Intimacy begins with the most innocent of gestur
Claire Davis
Claire Davis
7 days ago

Intimacy begins with the most innocent of gestures

A curious smile

The lips speak a sweet word, yet not explicit; the intimacy prevails.

It hides behind soft kisses

a gentle touch

sometimes in your sublime presence alone the intimacy is far too much.

Intimacy is not behind closed doors
It does not always reside between sheets
It shows itself in a knowing look
In forests, shorelines, streets.

Intimacy sends you shivers through a written word or song

But between you and I it hasn't shown itself in far too long.

5 days ago

Not even sex

Nor love

I just need a hug

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Matthew M
Matthew M
Jan 31, 2013

Ochre dawn spills, laughing, off tender flesh.
Last fading sigh, echo of passion's fire.

A love bound first, by INTIMACY
Yhama ButterFly

{in – to – me – u – see}

The way he looks at me

So lovingly

Whether dolled up or between hair do's

Whether I’m smiling or in a bad mood

He speaks my language

He sees what's inside me

A love bound first, by INTIMACY

~ButterFly εїз ©

Intimacy is only a word
Jan 7, 2013

Two bodies held by the gentle hands of passion
Legs entwined in a dance of sin
Fingers roaming unexplored places
breath warming soft skin
Dusk's kiss of nostalgic light bleeds softly into the room
The evening is so still, but in this place bodies move
Love spilled all over and held inside, tightly
Intimacy is only a word

Jan 19

I want to fuck men all my life
I want to fuck men without a wife
I want to fuck men with broken hearts
Just to pretend
That I'm the one they loved

Intimacy terrifies me, down to the very core.
Nolan Davis
Nolan Davis
Mar 8      Mar 10

Your name gave me hope, because it was something new.
But sadly I already can see what you're going to do.
You promise that you're different, but I could argue back.
That you stabbed me in the heart, and watched it rot to black.

You're just like all the others, so why should I even care?
Changing your appearance like the color of your hair.
I'm the loser at the bar with his eyes glued to the phone.
In a crowd full of people, I still remain alone.

Uninspired and undesired, I wallow in my fate.
Watching the rest of the world from just behind the gate.
I'm afraid of rejection, but afraid of acceptance more.
Intimacy terrifies me, down to the very core.

Shiloh Harmitt
Shiloh Harmitt
Nov 8, 2011

Pigments of light
draw me to the surface as air
rippled against my skin beckons a
new day.

Between us our contorted bodies gather heat as distant drums


a primal language long forgotten.

As polarised opposites, we are held
by barometric pressures

with only gravity to our name.

Soon we loosen

& like tectonic plates we slowly drift

heedless of the aftermath above ground.

Shiloh Harmitt

this is intimacy.

Your arms around my waist,
eskimo kisses.
Our lips touch,
you grab my ass.
I run my fingers through your hair,
we're heavy breathing.
You lean against me,
we hug tightly.
You pick me up,
my legs wrapped around you.
Soft lips touch my neck,
chills roll down my spine.
Your scent is breathtaking,
you lick my face.
This isn't sex,
this is intimacy.

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