I feel artistic tonight
Aug 13, 2013

I feel artistic tonight
meaning a mess
I feel like a true poet
who knows of tie dye emotions;
heartbreak within passion
and sorrow for missing someone I haven't lost
well, yet

Jun 26, 2013      Jun 27, 2013

it would be
little sister
if you would explain to me
the inner most workings
of you and your
that you have so carefully
in your pictures
and in your face
you have always been
so good
at painting
i guess i shouldn't be
that you are also so good
at lying
little sister,
this is not my fault
and you
know it.

i wish that i had been nicer to her as a child. i wish that i could see her now and have everything the way it was before mom left. but now everything is different and no one ever knows what the truth is and i'm fucking sick of guessing.

I need you
to write to me,
to hide little poems for me.

I need you
to paint for me,
to create little portraits for me.

I need you
to bake for me,
to make little cupcakes for me.

I need you
to create for me,
to give me little droplets of you.

I need you to be my artist.

Jay Forrest
Jay Forrest
Aug 18, 2013

They tell me that what I do is stupid
They say it's dangerous
I tell them I'm an artist just like any other
I scout for the perfect spot just like the photographer
I make my lines very intentionally and precise like the painter
Or when I feel wild they're whimsical
Like any sketch
My medium is just unique
I may use medal
I may use blood
But I'm inspired by emotions evoked in my life
Just like the rest
So why is my form frowned upon
Good sir, destruction is just another form of creation

Inspired by a night of self harm relapse
Jul 2, 2013

As a child I would eat crayons and then purge oceans onto paper.

artistic living in my wild unrefined mind
Max Petersen
Max Petersen
May 23, 2011

Lack of a name
doesnt make it worse than the pros
and their tame nature
cant see past form, or paper
technical and refined
your art has such fine lines
artistic living in my wild unrefined mind

First I’ll change his eyes
from brown to green

because I’d rather be reminded
of the algae in the pond

than the bourbon on his tongue.
I’ll say pond when I mean lake

because I prefer the intimacy
of lily pads.  I can say things like

he offered love like it was lemonade,
fresh-squeezed and innocent,

because then the idea won’t seem so foreign.
And then it won’t seem so dishonest

when dragonflies become hummingbirds
because I envy their tunneling

nature.  I can pretend that they
drilled a hole in the sky

where we can live out
the lives I’ve forged for us

through poetry, where
we are together every time.

Feeling there is a creative artistic spark in the air today;
Jordyn C Taylor
Aug 15, 2011

Feeling there is a creative artistic spark in the air today;
what is that this blank canvas wants from me?
Is it art which you seek?
All of the colors; all of the words awaiting behind the fingertips of me.
Is it self expression, or self revival, perhaps self survival.
There is a creative artistic spark in the air today.
Have faith, watch what the heavens and I create.

Feb 5, 2012

paint my world with vibrant hues
emerald greens, sapphire blues
lyricist with color, canvas
emotions swirl 'round your brush
multitudes of whites and greys
illuminate the darkest days
when masterfully controlled by you
paint my world with vibrant hues

Naomi Sa'Rai
Naomi Sa'Rai
Feb 22, 2012

Creamy purple
Steamy bed
Silver hugs your bones
Lungs blackened
Triple blue tones
Sexy yellow green
Legs wrapped
Canvas lain down
Work of art
Wood carved
Amber brown
Luscious lips
Painted frown
Orange sex
Tastes of grey
This is art
Hushed cries
You came
Creamy purple red
Whitish mixture
Stained bed...
This is art


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