Apples can come in all shapes and sizes,
Haakon B Wiken
Haakon B Wiken
5 days ago      5 days ago

Apples can come in all shapes and sizes,
Two apples they are not the same,
See one and it's in your hand before it realizes,
Choosing the right one is part of the game,

They can look so sweet from where you sit,
But once you bite into that rotten part,
It changes your whole perception of it,
And can send and arrow through your heart,

To me I'm an apple not wholly bad,
To you the shiniest and most delectable you'd seen,
Sadly more bitter than you what thought you had,
But with time to ripen fit for my queen.

For apples to be we are both bruised,
We have been hurt and reduced,
Some visible, and some I denied the clues,
Yet together us perfectly flawed apples have fused,

Like a pair that only comes in a dual pack,
Still we cannot unfeel what we have felt,
Nor take back the damage i have dealt.
I vow to bring us back on track.

Let me be your sun,
Your source of growth,
Your only one,
So hear my oath.

I will be your love, your inspiration,
Like the apple of your first impression,
We will roll down hills and across nations,
For this is the long run and not a single session.

I see now that we could endure any weather
From stormy oceans to scorching heat
And one day i hope our seeds grow a tree together
That no other apple could possibly beat.

A something something that flowed through me one late night
apples have nothing to do with it.
ᏰέƦẙḽ Dṏሁ

No insurance coverage day keeps the doctor away ~
apples have nothing to do with it.

Elle Kris
Elle Kris
Jul 20, 2011

Too young for unforgiving teeth,
Green and bitter.
But you thought I was ready
for your love.

Ten red apples grow on a tree .
Feb 19

Ten red apples grow on a tree .
5 for you and 5 for me....

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you always hated apples
Neha Agarwal
Neha Agarwal
Nov 12, 2013

it is cheap
no it is not
just because you'll sell it at the first price they ask
you should ask the price
and let it not be cheap
but you are a fool and through winters, still green

if an apple is what you want
an apple is what you get
but what is the rush, fool
no good is an apple rotting in the trash
but since you want an apple
you eat it anyway and where you picked it up
you leave a crumpled signed check

it is just an apple
you always hated apples
you always wanted to hate apples
so you started hating apples
but everyone is eating apples
and suddenly, it just doesn't seem fair
why do you have to hate apples
you loved apples once upon a time
since when did eating an apple in your book
become a crime
so you munch on still as the putrid flesh disintegrates in your mouth
an apple was what you wanted and an apple is what you found

no but could it be that the story of the dragonslayer has become rather mundane?
the silent guardian inspired you to give up apples, the abstinence fed vanity
and pride you had and pride you became
you told everyone you hated apples
apples were a waste of space
though you loved apples once
nah, that was a different age
you are more miserable than the silent guardian
because unlike him you had not known how apples taste

you spit out the sin from your mouth
and move along the way
let the apples eat the world
while you are swallowed by the darkness that once called out to you from sad alleyways.

a craving for apples
Brianna D
Jul 28, 2013

So long have I had
a craving for apples
But wherever I look
all the apples have dents
or nicks
or bruises
that flaw their once-perfect skin
They're all the same
But one day
one apple in particular
caught my eye
It had perfect skin
No dents
No nicks
No bruises
No flaws
It was the prettiest,
most shiniest apple you've ever seen
"Eat me", it said
And as hunger got the best of me
and I took a bite
I realized that it was a rotten apple
On the inside

Ashley Willson
Ashley Willson
Dec 23, 2012      Dec 24, 2012

Were they supple and
Were they sweet
Fragrance crushed
Beneath our feet.

Orchard wild and
Orchard fair
The applewood
As light as air.

Was it nice and
Was it kind
To hold that orchard
In my mind.

Mem'ry sure and
Mem'ry true
Soft fruit and bough
Bears thought of you.

if you find a worm in your apple, you'll throw it away.
but there are still good parts.
the worm's only in one place.
some people are just too afraid to try the apple again.

we all have worms,
and the question is,
are you too afraid that you'll find mine?

inspired by: "so you have this apple, and its the juiciest and tastiest apple ever. but a worm crawls in it. most people just throw the apple away. but it's still good everywhere else. some people just can't see past the worm."
But I don’t even like apples
Apr 29, 2013

We are cut from the same apple
But I don’t even like apples
And you prefer pears

Regardless of fruit,
I believe that we go well together
You’re the apple of my eye

I see myself in you
When you’re fumbling your words,
Or tripping over air
Honestly though, I don’t care
I’ve embraced the flaws of the human race

I remember how nervous you were,
And how nervous I always am
That night we dove into each others arms
We didn’t look back as we woke up in the ocean

You moved the hair from my eyes
And I saw clearly
Perhaps, blurrier than before
What I knew all along
Didn’t matter anymore

Inspired from a good friend of mine who told me that me and a crush are "cut from the same apple", that we are very similar, and that it was a good thing. I hadn't heard it phrased like this, and I thought it was interesting. I decided to write about it.
Ashley Somebody


-my brother

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