EP Mason
EP Mason
Jul 15, 2014

makes me feel sick

knotting your hand in mine
adds more tangles to my self-loathing
and we speak only in tongues
we vomit the language of love

it's a pathetic thing
stripped bare are our bodies
beyond our control
it gets hot under these covers
though your eyes, and mine, remain cold

makes me feel sick
I'll repeat that still
let it smother my heartbeat
until I believe it

© Erin Mason 2014
#love   #lies   #intimacy  
Apr 17, 2014

Not even sex

Nor love

I just need a hug

#love   #sex   #hug   #simple   #intimacy  
Riley Lavender
Riley Lavender
Aug 28, 2014

I'm never more in love with you
than I am in those moments
that you're at your most vulnerable

Intimacy begins with the most innocent of gestur
Claire Davis
Claire Davis
Apr 16, 2014

Intimacy begins with the most innocent of gestures

A curious smile

The lips speak a sweet word, yet not explicit; the intimacy prevails.

It hides behind soft kisses

a gentle touch

sometimes in your sublime presence alone the intimacy is far too much.

Intimacy is not behind closed doors
It does not always reside between sheets
It shows itself in a knowing look
In forests, shorelines, streets.

Intimacy sends you shivers through a written word or song

But between you and I it hasn't shown itself in far too long.

Maria Imran
Maria Imran
Jan 19, 2015

I know you so well, sometimes I think
that even though it's you who has belonged to your body
for twenty eight years and eleven months, it is me
who knows every secret behind every scar, smile
and all of your skin.

#love   #you   #skin   #intimacy   #scar  
intimacy by
melina padron
melina padron
Nov 17, 2014

we no longer achieve
intimacy by
peeling off our
skin like the band aid
that will sting as it is torn away.

intimacy is the art
of feeling like a monument torn apart,
hoping no one will tear you down
to create a better

i have become depressed-
repressing all the love i have to give
if only i could shed my shadows
and remember we are only flesh.

i don’t remember
how to be intimate.

I will be happy with her.

Loving her day & night,
On the bed or in the lounge,
Venice like environment,
Electrifying my nerves.

Your memories do not let me live,
Over the cliff we will fall freely,
Usurper of our smile will stay away.

My HP Poem #1441
©Atul Kaushal
Ellen Joyce
Ellen Joyce
Mar 27, 2014

Your teeth graze my bottom lip to come to nip
the corner of my smile where you linger awhile
your breath, hot blooded sin, prickles on my skin
till every puckering pore has me begging for more
and your eyes lock with mine as our bodies intertwine.
Help me remember to forget.

#desire   #need   #passion   #sex   #longing   #intimacy   #wanting  
ll in love with the ones who only crave intimacy.
Dec 15, 2014

don't fall in love with the ones who only crave intimacy.
the ones who are there because
they're driven by sweet words and an even sweeter kiss.
and that drive
gets higher,
it gets faster,
as more touch gets involved.
but they only crave intimacy,
while you crave something much more.
don't fall in love with the ones who will touch you
and make you feel like
you're floating,
because soon enough they'll push you to the ground,
leaving you to question everything with nothing but
the bruises and scars on your body
left over from
their touch,
their kisses,
their words.
don't fall in love with the ones who only crave intimacy.
they won't want you how you want them.
trust me,
because I crave intimacy.

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