Apr 10      Apr 10

You hear it all the time
Jesus died for our sins, isn't He great!
Yeh yeh, that's pretty amazing, thank goodness for that

But actually think about it
Just a regular person.... a person who feels physical pain, emotional pain
He let people make fun of Him for claiming to be, basically, magical
No matter how much He proved them wrong, He was still a fraud
Then after all He has done for them, He got nails stuck into Him

Just think about that for a second
He didn't just get cut with nails, they were stabbed through Him
Do you think He wasn't feeling some sort of hatred towards us?
Of course He was
But the point is, He was looking at something greater

He got nails stabbed through himself because He knew we were destined for greater things
He didn't want us to suffer like He had
He wanted us to be able to go and live with His Dad, who we love so dearly for creating this world and everything in it
Even though after all we've done against God, we clearly don't deserve to go and live with Him
We were given a second chance

Now you may just think, He chose to die and got made fun of, big deal
But that isn't it at all
He endured so much more
He went through His entire life being the outcast, being the looney
Everything that came out of His mouth was a lie
Well that's what everyone thought

And even when he physically showed proof, He was still looked down on
And then He goes to save all the people who did this to Him?
What a guy.

Granted, God sent Him down to earth to do this and it wasn't necessarily His idea, Jesus still agreed to do this, despite everything He had been through
He could've easily turned His back on His father and think about it, not sure how many people would agree to such a thing
But He still did it.

So next time you hear of Jesus and how He died for our sins
Don't think it's some old story that doesn't involve us at all
Because it actually does
When Jesus was hanging on a piece of wood with nails in His hands
He was doing it for every person who lived and was to be born
Not just the people who were watching, laughing at Him

He did it for everybody
He did it for you.

Jesus is the most selfless man in history and we should strive to act the way He acted and spoke the way He spoke and He should be our model

And we definitely need to remember everything He did for us :)

Not quite a poem but it's just a little reminded to all Christians out there of how much you're loved and how awesome Jesus is! And hopefully spoke to any non-believers? :D If it did, I encourage you to delve deeper because personally, being a part of Christianity and having the creator or the world as your best friend makes life definitely a whole lot more satisfying and a lot less lonely too! <3
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jonathan valonis
Jun 5, 2010

Pop, Pop pop, Pop, Pop, Pop pop, Pop,
Boom, Boom boom, Bfff, Boom, Boom boom, Bfff,
Shsh, Shsh Shsh, Ffwka ffwka ffwka,
Five, Four, Three, Two, Oooooonnnnnneeeee,
Boomdth, Boomdth, Boomdth, Chwochit, Chwochit, Chwochit,
Boomdth, Boomdth, Boomdth, Chwochit, Chwochit, Chwochit,
Chwochit, Chwochit, Chwoooooochhhhhhhhitttttt,
Now get down, I get down, Now get down, I get down,
Bwahhwow, Bwahhwow, Bwahhwow, Bwahhwow, Bwahhhhhhhhh,
Vooooooooo Booom, Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Boff, Da, Dede,
Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Boff, Da, Dede, Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Boff, Da, Dede, Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Uuuuuuhwaaaaaaaa

Awesome Young
Nat Lipstadt
Nat Lipstadt
Nov 2, 2013

Awesome Young

I stumble, catch myself,
But my breath is still short.

Skip around,
go back and discover,

in a way that overused word was intended to be

There are so many miracles,
young poets, whose works
lost in the shuffle of the ordinary,
who don't get read, liked or
loved like they awesomely deserve.

One day,
I will write a poem,
naming names,
before a Congressional Committee,
getting them on the record.

Done it before,^
will do it again,
got take a week off from work
to get 'em all.

even then,
will strike out,
can't capture them all,
they keep a-coming,
from all over the world,
places I never heard of.

It almost makes me believe
world peace is not just a
Saturday Night Live joke.

