Sarah M
Sarah M
Jun 9, 2014

What defines a person as an artist?
The way we talk,
The way we walk,
How we interact with one another,
How we choose to disturb the universe,
Is art.

You and I, are artists
Simply because we are alive.

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Jasmine smiles
Jasmine smiles
Apr 27, 2014

by the

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Poets meld through words
Artists paint the world
Translate souls onto canvas

Jan 31, 2015

True artist is not all about the talent,
it’s the art of loving your craft.

a quote
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Jul 12, 2015

she claimed to be an artist
that was until two weeks later
i found her lying on the bathroom floor
crimson red carving on her canvas

Jul 17, 2014

I want to be an artist
using multiple types of medium

I'll be a chef
creating wonderful pieces of art
with my food

I'll be a writer
making people feel so many emotions
with my words

I'll be a drawer or a painter
creating beautiful works
with the pens and paints of my choosing

I want to be an artist
an artist that makes peoples emotions
run wild

m i å
m i å
Dec 16, 2015

he is my artist
painting smiles upon my face

he is my artist painting
  pink on my cheeks
    everytime i'm blushing

he is my artist painting
  a white sparkle in my eyes
when i talk to him

he is my artist
and i am his canvas
who used to be blank

until he came along painting
me wih colour all

ah, i need to work on rhyming. <3
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Virginia Whiddon
Virginia Whiddon
Nov 19, 2014

My greatest fear is
that handwritten letters
will soon be a lost
My greatest wish
is to be your
only artist.

#love   #fear   #art   #wish   #letters   #artist   #handwritten   #lovenotes  
Gaby Lemin
Gaby Lemin
May 19, 2014

I think we are all just
wannabe artists
trying to figure out
how everyone else  
managed to get famous

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Elijah Nicholas
Elijah Nicholas
Jun 2, 2015

And here I am,
Picking up the broken pieces that he left.
But I'm not a janitor, baby.
Nor am I him.
I am an artist,
And I can create anything out of nothing.
You are the blank canvas
And I am the paint.

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