He's an Amazing writer who not enough people appreciate
He's an Amzing Friend with a Great sense of humor
I could go on and on but most of all he hasn't given up on me when others have and that says alot about his character to me.
You really don't know what you're missing!!!
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I feel this awesome awareness
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Nov 5, 2014

Each time I find myself
on the brink of discovery
of self
I look around
and find that so too
I feel this awesome awareness
of all that is
of all that was
of all that will be--
and it almost takes my breath away.
For in the knowing
and in the learning
and in the discovery
there also is YOU.

Almost everyone
wants and needs and desires
someone to journey with
someone to explore
and someone to share and discover
the many adventures that await.

I am ever hopeful that you, my love
will continue this fantastic journey
of awesome awareness with me--
for what is to come
is going to be monumental and grand
and beyond our wildest imaginings of fun.

Just watch and see and be and do
and know. (Yes, KNOW)
that I am here enjoying this ride
and I love it that you are too.

Awesome Awareness.
Dare I say: "WOW!" ?

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so yeah, i *am* awesome, and dont tell me otherwise.
impractical thoughts
impractical thoughts
Jan 5      Jan 5


i finally feel ok with who i am

so yeah, i am awesome, and dont tell me otherwise.

Being confident and loving yourself in NO way means you are conseded. Always keep that in mind, you are awesome and so am I. Stay confident.
I met someone today and he was awesome.
Zara Noury
Zara Noury
Dec 29, 2014

I met someone today and he was awesome.
He wore a leather  jacket, almost the same as yours.
He had a neat haircut but a funny beard.
Do you remember when
I used to always pester you
About trimming yours?
I did it all the time and you never listened.

Anyway, he told me a joke;
One that I've heard before and that still
Made me laugh like the world was about to end.
I think I know where I heard it the first time.
He also ordered your milkshake, I mean ours.
And smoked the same brand of cigarettes
You always did.

He was awesome because he took me for a ride
On his Harley Davidson and gave me his helmet
The way you always did.

He was awesome because he winked
At random girls and smiled at me
The way you always did.

He was awesome because he listened to the blues
The way you always did.

He was awesome because he reminded me of you.
Baby I think I still love you.


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Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Sep 22, 2014

I wake up to this beautiful pristine day
beauty surrounds me from every way--
and the gratitude that flows into me
blossoms and flows so easily
and soon my eyes look around to see
the love and joy that is here waiting for me
and I can no longer hold it in--

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You are more awesome
elsa angelica
elsa angelica
Dec 12, 2014

For your information
You are more awesome

For you cause you are awesome :)
Apr 10, 2014      Apr 10, 2014

You hear it all the time
Jesus died for our sins, isn't He great!
Yeh yeh, that's pretty amazing, thank goodness for that

But actually think about it
Just a regular person.... a person who feels physical pain, emotional pain
He let people make fun of Him for claiming to be, basically, magical
No matter how much He proved them wrong, He was still a fraud
Then after all He has done for them, He got nails stuck into Him

Just think about that for a second
He didn't just get cut with nails, they were stabbed through Him
Do you think He wasn't feeling some sort of hatred towards us?
Of course He was
But the point is, He was looking at something greater

He got nails stabbed through himself because He knew we were destined for greater things
He didn't want us to suffer like He had
He wanted us to be able to go and live with His Dad, who we love so dearly for creating this world and everything in it
Even though after all we've done against God, we clearly don't deserve to go and live with Him
We were given a second chance

Now you may just think, He chose to die and got made fun of, big deal
But that isn't it at all
He endured so much more
He went through His entire life being the outcast, being the looney
Everything that came out of His mouth was a lie
Well that's what everyone thought

And even when he physically showed proof, He was still looked down on
And then He goes to save all the people who did this to Him?
What a guy.

Granted, God sent Him down to earth to do this and it wasn't necessarily His idea, Jesus still agreed to do this, despite everything He had been through
He could've easily turned His back on His father and think about it, not sure how many people would agree to such a thing
But He still did it.

So next time you hear of Jesus and how He died for our sins
Don't think it's some old story that doesn't involve us at all
Because it actually does
When Jesus was hanging on a piece of wood with nails in His hands
He was doing it for every person who lived and was to be born
Not just the people who were watching, laughing at Him

He did it for everybody
He did it for you.

Jesus is the most selfless man in history and we should strive to act the way He acted and spoke the way He spoke and He should be our model

And we definitely need to remember everything He did for us :)

Not quite a poem but it's just a little reminded to all Christians out there of how much you're loved and how awesome Jesus is! And hopefully spoke to any non-believers? :D If it did, I encourage you to delve deeper because personally, being a part of Christianity and having the creator or the world as your best friend makes life definitely a whole lot more satisfying and a lot less lonely too! <3
#love   #god   #christian   #awesome   #jesus   #selfless  
o much to be able to describe this most awesome gift that I've been given. Each time I
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
May 22, 2014

I’m not even sure that I can do it justice, but I want so much to be able to describe this most awesome gift that I've been given. Each time I look at it, feel it, think of it, I am overwhelmed with such joy and awe and gratitude that sometimes I feel that I might just burst into tears.  Damn these silly hormones, but still…this gift is so precious and such a treasure that there HAS to be a way I can describe it to you and make others understand just how very, very fortunate I am.

At first when it was given to me, I took it for granted and didn't really think it was all that important—I mean—I looked around and saw that everyone seemed to have this same gift that I had been given—just different variations of it.  I didn't come to truly appreciate the value of it until my 5th decade and then suddenly, it’s value just skyrocketed!  I realize now that all along this was the most awesome gift, the most precious treasure I’d ever held in my grasp.  I remember a few times when I damn near let it slip out of my possession—thought many times of just throwing this gift away—what good was it anyway?  Even though I took it with me everywhere I went and hauled it around with every move I made from state to state, sometimes it felt like it was just too burdensome to carry.  Sometimes I even thought it was plain worthless—who needs something that everyone else has anyway?

And then along came this past Christmas/Holiday Season.  For the first time in years, I have almost no money to spend on those I truly love and cherish in my life and I was wondering how on earth I could give them something special so that they would all know how very much I love them and care…

And then I remembered my original gift that I've had all these years.  It is something so precious and so valuable that why not just share it?  I mean, why be selfish with something that can be treasured and loved and held dear by all those who I hold dear?  I realize now that I don't even have to wait for the Holiday Season to share it—I can share it with anyone and everyone that cares to be included and especially with those that I love dearly.

This gift?  It is my life.  My heart.  My time. The knowledge and experience that I’m gaining with each new day.  I can share this gift by just being ME, by being true to myself, by being the loving, giving, caring soul that I have always been.  I do not need fancy, expensive, store bought presents to give out—I can give out pieces of my life, an abundance of love from my heart, and my time to those who are in need, who truly want and desire a precious bit of truth and love.

And best of all?  This gift will last into eternity, because with each piece of my heart, my life, my time that I share, a tiny bit stays with those who I reach out to share with and they in turn will share their gifts and before long, this most awesome gift will be seen, felt, held and experienced by all who care to share and become a part of this huge, huge gift that we call LIFE.

Now, how awesome is THAT????

Dedicated to any and all who even remotely consider throwing this precious gift away. Dedicated to those who have come to find the joys of living life to the fullest... I came so close at times to giving up because I thought I was worthless--I let others dictate how I should feel and think about myself
when all along I should have been listening to myself and shutting out
all the hatefulness and cruelty surrounding me.
Had I thrown away my gift I might never have found
the many joys that encompass my life now.
Know that your gift is just as special and worthwhile as mine or anyone else's gift of life is.
YOU are precious.
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