Everyone asks why I don't believe,
4 days ago

Everyone asks why I don't believe,
I have yet to be asked why I DO believe.

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you didnt believe me.
forlorn misery

you said you trust me
but then again
you didnt believe me.

okay fine.
its fine.

i love you.

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*I believe that...*
Mar 24

I believe that...
                          .....anything is possible

Whatever you believe,
Nicolette Avery Pizzigoni
Nicolette Avery Pizzigoni
Mar 24      Mar 24

Tis but a moment that we live, but an eternity that we feel.

Each tomorrow’s tomorrow will be a yesterday and

I hope for you that all the clouds of tomorrows and yesterdays turn to one thing.

And that is Love.

That love that you love as more than love.

The love that all boils down as the gift we’ve been given by no one knows what.

Some say God.
Some say Serendipity.
Some say Something Else.

Whatever you believe,

After all your tomorrows pass and you have only yesterdays to hold

It is the love you breed, here and now, that carries you into eternity.

Grab your share now, for one day, it may not be sitting there waiting for you to feel.

Love fully now.
And be loved fully forever.

For even if it is just us, the stars must be tired of destruction.

Cast love across the sky that even the sun feels dim against.

Create a love story that the moon bows to and the stars pay homage to.

Even if you believe that this is it.

Why would you not take what you can get?

If this is true, then it will be the all and only love you get.

And as for you believers, breed the love you will feel into your forever.

Create an echo of your eternal cry of “I LOVE YOU”

“You” being all.
“You” being the ones closest to your heart.

Let your heartbeats matter.
Let them create a soundtrack that will carry on, even after you’ve gone.

Believe in More or Not.

It doesn’t matter.

The only thing that you need to believe in

Is Love.

Cliché it may be.

But it is Love.

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Apr 1      Apr 2

Today's the day, A new day
The day we could change everything
Everything is going to be brighter..
One day
If we only try

1 day ago      9 hours ago

Our world it bleeds
Anonymous faces are screaming
Cynicism grows like a tumor on our hearts
Our lives are constructed around our fears
We can't let our twisted Earth rule us
We can return the light to this world
Believe in yourself
Believe in others
And be free
Together we can take back our freedom
We need not be afraid

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Believe in them
Feb 16

How can I
Believe in them
When I don't even
Believe in myself

Nicholas Alexander
Nicholas Alexander
Feb 27, 2012

true or

doesn't matter

you choose

I believe in you!
Estrella Luciano

"I am Jesus, I know everything"
And know you do,
I believe in you!

Believe in yourself,
Monica Segeren
Monica Segeren
Apr 22, 2013

Believe in yourself,
Believe in the music that echoes through your ears
Believe in the one you pray to
Believe in everything and everyone around you...
Include yourself.

You have a purpose,
You have a meaning,
You're here for a reason...
All you need to do is believe.

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