*what to do when your body starts to tingle?*
May 14, 2014

what to do when your body starts to tingle?

take a cold shower.
turn on the fan.
drink some water.
turn off the R&B;
blow out the scented
look around and it will all start to make sense...

" what to do when my body starts to tingle?"

place a pillow between your burning thighs and remember that you are single!

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I feel it tingle
Apr 21, 2015

I feel it tingle
from my heart to my shoulder
Of the man I was once.
With my heart so full hope and love.
So big it could fit the world in it.

I feel it tingle
Now its going through my biceps
And I'm on my phone looking at old pictures.
And how it fills me with sadness
Of what we could have been.

Oh how much I hate this tingle
As it starts to burn thought my forearm.
As tears start to swell in my eyes when I see her online and how well you moved on.
How my heart have shrunk that I feel it starting to collapse in on itself.

Make it stop oh please make the tingle stop.
As it hits my palm and the back of my hand.
As I look to my side and see another random girl I use to fill the void that surrounds my heart.
A temporary solution and nothing more.
It was meaning less sex and she's a sweet girl but I haven't moved. How can I.

Finally it reaches my fingers and how the tingles gathers at the tip ready to explode outwards.
Ready to free me from this curse.
The girl moves and it snaps me out but it's too late as I'm already lost again and the tingle returns to it's nest in my heart.

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Lady of Ravenhill
Lady of Ravenhill
Dec 26, 2016

Tiny whispers of rain on glass
Send sweet tingles Rushing down
Like a warm shower, I am drenched
From the top of my head
And down my spine, I want to feel
The cool flow dripping, vibrating in my veins
As the gentle tapping of rain soothes me
In your empty bed the quiet sounds
Bring prickly haze of sleepy joy
I could almost forget in an auditory maze
That sends chills through every nerve
To drown out my noisy mind And guilty heart

@LadyofRavenhill 12/24/16
i do not tingle.
Greta Wocheski
Greta Wocheski
Oct 11, 2016

the birds tweet,
i do not tingle.
the wind blows through my hair,
i do not tingle.
you touch me,
i feel sparks
as if
an electric current is passing through me
and that's when
i tingle.
                                                                ­ - g.w

#love   #lust   #happy   #emotion   #touch   #satisfaction   #sparks   #tingle  
Vanessa Grace
Vanessa Grace
Oct 18, 2015

I am tingling with the thoughts
that my body simply

Mar 24, 2016

My jaw is frozen
Ice and fire creep up my numb face
Circling my eye with gentle hands
Tingling across my stiff lips
They call it 'filling,' but when I touch it
It feels invisible, empty
Unreceptive or responsive
Numb like dead feet
What a curious feeling
That numb is

I went to the dentist for my first-ever filling, and can't get over how weird the freezing feels
#face   #cold   #numb   #hot   #dentist   #stiff   #tingle  
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