would only last an instant.
Avery Bellafiore
Avery Bellafiore
Mar 24, 2014

I’ve been caressed and loved, Many a time before. But this.
This is my ecstasy.
This moment.
This memory now.

I could not have crafted any more beautiful moment.
There were so many different paths I could have traveled
in order to arrive at this most wonderful paradise,
but I look behind me and smile at the road I have taken.
For this exact path,
is what brought me to the wonderful perfection
that has come into reality.
There were so many different events that may have come into being from my own mind and heart,
but what has come to me is more beautiful than a full moment.
Its briefness is what makes it so dazzling.
That fleeting moment of extraordinary and wonderful.
It was the glimpse of flawlessness that my heart needed to fall.
It was subtle and soft, such as a wilting blossom just touched by the morning dew,
still tender and fragile,
but still a beauty in its own form.
There was perfection.
There was paradise.
It was that moment,
and that moment is ours.
On a constant repeat in my mind,
never wanting this feeling of wonder to ever fade.
Although the moment was brief,
I was awake and aware.
Ready to cling on the the perfection
that I knew
would only last an instant.
I wonder if it was perhaps,
as lovely as I have imagined it to be.
But perhaps it’s better to perceive the amazement where there doesn’t call for any,
than to have never felt it at all.
This exquisiteness is a gift,
either from the God of Love
or the God of Fools,
or even perhaps, the God of Hope.
Whichever you pick,
I keep it locked away in my heart.
Safe from the torment of the conscious mind and the world of doubt.
It remains there,
as a light shining for me to feel,
and perhaps,
for all to see.
That moment.
That will be mine, forever.

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An instant is all it takes
I'm Not Worth Your Time

An instant is all it takes
To live, kill, or to die
A hard choice is best left to make
In the fluttering blink of an eye

The wind whispers in sudden changes
Silent would it quickly fall
If a new direction was never made then
Silence would be overwhelming all

A single instant can last forever
Lasting effects on our futures
Dust in the wind as we remember
Yet important was our father figures
Underestimate a decision never
Or good nor evil a future for either

A choice you will make this day
And when you do I simply pray
The decision that you make today
Will carve the future a better way

That one instant
Oct 27, 2014

That one instant
When I made you blush with my words
When I got you nervous with my look
That one sweet hug in the street
That one tender peck in my cheek

That should be enough to fill all my longing
Enough to fill many lifetimes with joy
But my greedy heart is never satisfied
Can never have enough of you
And wants to extend those instants for ever
So those memories and delusions of what could have been haunt me
And afflict this hungry heart
Because all it wants is you

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Have you ever fallen in love for an instant?
Sep 17, 2013

Have you ever fallen in love for an instant?
For just a moment,
all you want is that person.
For an instant,
everything is frozen.
Then all in the same moment
it all changes back
and life hits you hard
and that person never crosses your mind again
but in the back of your mind
you will always remember that love you had
just for that short second.

and in that instant
Daniel N
Daniel N
Jul 4, 2014

and in that instant
lightning struck
the clouds cleared
and all that was there
was the deep sea of your eyes
and the richness of your voice
silently pushing us together
with nothing but sweet harmony
holding us in place
the flames burned around
soaking us in its radiance
then all of a sudden

i felt the rain once again

I want you to take it back this instant
Kamirin Gray

I summoned us alone
Until you decided
I was wasting your time
Then you were out of line
I want you to take it back this instant
The shadows will arise
I'm saying this to you now
Now am I wasting your time?
You want to shine upon everyone
Am I enough for your enlightenment
Instant access to keep flight
High volume of traffic In our relationship
Stopping to hold us down
But your other lover did this
I summoned you away
Until you've decided who you want
I was wasting your time
Then you were out of line

In that instant, I saw
Nov 17, 2013

In that instant, I saw
You walking out my door
One mistake does it all
I didn't think it mattered
But your words shows that you're shattered

That day when i saw you
Your back towards me
I wished we talked things through
But then, I was mad myself
What was i suppose to do?

If i could tell you right now
How i miss your company
Those stupid jokes we used to do
Of cinemas and food
it was all about me & you
I know you won't read this
-but i'm still gonna give it a try
In hopes that you realize

I'm sorry that I lied

because you don't just wake up one morning and decide to ignore someone for the rest of your life
The first instant we met
Nestor David Armas
Nestor David Armas
Mar 13, 2013

Telephoto or prime
Bokeh or crisp and clear
I can't find the right lens
To capture your beauty,
Sunlight or flash
Moonlight or twilight
I can't find the right illumination
To capture your soul,
Film or digital
Polaroid or canvas
I can't find the way
To present you
To the world
Perfection in my eyes
From within
To your exterior,
Pen to paper
Chisel to stone
I can't find the way
To say permanently
All that you mean to me,
From that second of splendor
The first instant we met
To the ever present current
Sweeping us apart and together
Distant and close
But I'm holding out
For the days we'll journey
Rhythmic steps side by side
In the sand again...
APAD13 - 069 © okpoet

Jan 5

You completely capture me with everything you said
Instantly believing you, Instantly unprepared.
As i take gulps of your innocence
and inhale your every word
Instantly in love with you, Instantly absurd

And how much will you take from me?
Instantly too much.
How can i provide for you when my love is not enough?
I stare into your deceitful eyes, those of an angel i thought
Until you push me to the side and they instantly contort.

Your shining eyes of the colour blue turn a vicious red.
As i think back to the hints you dropped, the things i left unsaid
Now looking at you in a brand new light through new eyes you have never met
instantly hurting from the thing known as regret.

For those eyes, i thought only mine as i was bound to you.
I guess i was delusional, I guess that she was too.

               - ALH

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