May 24

For W

Take this:

the only time I ever felt
intimate with you was that

one time you cooked me dinner
after we had done the dirty deed

and were watching a movie or
a documentary on your flatscreen TV

to be honest I don’t remember which
but your shallow breath was a slowing

hum against the nape of my neck
and all I felt in that moment was

your gradual loosening hold on
the curved silver of my waist  

as you fell gently asleep, leaving me
to wonder if I could ever get used

to this.

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Teala Mangano
Teala Mangano
Aug 28      Aug 29

I'm never more in love with you
than I am in those moments
that you're at your most vulnerable

My hand over your heart
I can feel its rhythmic beating
Here in the pale glow of a winter's night
Here in this moment fleeting

I pull you closer into
An affectionate embrace
Ever softly, ever sweetly
I caress your face

Here in the night in the edge of slumber
Almost subconsciously our hands roam over each other's skin
We wish for this to never end
Desiring for something more to begin

Keeping one another warm
In the cold midnight dusk
Wrapped in the overlapping shadows
Of youthful love and livid lust

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i used to believe that intimacy was

i used to believe that intimacy was
i used to think that the joining of bodies together was
i used to think that lips should belong nowhere other than on someone

but now that i have grown into someone
i have come to realize that
making love is
because you stand there,
in a dimly-lit room,
bearing nothing
besides your own
vulnerability to the person that makes your heart swell.

and i have not experienced that, yet.
but i know that when i do,
it will be with someone that shares a love with me so
passionately and
wild and
because i do not believe that your innocence is something you should
throw away.
you should hold onto it,
until it blissfully falls from your grasp.

there are so many ordinary things in life.
and so i believe that if you are lucky enough to find a love that makes
others wish
they had the same thing,

you should never let it go.


2:25 p.m.
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Intimacy begins with the most innocent of gestur
Claire Davis

Intimacy begins with the most innocent of gestures

A curious smile

The lips speak a sweet word, yet not explicit; the intimacy prevails.

It hides behind soft kisses

a gentle touch

sometimes in your sublime presence alone the intimacy is far too much.

Intimacy is not behind closed doors
It does not always reside between sheets
It shows itself in a knowing look
In forests, shorelines, streets.

Intimacy sends you shivers through a written word or song

But between you and I it hasn't shown itself in far too long.

Your teeth graze my bottom lip to come to nip
the corner of my smile where you linger awhile
your breath, hot blooded sin, prickles on my skin
till every puckering pore has me begging for more
and your eyes lock with mine as our bodies intertwine.
Help me remember to forget.

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EP Mason
EP Mason
Jul 15

makes me feel sick

knotting your hand in mine
adds more tangles to my self-loathing
and we speak only in tongues
we vomit the language of love

it's a pathetic thing
stripped bare are our bodies
beyond our control
it gets hot under these covers
though your eyes, and mine, remain cold

makes me feel sick
I'll repeat that still
let it smother my heartbeat
until I believe it

© Erin Mason 2014
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Apr 17

Not even sex

Nor love

I just need a hug

#love   #sex   #hug   #simple   #intimacy  

We become connected to another by silence ~ not by talking.

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intimacy by
melina padron

we no longer achieve
intimacy by
peeling off our
skin like the band aid
that will sting as it is torn away.

intimacy is the art
of feeling like a monument torn apart,
hoping no one will tear you down
to create a better

i have become depressed-
repressing all the love i have to give
if only i could shed my shadows
and remember we are only flesh.

i don’t remember
how to be intimate.

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