it once was to feel it. I thought I understood it, I thought the feeling was all you needed to understand it. So, so tender. It tickled my skin from head to toe. I looked up smiling at the sky believing I had it, believing this moment and emotion was all it took to fall in love with love.

I held you.

But I held you too tight. I tried to grasp it once again, but you turned into thorns that punctured me in the same place every time I tried. As blood smeared all over my hands and clothes, the red reminded me why everyone hates love.

I held you.

And I crushed you.

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Reminding us of the tenderness of nature
Jan 12, 2012

The rain taps the window pane gently
Reminding us of the tenderness of nature
It is a metronome
And a lullaby

Zaeema J Hussain
Zaeema J Hussain
Aug 27, 2014

sometimes you will meet certain people,
who will be able to open you up.
you will leak all over them,
and they may not be able to handle it.

do not apologise.

leak as much as you want,
but never apologise if they are
unable to swim in your sea;
in your love,
in your trust,
in your softness.

Feb 13, 2013      Feb 13, 2013

Do you know the sound of the wind through the trees in the dead of a summer night?
The soft glow of the moon, golden on every surface,
Reflected deep brown in every shadow.
The balmy smoothness of the air along your skin, full of the sweetness of wet earth, new grass, and night blooming flowers.
The ghostly white moths that flit along the ocean of grass in the fields, capping billowing green waves.
The hush and hum of a sudden rain pattering on the sundried ground, darkening the darkness and blotting the moon with grey cotton clouds that glow from within.
Darling, I miss you like that. I miss you like a summer night. I miss you with that beauty,
Natural like a heartbeat,
Subtle like a breath,
Constant like the earth.
I miss you like a summer night.

Jude kyrie
4 days ago

Jude Kyrie

She whispered,
Tenderness flows
from you like soft spring rain.
I have seen many men before.
But you make my soul speak.

Saying nothing
He touched her cheek gently
With the tips of his fingers
And words were not needed
To fill her with grace.

She read his poem
The one he wrote
for her in the night.
And tears fell from her eyes
Onto the scripted ink.
Tenderness gripped her heart.
Holding her in invisible chains.

Her head on his bare chest
Her hair falling over him
Like yellow corn
His words were in her heart
Her words that he conjured for her.
Tenderness falling over
her dreams like down snowflakes

She looked at his young face
Sleeping as a child
On the softness of her breast.
All the tenderness remaining
In her scarred heart.
Joined with his
to fill the room
with a glowing light.
As she kissed
his long dark eyelashes.

Tenderness flawed by the endless need
Nov 18, 2010

Tenderness flawed by the endless need
to hold on to your own sanity
I turned to look for you
But saw nothing
A desert stretched out before me
It felt as though death had
buried you before my return
No face
Where faces loomed
No presence to fill the gloom
Tenderness within the silk of the hour
was surely mine to bestow

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