so yeah, i *am* awesome, and dont tell me otherwise.
impractical thoughts


i finally feel ok with who i am

so yeah, i am awesome, and dont tell me otherwise.

Being confident and loving yourself in NO way means you are conseded. Always keep that in mind, you are awesome and so am I. Stay confident.
Sydney Ann
Sydney Ann
Jan 3, 2015

Starry Night

Her poems are mind blowing
Sydney Ann
Sydney Ann
Jan 3, 2015

Vanessa Gatley

Her words of encouragement make our days awesome and our smiles wider
Paula Lee
Paula Lee
Jan 4, 2015


He's an Amazing writer who not enough people appreciate
He's an Amzing Friend with a Great sense of humor
I could go on and on but most of all he hasn't given up on me when others have and that says alot about his character to me.
You really don't know what you're missing!!!
#you   #awesome   #know   #poetic   #t   #whos  

Apollo, Apollo
The God of poetry
I'd also like to learn archery
And a song or two
On the lyre from you

XD lawl...
#poetry   #awesome   #gods   #archery  
Own your own awesome,
Crazy Diamond Kristy

Own your own awesome,
                  my friends.
         Be your own
       best friend.

Celebrate yourself.
       Value your worth.
               Embrace your kind.
                       Nourish your mind.

                     Sing to your soul
                Love your heart.
        Bless your body.
    You, complete,

Own your own awesome,
                my friends.
I'd give it to you,
           but yours is not
                     mine to lend.

8-14-16 (C)

Be good to you, my friends!
Thanks for reading!
Goodnight! K:)
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Mar 27, 2015

You are so cool,
And so cute.

You are so carefree,
And so beautiful..

You are so hardworking,
And so inspiring...

Just stay here and my life is a romantically divine paradise.

My HP Poem #817
©Atul Kaushal
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Sep 22, 2014

I wake up to this beautiful pristine day
beauty surrounds me from every way--
and the gratitude that flows into me
blossoms and flows so easily
and soon my eyes look around to see
the love and joy that is here waiting for me
and I can no longer hold it in--

#love   #beauty   #day   #joy   #awesome   #gratitude   #begin   #blossoms   #flows  
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