I devoted thousands of thoughts to you.
Daydreaming Josi
Daydreaming Josi
May 2, 2012

Silently I stand, losing everything I am.
A raging storm, my love, I mourn.
I devoted thousands of thoughts to you.
Thousands of daydreams.
Thousands of hopes for the future.
Thousands of smiles.
Thousands of hours thinking about you.
I loved you, I hated you. I didn't know who I was.  
Now, I get to watch you live a thousand days and a thousand daydreams with someone else.
I missed my chance. I've lost you now. Wish I could get you back somehow.
Now it's over. My heart is broken, because of what I left unspoken. Unspoken.

if i had a thousands dollars
wolf spirit poet

if i had a thousand kisses
i'd give them all to you
a thousand hugs, a thousand dreams
and make them all come true

if i had a thousands dollars
i'd drop them in the sand
for , i could never buy your love
i know you understand

if i had a thousand songs for you
i'd play them , one by one
and never let the music stop
until the songs were done

if i had a thousand paintings
i'd put them on your walls
i'd fix them to your ceilings
and run them down your halls

and if i wrote a thousand poems
to credit to your love
i'd stop and write a thousand more
stop and write a thousand more
and write a thousand more
write a thousand more
a thousand more
thousand more
than  a thousand
that's for sure!!!!

i love you, Winn
Jan 15, 2014      Jan 15, 2014

In a corner of the room he sits motionless, watching the street.

Years ago he sat straight, a lean back like steel rods keeping him steady. He kept his eye on the street. Any minute now, he said. Any minute now.

A thousand years ago he would straighten before sitting down, pulling the knees of his jeans up and coming to rest quietly in the chair next to the window. He would settle into a gaze, lose himself in concentration, and watch the street until his young bones creaked and his eyelids scratched his vision.

He would watch sometime into the night. And when tiredness wove itself into his skin and deep into his heart, he would close his eyes and wait that way, sightless. Just feeling into the dark. Any minute now. Any minute now.

For years he waited like this. Pieces of his life all moved through their paces and had their moments and he still waited. He found a stillness next to the window and sunk in. He closed his eyes. He tasted anticipation; he memorized the razor feeling of it.

Some days were too long. Any minute now was not nearly soon enough. The air around the room grew grey and stale, and breaths exchanged for new ones were torturous, useless.

Days like this he almost gave up. Anticipation would roll around in his mouth with a bitter sameness and he’d spit it out, ruthless, restless. But he stayed by the window. He held onto the armrests until his knuckles shone bone-white in the flat light of the room.

Those days came again, and again, and often. But you were on your way. Even in the empty and bloodless days, you made your way through the streets. Even small steps carried you closer to him. And though he had no way of knowing you were on your way, he waited. Any minute now. Any minute now, for years.

And then, there you were. Pausing in the grey of the morning, shivering a bit in the cold. And he looked up, tired, and saw the light you held. He held the image of your face shining and stored it, breathless with relief, in his memory. He ignored the sound of his bones and rose from his chair. It must have taken so much trust to leave the outline of you in the window. To walk down the stairs. To open the door and pray you were still there.

And I know that although I loved you first, he loved you longer.

Now the two of you sit facing each other and let the light from the window stream in, soft and cold. He says something, and you laugh, and he stores the image away. A thousand moments of the love and asymmetry of life.

Dead Lock
Dead Lock
Apr 15

I don't have the need to live for a zillion years
Or a billion, or a million, or a hundred and five
Just living through today is plenty enough

#years   #live   #today  
Oct 8, 2014

Today -
I was unpacking my suitcase
And -
I found your Jimi Hendrix shirt
It -
Was bunched up in the corner
I -
Grabbed it and pressed it to my face
And -
Breathed in deeply
And -
I layed on the floor in silence
To -
Breathe and remember

To be admired by thousands.
Arcassin B

by Arcassin Burnham

Basket full of open doors,

Spitting image of asexual roses,

Washing away the sins kept in prayer,

Enjoying paradise,

Returning to the beauty that you’ve always been,

Suppertime in the midnight hour,

Not a right time to say I’ve seen ignorance at its coldest,

Like the saying that all humans have layers,

Unless bruised knees are kept in ice,

Don’t worry about the less passionate just look within,

Last minute discussions more like hang-ups,

All I want is cooperation from people that believe,

Forgetting where my soul went,

Then creates having lost ones self-respect,

But the emotions set to overcrowd and ……

……Perfect lack of stamina,

You want signs, but its messages that you receive,

Sitting in a room with four walls and the hours that you spent,

The only time you really have to accept and recollect,

To be admired by thousands.

May 15, 2014

I told her
She’s my soul,
She’s my light,
Without her I can’t live,
In that moment she leaved.

I've made a thousand mistake,
I never cheat,
Even in virtual world, I don't cheat,
Even in this world, I don't cheat.

I've made mistakes,
But not huge,
When I make a mistake,
I have the power
To apologies

Thousands Of Kisses

Thousands Of Kisses

By the sea thousands of Kisses had been
given to me by he that loves me
I told my lover to take our love slow
In spring new beautiful leaves will be on trees
then we will see what love will bring

We was both young and foolish
when he sailed the sea without me
Your token of your love burns in my heart
never let this love depart from our hearts

You can do whatever please you
but your letters now are not enough
I feel your loving touch in spring we will never
depart until the our love is written in stars
You have my heart.

Lilly Emery (c)

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