feeling discomfort dissipates as
I embrace instead of
pushing away

people say the feelings deep within you should leave them alone
Feelings deep within

No one can see how you feel.
people say the feelings deep within you should leave them alone.
showing feelings deep within is like playing with fire, you will get burned.
No one wants to show their feelings if they fear they will get burned.

It is ok!!
Apr 7, 2015

I saw something
It made me feel something
The end.

Casual Conversation
Janielle Green
Janielle Green
Mar 21, 2016

I can feel that, Stop it
Stop thinking about me so that I can stop thinking about you.

I feel you even when you are far away
Jan 23, 2015

So you think you know me,
For I tell you all I feel?

Enn Omane (my dearest),
I haven't even begun to say
What I fail to feel.

I sometimes despise the shallowness with which people dismiss someone because they are not 'someone new'
Violet Blue
Violet Blue
Jun 9, 2015

I can't even seem to type
what I feel right now
I know what  want to say
But the words won't come out
Through my poetry

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Oct 14, 2014

I was told about days where
I wouldn't feel love
And that in fact I wouldn't feel anything
And that not even the overwhelming
Thought of life would bulge
Any feeling into my body
Does it make sense to say that
Nothing is a feeling?
I feel nothing.

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Jul 9, 2014

the issue about emotions
is they cannot be turned off easily
i learned in psychology class
that there's this small part in your brain called the "amygdala" and it controls your emotions
i realized then and there
that i had to decide
"to feel everything all at once, or nothing at all"

How do i have feelings
nadya s
nadya s
Jul 10, 2014

I have decided that i am not sad or happy
I am numb for every emotion
I do not feel sad or happy
I do not know what i am
I do not feel mad or horrible
I just feel confused and numb
I still laugh, but then why do i cry?

How do i have feelings
How do i feel again?
Am i dying?
It feels like it...

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