Everyone asks why I don't believe,
Apr 20

Everyone asks why I don't believe,
I have yet to be asked why I DO believe.

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You wouldn’t have heard it anyway
All the words I tried to say
Came instead like stocking knees
Protected from the slightest breeze
You would let me know
You said
Perhaps even words get bruised in your bed
The lie, the love, the flattened mind
I once believed in kind

Kneeling on the stocking knee
Was just another way you deafened me

you didnt believe me.
b r o k e n

you said you trust me
but then again
you didnt believe me.

okay fine.
its fine.

i love you.

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Rod E Kok
Rod E Kok
May 27

You’ve said all along
my unfounded fear
in my own ability
was exactly that.


Not true.

I’ve tried to be
to do
to want
to desire.
But yet…

I fail.
I fall.


Your love props me up
changes my
self deprecation,
loathing and delusions
of inadequacy.

A smile from you,
a hug
a gentle touch…
kind words of support

the falling stops
ever so briefly
and once again
I start

I wrote this one quite a while ago, and it got lost in the myriad of unpublished completed works. It's not a happy piece. I am guessing I was not in a good place when I wrote it.
Open your eyes and believe,
Jun 21

Lay down and dream,
Open your eyes and make your dreams a reality,
Take that step forward,
And keep on going.

Lay down and dream,
Open your eyes and believe,
Believe in the future and what is to come.

Believe in dreams.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in your future.

Lay down and dream.
Wake up and smile.
Knowing you are taking that first step.
Knowing you will get there, where ever there is.
Smile knowing you believe.

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*I need something to believe in.
Madalyn Beck

I need something to believe in.

I want to believe in you.

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This is what I believe
Aug 11

This is what's meant by faith
This is what I believe
I do not need the pictures
because my heart will never leave
It hurts to look away
The kingdom of my love
My siblings here give off the smell
of rain that falls from above

Another poem about cacti :)
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You made me believe there were nice guys,
Aug 4      Aug 5

You made me believe there were nice guys,
But maybe the nice ones are just better at lying,
You made me believe I was worth the wait,
But it turns out you were too impatient,
You made me believe I was beautiful for once,
But I guess I will never have that confidence,
You made me believe that I could be happy,
But maybe I just don't deserve to be,

Maybe I will never believe.
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I *believe* in the kindness of strangers,
Noel Echeverria
Noel Echeverria
5 hours ago

I believe in the kindness of strangers,
I believe the world to be a kind place,
I believe happiness to be the most vital essence of humans,
I believe love to be never ending,
I believe you to be my closest friend,
I believe only the dead are free,
I believe those summer nights spent together were some of the best I could ever ask for,
I believe every promise broken was for the better,
I believe nothing is poetic for everything is poetic,
I believe there is somebody for everybody,
I believe love is not always enough,
I believe creativity is as you age, dead,
I believe we're not alone on this black canvas,
I believe music describes that where words fail,
I believe in the person I want to become,
I believe in laws and limitations,
I believe every Friday night to be one of my loneliest days,
I believe in spending quality time with friends,
I believe you love me,
I believe finally you and me are the lucky ones,
I believed.

I believed in you and I.

I used to believe in a lot of things. All of which do not fit on here.
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