To fall for an artist is a cruel blessing,
and I'm sorry you had to
experience that euphoric burst
followed by such a swift exit.
But you can't say I didn't warn you.

I'll immortalize you in poems,
filling my notebooks and your head
with lines proclaiming the pure
incredibleness of you.

I'll take pictures and leave notes,
overwhelmed by the thunder crack
of your presence and the sizzle
you leave in your wake.

The problem with thunderstorms is
they usually bring flash floods.
Out of nowhere you're drowning,
but when it recedes you're left
soaked and gasping.

And I'm sorry to say the lightning
has died down, so I've carefully folded
your paper heart to place amongst
my other crumpled mementos.
Loving an artist is a cruel blessing.
I did warn you, my dear.

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She wants to wax artistic
Jun 23

She wants to wax artistic
Her audience so rapt
Are watching every movement
As something in her snaps.

She raises up the scalpel
Her canvas takes the brunt
Of artistry in temper,
Of truth she daren't confront.

Her pencil lead stabs slowly
In repetition bland
It draws out lines, it stabs out points
Misguided by her hand.

She lifts her palette higher
As red ink starts to dash
Down lines made by the pencil
On the canvas she has slashed.

She's showing her life story
For she knows no words to say
What the horrors are that taunt her,
Flaunt her, haunt her every day.

She spills a can of petrol,
She lights a tiny match
And down her canvas one last time
Her fingernails scratch.

She throws it in the fire
And she dances round the flames
Crying, screaming and repeating:
"My life story I disclaim!"

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In my artistic endeavor
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Jun 13, 2014

In my artistic endeavor
to paint the sky green
and the grass blue
to shower down rose petals
from the clouds,
and I painted
upside down rainbows in shades of purple
to smile just for you,
I found an immeasurable delight
in the joy of giving my love away
knowing that only you would understand
just what I'm trying to say...

But hoping others understand and get it too! :)
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I feel artistic tonight
Aug 13, 2013

I feel artistic tonight
meaning a mess
I feel like a true poet
who knows of tie dye emotions;
heartbreak within passion
and sorrow for missing someone I haven't lost
well, yet

Jun 26, 2013      Jun 27, 2013

it would be
little sister
if you would explain to me
the inner most workings
of you and your
that you have so carefully
in your pictures
and in your face
you have always been
so good
at painting
i guess i shouldn't be
that you are also so good
at lying
little sister,
this is not my fault
and you
know it.

i wish that i had been nicer to her as a child. i wish that i could see her now and have everything the way it was before mom left. but now everything is different and no one ever knows what the truth is and i'm fucking sick of guessing.
L T Winter
L T Winter
Sep 28, 2014      Sep 29, 2014

I've always itched
For perfect mahogany
Chimera doubles.

Cavorting into her,
Fullest emptiness.

Drastic is the

One which
Most perceive.

I let it
My sheathing...

And my entrails
Lay open...
As she played cello.

With intestines of mine,
Her smile planted
In mist.

Painted on sawmill
It began.

To sieve serrating
Back to my tissues

My bones; refused
Seeping aqueducts.

Only to quail from sin.

We wetted; our contour
Tongues on....
O-negative streams.

So animalistic,
I dwindled upon
Her lancet...

And we let our
Collage begin.

I need you
to write to me,
to hide little poems for me.

I need you
to paint for me,
to create little portraits for me.

I need you
to bake for me,
to make little cupcakes for me.

I need you
to create for me,
to give me little droplets of you.

I need you to be my artist.

#love   #paint   #want   #need   #create   #write   #bake  
Jay Forrest
Jay Forrest
Aug 18, 2013

They tell me that what I do is stupid
They say it's dangerous
I tell them I'm an artist just like any other
I scout for the perfect spot just like the photographer
I make my lines very intentionally and precise like the painter
Or when I feel wild they're whimsical
Like any sketch
My medium is just unique
I may use medal
I may use blood
But I'm inspired by emotions evoked in my life
Just like the rest
So why is my form frowned upon
Good sir, destruction is just another form of creation

Inspired by a night of self harm relapse
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