Mar 8, 2015

Within my nature
Is the instinct to feel pain
When you are broken

I also cannot
Help but to feel overjoyed  
When you are happy

I know what life is
During the moments when you
Are a part of me

Natalie! You are the most important part of me and without you I'm just not Michael! I love you so much :D
P. S.  Don't mind the first part it just sort of flowed
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David P Carroll
David P Carroll
Oct 28, 2016

The way of love
Shook down on me
Far from above
From a loving heart

My heart has grown
A change of love
And never apart
The day I held you
I new we shall never be

David P Carroll
A part
#a   #part  
Mike Essig
Mike Essig
Apr 16, 2015

Sandaled feet
fleeing into darkness
beneath the breached
and burning
walls of Troy.

That is what I fear
when you walk away
from me.

May 27, 2015

We use to say,
'Nothing can do us apart.'

In the end, you did.

#love   #pain   #us   #part  
Dana Skorvankova
Dana Skorvankova
Jun 27, 2016

I've never thought I might hear you
Without a thing being told
Well and I've never thought you're not about to
Write again a single word

#the   #part   #strongest  
Nasir Jan
Nasir Jan
Jun 23, 2014

It was never me anyway
Just let me go
As my consciousness fades away
And my eyes lose their glow
The bleak outline turns black
I close my eyes and think back
I knew before the game started
how it would end,
destined, we parted.

#love   #sad   #loss   #parting   #lettinggo  
Silas T Williams
Silas T Williams
Apr 25, 2014

I ..
m..e t..n ...
     o. .. o.n

#of   #my   #parts   #error   #sum   #glitch  
Mar 12, 2016

When your world crumbles
And your feet stumble
With my words and ways
I will help to piece it all together

These are serious guys... only my true friends know the extent of my loyalty and how far I am willing to go
#friends   #truth   #two   #loyalty   #part  
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