Nicole Ashley
Nicole Ashley
Apr 5, 2015

I want drugs
But I like you better sober

I wish I could help him be sober. I wanted to be his drug, but I guess that's what choices are for..
free *gift of sobriety*
eunsung aka Silas

free gift of sobriety
that makes
life and laughter possible

Written in gratitude for a nice visit from my mother and brother with my daughter.
#love   #life   #grace   #10w   #gratitude   #laughter   #sobriety  
polite sobriety
Jon Thenes

The hurdles I must cripple
gauze against breath
within this gripe
of well patrolled
polite sobriety

What clarity can I operate ?

take a breath
expel a myth
pattern a thought
create an action
reset and repetitude

Sobriety is what keeps me tethered
Jacob Barnett

Sobriety is what keeps me tethered
That which forcese to remember
Lost causes covered in failed attempts
At this life, at my life
While inhaling to forget
High above reality
Living each day by a dime
Until life is but a suggestion
And I'm back to where I started

#life   #drugs   #sober   #sobriety  
but i'd *lose* my **sobriety**
Colten Sorrells

I'm trying

but I don't see the point
when all I really wanna do
is smoke a  fucking joint

or maybe
just a couple beers
would help make things
a bit more clear

It might help my anxiety
but i'd lose my sobriety


I won't let it win
Instead, I think

#desire   #daily   #denied   #struggle   #test   #sobriety  
Where are you to share in my sobriety?
Jeremy Duff
Jeremy Duff
Jun 22, 2014

Two weeks drug free.
I did it for myself,
I did it for my sister
for you
and for her.

Cravings don't wake me up at night anymore.
I can hold a cigarette without my hands shaking
and I can look my mother in the eye.

Where are you to share in my sobriety?
Where are you to help me through it?
(Where are you?)

I've been better
Sobriety, brought victory
Scot Powers
Scot Powers
May 5, 2013

I can't stay here tonight
gotta keep runnin'
but there's nowhere to hide
keep gettin' dragged under
urges build deep inside
control is the problem

Wasted all my yesterdays
fortunes lost never regained
took a while for me to see
Sobriety, brought victory

I can't stay here tonight
temptations weaken me
when we unite
the demons take over
lose track of time
nothing else matters

Wasted all my yesterdays
fortunes lost never regained
took awhile for me to see
sobriety brought victory

Well I stayed here tonight
took on all comers
stood tall for the fight
attacked from all corners
beat back the night
standing tall on my own now

Wasted all my yesterdays
fortunes lost never regained
took awhile for me to see
sobriety brought victory

I wrote this a few years back while reflecting upon the lost years to my addiction and recovery from crack cocaine. that is the sobriety, I speak of..
Of sobriety's eyes.
Brody Thompson
Brody Thompson
Nov 4, 2012

I dont know where the future lies.
Im just as scared
As the rest of you guys.
I admit it,
I forget it;
The colour
Of sobriety's eyes.
No funeral
When an angel dies.

Why do the heroes
See themselves as the villain?
Why do the demons
Think they save the day by killin?
Where does the day go?
Why doesn't anyone know?

Sayin sorry
For all the wrong reasons.
Lives are changing
In a matter of seasons.
Sick of staring
At my bedrooms padded walls,
But ill be here
When society falls,
And sobriety calls.

Trying to function
Just aint in the cards
When your mind is a mess
And your body in shards.
Feelin lonely
Walking down the boulevard.

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