Teala Mangano
Teala Mangano
Aug 28, 2014      Aug 29, 2014

I'm never more in love with you
than I am in those moments
that you're at your most vulnerable

May 24, 2014

For W

Take this:

the only time I ever felt
intimate with you was that

one time you cooked me dinner
after we had done the dirty deed

and were watching a movie or
a documentary on your flatscreen TV

to be honest I don’t remember which
but your shallow breath was a slowing

hum against the nape of my neck
and all I felt in that moment was

your gradual loosening hold on
the curved silver of my waist  

as you fell gently asleep, leaving me
to wonder if I could ever get used

to this.

#sex   #intimacy  
Zachary E Tenney
Zachary E Tenney
Nov 7, 2014

My hand over your heart
I can feel its rhythmic beating
Here in the pale glow of a winter's night
Here in this moment fleeting

I pull you closer into
An affectionate embrace
Ever softly, ever sweetly
I caress your face

Here in the night in the edge of slumber
Almost subconsciously our hands roam over each other's skin
We wish for this to never end
Desiring for something more to begin

Keeping one another warm
In the cold midnight dusk
Wrapped in the overlapping shadows
Of youthful love and livid lust

#love   #intimacy   #ecstasy  
ll in love with the ones who only crave intimacy.
Alexis June
Alexis June
Dec 15, 2014      Dec 15, 2014

don't fall in love with the ones who only crave intimacy.
the ones who are there because
they're driven by sweet words and an even sweeter kiss.
and that drive
gets higher,
it gets faster,
as more touch gets involved.
but they only crave intimacy,
while you crave something much more.
don't fall in love with the ones who will touch you
and make you feel like
you're floating,
because soon enough they'll push you to the ground,
leaving you to question everything with nothing but
the bruises and scars on your body
left over from
their touch,
their kisses,
their words.
don't fall in love with the ones who only crave intimacy.
they won't want you how you want them.
trust me,
because I crave intimacy.

i used to believe that intimacy was
Ashlee Malone
Sep 9, 2014

i used to believe that intimacy was
i used to think that the joining of bodies together was
i used to think that lips should belong nowhere other than on someone

but now that i have grown into someone
i have come to realize that
making love is
because you stand there,
in a dimly-lit room,
bearing nothing
besides your own
vulnerability to the person that makes your heart swell.

and i have not experienced that, yet.
but i know that when i do,
it will be with someone that shares a love with me so
passionately and
wild and
because i do not believe that your innocence is something you should
throw away.
you should hold onto it,
until it blissfully falls from your grasp.

there are so many ordinary things in life.
and so i believe that if you are lucky enough to find a love that makes
others wish
they had the same thing,

you should never let it go.


2:25 p.m.
#love   #girl   #intimacy  

I know you so well, sometimes I think
that even though it's you who has belonged to your body
for twenty eight years and eleven months, it is me
who knows every secret behind every scar, smile
and all of your skin.

#love   #you   #skin   #intimacy   #scar  
Intimacy begins with the most innocent of gestur
Claire Davis
Claire Davis
Apr 16, 2014

Intimacy begins with the most innocent of gestures

A curious smile

The lips speak a sweet word, yet not explicit; the intimacy prevails.

It hides behind soft kisses

a gentle touch

sometimes in your sublime presence alone the intimacy is far too much.

Intimacy is not behind closed doors
It does not always reside between sheets
It shows itself in a knowing look
In forests, shorelines, streets.

Intimacy sends you shivers through a written word or song

But between you and I it hasn't shown itself in far too long.

Corey Sittinger
Corey Sittinger
Dec 22, 2014

I want you to brave, and hopefully save my personality
Personally, if you personalized your time with me
My persona would be cured to endure my insecurities

I want our shadows to share the kisses and blisses we share, so we can experience them from the outside
Our side is constricted, afflicted, depicted in a way that I've become far too used to

Show me that we can be infinite the instant we are intimate

#love   #poem   #poetry   #words   #lust   #intimacy   #intimate  
Ellen Joyce
Ellen Joyce
Mar 27, 2014

Your teeth graze my bottom lip to come to nip
the corner of my smile where you linger awhile
your breath, hot blooded sin, prickles on my skin
till every puckering pore has me begging for more
and your eyes lock with mine as our bodies intertwine.
Help me remember to forget.

#desire   #need   #passion   #sex   #longing   #intimacy   #wanting  
Mar 19

I'm trapped by the hands that have trailed over my body,
each palm leaving their own print of pleasure.
Ride me
Take it while I choke you
Bend over for me
These words have been stained into my blood
and they swim through me like a drug.
The fingers that have wrapped around my neck
hover with me
making it difficult to speak
to say
I love you


It's a topic that never seems to dull
We tell each other our stories
and applause one another in our acts
this one time I fucked a man on a water tower
and I told everyone how hot it was
the adrenaline rush of having sex hundreds of feet in the air
but the truth is I hated it
I hated every second of it
I wanted to say no
I wanted to sit there and dangle our feet over the edge
I wanted to tell him that I see him
and that when he looks at me I feel at home
but I didn't
I didn't because I thought that if I let him have me
maybe he could stand to be with me a little longer


A joke to try and fool myself into believing I'm not a PG rated movie
I'm a rated-R-

And that is true
but I am the PG rated movie too
and all I want to do is take my time with you
I want to meet your family
and bake cookies with your grandmother
I want to hold your hand under the dinner table
and nuzzle into your neck like a child
I want to walk with you at midnight
and stroll through empty streets
and one day
i'll make love to you
we'll move like the ocean
and my hands will drift over your chest
like the soft tide rising up on the shore.

But that's not


And sex is what I have
The intoxicating pleasure
numbing my soft heart

#love   #poetry   #sex   #intimacy   #slam  
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