Nasir Jan
Nasir Jan
Jun 23

It was never me anyway
Just let me go
As my consciousness fades away
And my eyes lose their glow
The bleak outline turns black
I close my eyes and think back
I knew before the game started
how it would end,
destined, we parted.

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The parting between your lips is the only existing
Jessica Szamosszegi

The parting between your lips is the only existing line that can separate one from another.
The rest are illusions.

Joe Fogg
Joe Fogg
Jul 29, 2011

In sunshine
A shadow
Through brightness
Such darkness
Though joy
This Sadness
From closeness
To distance
A bond
Now broken
A trust
So years
Once forged
Like leaves
Now crumbled
Tides turning
Rivers divided
Two paths

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011

Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd
7 days ago      7 days ago

Flesh filled visions
brains burnt out
pariah desire disease
punctured heart
shifted gaze
inconsolable disbelief

Mar 3, 2010

I rarely considered my friend
on whose grace I could always depend
but then came the cleft
that left me bereft
how I wish we could both make amends

© wormwood / lmc 2010

He. Dear, I must be gone
  While night Shuts the eyes
  Of the household spies;
  That song announces dawn.

She. No, night's bird and love's
  Bids all true lovers rest,
  While his loud song reproves
  The murderous stealth of day.

He. Daylight already flies
  From mountain crest to crest

She. That light is from the moon.

He. That bird...

She.                     Let him sing on,
  I offer to love's play
  My dark declivities.

Friends, Brothers, bid me farewell.
Good bye allow me to depart.

As gentle streams we had come together.
Flown for a time like a mighty river.
Taking up rocks of experience
converting them to pebbles of joy.

On the sill I leave the keys to my door.
I leave the room to you.
In return, i only ask for a smile.
Your acceptance, the key to run the remaining mile.

White light has entered the prism.
Reminding our doodles of dark sarcasm.
I have received more than i could give.
Keeping aside what i deserve, Please forgive.

Golden memories, I shall not bury
They travel along on a ferry
Rivers part before reaching the sea
Seeds get dispersed from the mother tree
(so let it be)
you all shall linger on have some fun.
Remember when you too reach the sea we shall be one

Carl Hardwick
2 days ago

This I take while I go,
No more the savior of the day,
You are the one no longer here,
I am the one now going.

You said go now and be away,
I said ok, I'll leave this time,
But don't come back to say I know,
Just go away and slowly go.

Beginnings have a way of joy,
The middle still the happiness,
But towards the end we fade away,
Go separate ways on lonely streets.

I couldn't patch the hole we made,
No longer could I make you laugh,
So, as it goes you found another,
Who'll give you what I no longer did.

Then as I leave I won't turn round,
Or watch the look of your silent eyes,
There'll be no kiss or hug when going,
This union fell into the void.

I know you'll forget the times we had,
You'll curse my name and all my ways,
Toss out our pictures hanging on the wall,
Will revel in your new found freedom.

But I have life to live and to discover,
I'll find someone, some other lover,
And when I hold her close to me,
I think of how you once loved me.

*Parting, bittersweet memories of lonesome days;
Jan 16

Parting, bittersweet memories of lonesome days; different paths going opposite ways, we drop interlaced fingers to our sides, looking over our shoulders, you let go with time. I hope she makes your world beautiful as you've desired & submits to your every whim as she loves your fire. My wish: she is your comfort, your hope and your world, as she fills the empty void left by this girl.

Chris T
Chris T
Nov 6

Tonight, at this moment, I let go but before I leave onto the street
and meet the moon's smile and hers meets mine, remember,
be wary, though you break the world's heart eventually actions
haunt back three-fold, these wounds you've dabbled in exchange
for names to scribble in a diary someone forgotten gave you, will
clash against that body and burn to never seal, and this name,
these lips, while at sunrise you writhe in pain, won't be pen marks,
they'll be so real, every word to the now, will flood your mind,
and then what was an entertaining time, transformed into regret.

Miniature poem/rant I wrote during Modern Poetry class. Yes, I'm bitter.
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