I value feelings.
John Blake
John Blake
Mar 29      Mar 29

Confused by logic,
I am a people person.
I value feelings.

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change, though feelings do.
Feb 16

In your anger
you opened your heart.
I saw the picture
you painted of me.
What baseness!
Only recognizable point
is the fullness
of my lips that look
freshly invaded.

Some things never
change, though feelings do.

Feelings change.
Every lub-dub that
disturbs the surface
Shrieks at me - you liar!
You two-faced bitch,
Begone! Even Eros dare not
let you be loved again.

A tear or two wash down
the wounds fresh on flesh
Surfacing charred waste
of what you once cherished in me.

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bsp;      true feelings.
Stephanie Arcadia
Stephanie Arcadia
14 hours ago

He will hold you tight,
and kiss you softly.
Ask you to dance,
and say he loves you.

But in six months,
you’ll find yourself
texting, confiding your
       true feelings.

The response brings a rush of sadness,
as there is no way to live in the past.
When he says,
he misses you.

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The Kat
The Kat
3 days ago

I hate that feeling.
That feeling when you are so sad
but you have no idea why.
you are so fucking empty
but nothing particular happened.
They ask you what's wrong,
but you can't explain.
Or they don't even ask anything:
I don't know which one is worse.
It just feels like I miss someone
I never met.
Like I need someone
who doesn't need me
The loneliness hovers over me;
takes control over me
I don't even care.
I isolate myself on purpose.
sadness becomes my best and only
I start hating myself
and I want everyone to leave me the fuck alone
At the same time, I want someone to hug me
and to tell me things will be okay.
I simply hate that feeling.
That feeling when you don't know
what the fuck you're feeling

You give me **good** feelings, they're really *special feelings.*
Serenity Marine
Serenity Marine
4 days ago

May I just say.
It feels quite peaceful to be this delighted.
The way you make me feel.
It is so wonderful to be with you.
I feel more accepted for who I am,
Isn't that how someone would want to feel?
You make me feel accepted
for what's happened in my life,
the good and bad.
I'm quite thrilled to call you mine,
to call you my boyfriend.
I feel comfortable to be around you and with you,
there hasn't been a time where you have ever made me feel uncomfortable in any situation.
Can I just say,
It is ridiculous how jubilant you make me.
You always have me smiling from ear to ear.
Just looking at you, makes me
smile like crazy, it's kind of ridiculous.
I've never felt so,
satisfied in my life before.
When I'm with you I feel more,
Confident in myself, confident in us.
I feel energetic in all the stuff that we do together.
You make me feel pleased.
You make me feel so calm and relaxed around you.
I feel reliable in you and I.
I feel so interested in you and the way you do things.
You make me feel affectionate.
You make me feel so eager to the next time I see you.
I feel anxious with you.
You make me feel so hopeful in everything now.
You make me feel good about a lot of things.
You give me good feelings, they're really special feelings.
It's nice how you haven't ever made me feel,
and unhappy.
You're the best thing that has came into my life.
You managed to turn everything around,
when everything was all horrible.
My feelings for you grow each time we speak,
each time we see each other,
each time we kiss.
I think it's so cute and adorable when you kiss my cheek or my forehead.
I'd do the same to you but I don't want it to be weird if I were too.
I love everything about you,
your taste in music is amazing,
you are so sweet,
kind and caring,
I love how you will open doors and let me go first,
even though I think you deserve to go first at times,
I love how you don't mind to go see movies together
or to go out to get something to eat,
I love how you don't mind paying for things for me.
And one day, I will return the favor over to you.
I'll take you out to places,
pay for your things,
just like you have done for me,
and how you do for me.
I really like you.
I like you a lot, actually.
I hope you stay with me no matter how difficult things can get,
or how difficult things will get at times.
You make me so happy,
I hope I make you happy
like you make me.
I'd say you're quiet the gentleman for me.

Its what feelings sound like
Mar 19

Its what feelings sound like

Screaming my feelings,
Apr 10, 2013

Screaming my feelings,
Left and right.
Doing time,
Throughout the night.

Feelings are within you
Sharina Saad
Sharina Saad
May 25, 2013

Feelings are within you
In your deepest heart and soul
Feelings are felt and seen
By those who only feel for you

Feelings unheard troubles the mind
Feelings unread torches the softest heart
Feelings unvoiced torments your soul..
Feelings uninterpreted, unanswered...
Killing you.. killing you softly , suicidal love..

Feelings are words unspoken
Feelings are invisible touches
Feelings are unseen caresses..
Feelings are shared dreams unfulfilled
But feelings are continuous...
Reflections of heart, life, love and soul...

Hidden feelings ... pathetic souls
Blinded kisses... numb and cold..
Unveil... unveil...
Let the magical love be revealed....

My feelings, swirling about,
Andrew E Savage
Andrew E Savage
Sep 13, 2011

My feelings, swirling about,

Interlocking, changing, altering;

Certainty forever distant.

I contemplate, wondering what they imply.

Yet, I am left to wonder,

What my feelings are telling me.

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