I want drugs
But I like you better sober

I wish I could help him be sober. I wanted to be his drug, but I guess that's what choices are for..

I'll give you my sleeve if you take my heart.
I know how to please,
not fall apart.

Sep 25

Your strength in life having the courage to only live, can bypass the weakest thought that in your mind alone be an only trap~

Jenna Ring
Jenna Ring
Aug 15, 2013      Aug 15, 2013

Let me compare you to lava;
leave me with burns.
And your memory,
as quickly as these scars do.

on the path back to sobriety
Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
Aug 20, 2013      Aug 21, 2013

I'm a reformed man
my habit has been cast out
a good woman
showed me how to bring it about

with her understanding ways
she helped me give up the grog
and life is so much better
now that I'm no longer in a grog fog

on the path back to sobriety
her hand guided me
with its never ending
patience and solidity

she is a redemptive angel
in my eyes
she gave me reason
to see a clean sunrise

the grog couldn't stay
in my addled life
cause it had imparted
much too much strife

for the rest of my days
I'll be a reborn man
for a wonderful woman
took hold of my hand

her love and care
showed me how to kick the grog
and she has lead me
out of it's fog

alex kennedy
alex kennedy
Nov 26, 2014

Theres two kinds of breaths that boys steal.
The kind that results in unbelievable euphoria,
and theres the kind they ripped out of your lungs.

The difference is;
one makes you senseless
one kills you.

In all honesty I miss feeling sober.

Ive been writing again :)
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Infamous one
Infamous one
Jan 19, 2013

when you drink its all fun and games
till that day when death stares you in the eyes
drinking changes you hurts those around you
the day you change put down the bottle
the world is clear but doesnt make sense
the friends are gone because you guilt them the choice sober living
you call to hang but drinking is all the know
soberiety and alcohol cross paths but have no relation
some cant speak with a drink in their hand
the drink for liquid courage thaey convince you to join the party
you cannot go back because you made a self respecting promise
you could never and wont ever go back
the idea to take a sip might make you life slip into darkness
the world you plan of never living again
chance of change change for the better other ways to enjoy the world
not in a bottle or risking life in one deadly drink

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