Dreams of Sepia
Dreams of Sepia
Jul 15      Jul 16

You are
cherry blossom
an oval
a fish-eye
you keep
in a matchbox
& pray
to Buddha
we part every now & then
so we can meet again

Diana E
Diana E
6 days ago      5 days ago

When I said that we would see each other again, I knew that it was only but a fallacy.

Ironically, I cried until morning;
as you and I parted for the last time.

"I will miss you every day.", I would tell you.

In my mind this would translate as "I'm sorry", as I knew that this was not true.

Nasir Jan
Nasir Jan
Jun 23, 2014

It was never me anyway
Just let me go
As my consciousness fades away
And my eyes lose their glow
The bleak outline turns black
I close my eyes and think back
I knew before the game started
how it would end,
destined, we parted.

#love   #sad   #loss   #parting   #lettinggo  

The night gathered around
that suburban house,

amongst the dreaming cedars
& the telephone rang

I picked up, said I'd be there
so I caught the bus all the way to town

Berlin at 3 a.m
was a beautiful stranger

especially Lehrter Bahnhof
moonlight shining through

it's half-completed arches
like through the dead ribs of a Whale

out that late by myself
& at first not a little afraid

looking over my shoulder
aged seventeen

I was still feeling younger
you were catching that plane

& we friends were to meet
you to say goodbye again

& I, hello to the beginning
of the slow journey to the end

Lehrter Bahnhof - Literally meaning ' Empty Station' is an S-Bahn ( Overground train) station in Berlin which was still being built at the time I lived there.

Sandaled feet
fleeing into darkness
beneath the breached
and burning
walls of Troy.

That is what I fear
when you walk away
from me.

against their parting."*
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

"Her chin was raised and lips stilled
against their parting."

#love   #lips   #10w   #separation   #parting   #against   #raised   #beryldov   #chin   #pucker  
The parting between your lips is the only existing
Jessica Szamosszegi

The parting between your lips is the only existing line that can separate one from another.
The rest are illusions.

Joe Fogg
Joe Fogg
Jul 29, 2011

In sunshine
A shadow
Through brightness
Such darkness
Though joy
This Sadness
From closeness
To distance
A bond
Now broken
A trust
So years
Once forged
Like leaves
Now crumbled
Tides turning
Rivers divided
Two paths

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011

Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd
Dec 14, 2014      Dec 14, 2014

Flesh filled visions
brains burnt out
pariah desire disease
punctured heart
shifted gaze
inconsolable disbelief

Edna Sweetlove


Parting is such dulcet sorrow;
My lonely heart weeps at eternal separation.
Now you are gone from me
The world is cold and empty
And a veil covers my bitter tears.

To lose my lover, my friend,
My partner through life's sad
And pointless journey...
My very soul is rent asunder and
Cast shattered on the wind.

But let me cease my whingeing!
Upon due reflection this is but
The stuff of which cheap sentiment is composed.
As far as I'm concerned you can FUCK off
And no regrets, you stinking bastard.

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