^ Jun 2, see:
Poetry Round (find your self within)
there should be an island of awesome
Jordan Gemieff
Jordan Gemieff
Jun 5, 2013

there should be an island of awesome
and it should have surf
and i should move there

i think if you thought you were awesome all the time life could take a turn for the better
like imagine
everything as awesome
it would make all things such good vibes
like sex
high fives
all such awesome things but made with awesome

news flash, YOUR AWESOME!! bahleedat!



are cosmically awesome.
Jack Singer
Oct 11, 2011

If you ever feel uninspired,
insignificant, meaningless,
or small…
just remember this:
are cosmically awesome.

when you step out
into a silky night
of shimmering moonlight
beneath an array
of glittering stars,
a billion glowing orbs
a billion lightyears in the future
are waiting patiently
to look at you.

think about this:
nobody ever
has perceived existence
the exact same way
as you.
nobody ever
has had your same

don't you see it?
only you
have the power
to do what nobody else
ever has.

the gods shout your name
with every breath of wind.
listen to them,
look deep inside yourself,
and realize
that you

-Jack Singer

This awesome exchange of energy?
Michele Sarah-Rose Jones

From light to light.
From touch to touch.
From lover to lover.
Can you feel it?
This awesome exchange of energy?

how very AWESOME
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Mar 31      Apr 1

I wish
I could always Bloom
for you--
I wish so much
that somehow
lives inside of ME
for YOU
would find a way
to solve
all the problems,
all the woes
all the cares
that cross
your path.
I would LOVE
being your bloom
of JOY
and finding some way
to ease
all that troubles you
to make the outside world
be always kind
and good
to you.

my love,
are a beautiful
and wondrous soul
who brings delight
and love and joy
into my heart
(all I need do is think of you)
So many smiles,
so much love,
so much gratitude
and boundless blessings
fill my life, my heart
because of YOU.

Thank you...
I wish
I could Always
for you
and make you smile
and KNOW
how very AWESOME
and how very LOVED
you truly are.

#love   #awesome   #loved   #bloom  
Jan 8, 2012

My auspicious and audacious assault augments the annoyance of aged accomplices.

My bodacious broadside of boffolas berates and buffaloes bros beneficently.

A classy crusade Clownishly chiseling and criticizing childishness.

A devilish domination of dillydallying dullards; devoutly denying dimwits the dulcet dream of defiance.

Excessive, exuberant edification, ebulliently eliminating education-evictees.

A fair-weather frolic in flippancy with furious fools floundering in flawed foppishness.

Gregariously grating glum guys gleefully, growing grander garnishes of gripping gallantry gaily.

Heckling hooligans highlights my heavenly humor.

Irreverently irking irritable, iniquitous idiots in inestimably infuriating and incredible instances.

A jolly, jocular jock joking with jerks.

A kreiger kicking kleptomaniacs in the karyotype. (Cut me some slack, this is 'k', after all.)

A ludicrous, laughing lambaste of lollygagging lunatics, loftily loosing luscious lunacy on lucky losers.

A magnificent masterpiece of malfeasance, a monstrous, malevolent mission of massive misfortune for the minor minors missing no malicious missive.

A noxious, narcissistic niggling of nitwits, niftily nixing the noisome naivete of niggardly nobs.

An offhand, off-color outburst of outlandish observations to outclass the obnoxious overtures of obsequious offal.

A pragmatic prediction of possible platitudes or platypi, a placid parley of pyrotechnic pleasantries provoking Pyrrhic protections by prurient prats.

A quixotic quibble quarreling with a queer quarry.

Ribald ribbing, ruining the robust reality of the repreachful, repugnant, and rapacious with risque ridiculousness.

A silly, slighting slander of sluglike slavishness, succinctly sinking sloppy simpletons sourly.

Tracing the titillating talent of towing tyranny to towering terrors to tactless, togless, terrapins of the times.

Today...Is Awesome Day
Cheryl Lizka Yovita

Today...Is Awesome Day
Play foot ball with friends
Swimming in my uncle swimming pool
No one ruin this day
Cause Today is Awesome Day

All my cousin playing in the beach
  My mom was sunbathing
My dad too...
My brother and my sister is playing
With meah....

Because Today is Awesome Day
With all my family
And my neighbor
They play together

Nobody will ruin this....
Cause Today is Awesome Day

~ Cheryl~

But I am always awesome~! ;)
Inks Symphony
Inks Symphony
Nov 5, 2013

Sometimes I feel sad
And sometimes I feel mad
But I am always awesome~! ;)

~Thank you~

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