Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Apr 20, 2014

You could write a thousand words
but you could ne'er write the word
that whispers in the darkest night
that word is my soul.

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Oct 25, 2014

I believe that a word paints a thousand pictures.
     making you feel,
     if not many things,
     at least something

Believe that a word paints a thousand pictures.
     it is more than it seems
     when said
     more powerful than it looks like
     when written

A word paints a thousand pictures.
     helping you feel,
     creating something
     this world has never seen

                                      .....or felt.

Chandresh Jain
Chandresh Jain
Dec 19, 2015

What? Huh?
Did you say anything?

Of course, not.
I said a thousand nothings!

Oh, Okay.
I thought I heard you.

Here, hear me.
Did you even hear me?

What are you talking about?

You weren't listening.

What's your problem?

I was talking to you.
Do you even care?

I do.
What were you saying?

Oh, Gosh!
I said a thousand... Never mind.

Nov 6, 2014

There are a thousand reasons
Why someone might be broken
Some of them are hard to bear,
And most remain unspoken.
If you want me to strip my guards,
Get into my world-
And maybe you’ll find a piece of truth
That can’t be sharpened or blurred –
Yet you may think It’s absurd.

#trust   #truth   #broken   #world   #unspoken   #reasons   #thousand   #guards  

The bayed back feeling that once was you
Boiling down the ethereal , in differences
I cross the twi's lights knowing I will be
here . . . for a thousand years

This is astound  , no reason is clear
Where the smell of grass comes to pass
You remember a kiss that won't disappear
. . . . . . beyond a thousand years

Tuesday . . . dragging the clouds away
Hearing the voices that were never there
Telling me to hang my ethereals out to dry
It may take a thousand years

Cold hearted orb dressed in white satin
embrace the shadows you cast across
Tell all the Knights lacking they cannot win
Not in a thousand years

#grace   #one   #years   #knights   #thousand   #orb  
Oct 17, 2014

A wish unfulfilled
She'll never be reached
But we'll keep on flying
Higher and higher
Above the clouds
Beyond the horizon
Till the air turns thin
Where like blade cuts the wind
We'll keep on rising
Higher and higher
Till our hearts turn blue
Till the blue turns black
And then white: nothing
And then perhaps
We could touch her heart

In the beautiful land of the rising sun they believe cranes live a thousand years, and if you fold a thousand origami cranes (one for each of their years) one wish of yours will come true.
Folding them didn't make my wish come true, but I guess wishing for a heart is wishing too much. So I set them free to roam the sky, maybe that way they'll reach something I can't.
- Pencaricahaya.
#blue   #longing   #flight   #thousand   #luna   #origami   #cranes  
Jun 6, 2014

They say a journey of a thousand miles
Begins with a
Well, this is my first step.
Right here, right now,
I say-no, I
That I will find and cherish one-thousand moments of
This summer. I have 81
Precious, glorious days and I am
100-and-31 percent determined
To find life in each and every one -
13 bits of happiness by each midnight, to be
I am taking a one-thousand challenge,
The same way people make one-thousand paper cranes,
Or try and count one-thousand stars,
Or have a bucket list numbered neatly to
Beyond nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine.
I will find one-thousand things
That make me happy.
And maybe, just maybe,
When I reach my goal I will find myself,
Like elusive laughter floating away from the end
Of a

#life   #happy   #summer   #joy   #challenge   #thousand  
Aug 9, 2015

There is a thousand way
They can show their love,
Getting up before you,
And baking-
Every dish dripping
In your favorite flavor.

There is a thousand way
They will let you know
You are not alone
27 missed calls,
Breathing properly only
When they see you at the front porch

There is a thousand way
To let you know,
How you are the family
They have
And the family they want

There is a thousand way to know,
You have made a place in his heart,
A message at dawn,
Asking if you are alright,
He will go to any length
To protect you.

But you tend,
Not to see
Love in these little thing,
You want grand gestures
Poems written about
The knots in your hair

And some may
Do exactly that
But that does not mean
Their love is superior
To the love that is only spoken
Between two hearts

There is a thousand way to show love,
You only have to notice,
And not be blinded by your expectations
To feel them all.

Written for mum, dad, my brother and bestie, in that particular order.
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Ensign Seer
Jun 9, 2014

A match was made in heaven
And in heaven lit a flame:
A love between two partners
Who you'd swear were both the same.
The love was so iconic,
Recognizable on sight,
Embraces shared between their eyes,
As hearts had taken flight.
The story took a sudden twist,
When lips of theirs did meet,
Time began to twitch around,
Jealous of romantic feat.
A thousand years then passed them by,
Without concern of wait.
The world had changed entirely,
Their lives of past now late.
No older were their bodies,
But all they knew was gone.
They found themselves together,
But a brand new world was drawn.
Without a soul to greet them and
Unsure of what to do,
A tender kiss was shared once more,
To see if it was true.
Another thousand years flew by,
Concerning both the two,
Whatever should they do from here,
When time was all they knew?
The man surveyed their setting,
Studied close what was around.
Then turning in, discovered
No solution to be found.
He took his partner by the hand,
Concern detailed her face.
Smiling, he sealed their fate,
Removed concern with grace.
Their embrace was eternal,
Their passion's timeless flame:
Two lovers caught in love-lock,
Seeking out the final frame.

Introducing myself with a love poem; how cliché!
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