I believe in non believers,
Hakeem Jenkins
Sep 27, 2014

I believe in non believers,
I believe that they believe that science is magic and therefore,
I believe in magic,

I don't believe in God
Tark Wain
Sep 23, 2014      Sep 24, 2014

I don't believe in God
But I believe in faith

I don't believe in miracles
But I believe in hard work

I don't believe prayer works
But I believe prayer heals

I don't believe we need to give
But I believe we should

I do not believe in many things
But I believe in much more

Everyone asks why I don't believe,
Apr 20, 2014

Everyone asks why I don't believe,
I have yet to be asked why I DO believe.

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Believe in Wings
Aug 19, 2014

You wouldn’t have heard it anyway
All the words I tried to say
Came instead like stocking knees
Protected from the slightest breeze
You would let me know
You said
Perhaps even words get bruised in your bed
The lie, the love, the flattened mind
I once believed in kind

Kneeling on the stocking knee
Was just another way you deafened me

so I told her she must believe
Morgan K
Morgan K
Dec 30, 2014

My friend told me one night that she could not stay in this world anymore
that life was too hard
she sobbed and cried out I just can't take it anymore
so I told her she must believe
maybe believe in a god or in an afterlife
she responded by telling me she did not believe in those things
then, I declared, don't believe in a god or in an afterlife
believe in the stars shining every night
believe in the love your sister shows you through her laughter
believe in the fact your dog always wags it's tail when he sees you
believe in the weather always changing
believe in the technology always developing
believe in yourself the way I believe in you
my friend is still here today and I hope she still believes in all the wondrous things we see each and every day

Nov 29, 2014      Nov 29, 2014

we had been into the ups and down,
things made us smile and frown
had lost in touch of each other's hand
let our feelings swept in the sand
but still we're trying
to true love, we're still believing

#love   #strong   #believe   #holdingon  
Aspire to what you believe in
Luna Elora
Luna Elora
Dec 3, 2014

Aspire to what you believe in
Not what others say you can do.

#dreams   #believe   #aspire  
you didnt believe me.
Apr 14, 2014

you said you trust me
but then again
you didnt believe me.

okay fine.
its fine.

i love you.

#love   #trust   #hurt   #no   #believe   #misery   #betrayed  
Rod E Kok
Rod E Kok
May 27, 2014

You’ve said all along
my unfounded fear
in my own ability
was exactly that.


Not true.

I’ve tried to be
to do
to want
to desire.
But yet…

I fail.
I fall.


Your love props me up
changes my
self deprecation,
loathing and delusions
of inadequacy.

A smile from you,
a hug
a gentle touch…
kind words of support

the falling stops
ever so briefly
and once again
I start

I wrote this one quite a while ago, and it got lost in the myriad of unpublished completed works. It's not a happy piece. I am guessing I was not in a good place when I wrote it.
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