Isha Kumar
Isha Kumar
Jan 25, 2015

The tears
that cascaded
down her
were enough
to make
a mighty

#sad   #tears   #water   #gloom   #creek  
Out by the Strange Creek a little drunk,
Matthew Rousseau

Out by the Strange Creek a little drunk,
I built a tower of stone, an imaginary throne,
I pondered of power and sat on a stump,
The moon hung like an old friend from up above,

There were many around, laughing and happy,
A few on the guitar sounded a little sappy,
Tents dotted the river, and I dipped my tows in the sand,
The stars up above illuminated the camp but not the bands,

Too many drugs made there way around,
back in the woods everyone gathered around a stage,
and jammed the music, they blazed,
for themselves, their future, but mostly the present,
Their bodies swayed, in a daze,

Acid, weed, liquor and E
Oh boy, it was a party,
but the last bit of my sober self,
turned inwards and the whole of me felt,
the seven chakras flowing through me,
connecting me to infinity,

We partied for three days, acid babies littered the place,
We drank for our mistakes, and listened to The Machine,
The wall flowing through me,
We freed our bodies, and our souls to the void,
On the last night we were over joyed,
But now that I'm leaving I feel it slipping away

My crown chakra back into the haze,
My mind's eye back into a cage,
My throat chakra back underneath,
My heart chakra feels only grief,
My solar plexus can't handle a nexus,
My sacral is fine though, trust me,
But my roots,

They don't even trust me

Look up chakras to understand deeper if you aren't familiar with them, please.
#thoughts   #the   #strange   #deep   #creek   #chakra   #matthew   #ts   #rousseau   #peminition  
joyce knee
joyce knee
Dec 14, 2014

I walk beneath the shadows of dragonflies and
in fields of stunted daisies
A witness to migrating monarchs
Whose voyage is eons from being completed,
when they only have 3 weeks at most to live.

I walk in pale fields of dusty sunbeams
and loud fading moonlight
Humming crickets play accompaniment
to solo pairs of feet, making way for still creeks
and large lily pads
to find a nice place to think.

#dream   #sun   #moon   #walking   #daydream   #creek   #lily   #crickets   #pad   #fields  
Oct 18, 2014

Pink petals float on water
Bubbles dance down on the rocks

Flowers fall like snow
As lace upon the grass

Beams of gold spread on the ground
And leaves reflect the sun

April 3, 2012
#gold   #flowers   #green   #spring   #grass   #leaves   #sunlight   #creek  
I would love to live by a dear creek.
Jan 27, 2013

Love creeks
They're pretty
I love dear creeks
That bubble and flow
With ice-cold clear water
Creeks are where the Fairies live
With peace and harmony soothing
I would love to live by a dear creek.


This is my first reverse nonet!
Andrew Wenson
Andrew Wenson
Nov 5, 2014

Amongst the monardas
Horsetail, Susan's black eyes
You can almost feel it:
freedom, life.

It could just be the heat.

#freedom   #flowers   #up   #nature   #lake   #meadow   #north   #creek   #gaia   #swamp  
in the little creek that crawls through town,
Brandon Hall
Dec 12, 2015

Just beneath the road insensate,
in the little creek that crawls through town,
the rains brought him.
Iron-blue, patient, slender, high sits his head –
a lance, now raised – now half-tilt as he sights his prey – raised again
as a drifting leaf disrupts his aim.
Upstream he prowls, that his prey sees
him not.
He stalks with long, slow strides, his legs thin and
graceful not to disturb the quiet current of the water and
give himself away to senseless quarry. Few call him spindly,
I imagine. Not I.
By the shore, fish-bones, whole
but for the flesh,
sink into the mud.
A thoughtless dart, a flash, a writhing
beast falls still on his speartip.
What am I, then, that
he flies when I draw close?

#nature   #wildlife   #hunting   #fishing   #musings   #creek   #heron  
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