Apr 1

Drop your preconceptions of me at the door
Now look
Who do you see?
Not the person that was there before
I just always wanted a chance
To prove that I was something different
Than who you thought I was
But I only need to prove it to myself
I see that now

I am me

And you are you

I don't need anyone's acceptance but my own
Because, after all, above anyone else
We need to be able to live with ourselves

This was never started to make anyone believe something about myself that wasn't true. I did it for myself.
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Feb 22

Today is a good day to
be alive

free spirited day
Samuel Dickinson
Samuel Dickinson
Jul 8, 2011

My life
My words
My thoughts
My shadows

are not yours.

Who is here to hear?

The wind.

Time to start packing

Oct 31, 2013      Nov 1, 2013

     Friday's not a day.

                           Its a feeling.

Kiah Tomatz
Kiah Tomatz
Sep 13, 2013

The slower we go
The longer this will last.

And so it becomes
that I am simply
what I would be
and just making a
on a piece of note

I’ve just had an epiphany
Susan O'Reilly
May 28, 2013      May 29, 2013

I’ve just had an epiphany

it’s okay to be me

I’m full of insecurity

I can no longer hold my pee

some days my glass is empty

I can’t make coffee


I make my friends laugh with glee

I have the love of my hubby

my son says he’s proud of me


tomorrow I’m going to be

the best me I can be

Is like a fart.
If you have to force it,
It's probably

Gracie Kenny
Gracie Kenny
Mar 1, 2012

Three miles from home,
just a tiny, fragile girl consumed by
sunflowers, chain-linked fence
a cold wind and a
blood-red sky

I'll turn my back as the
sun sets, not so sure
I'm waiting for anyone

A friend of mine rolled me a cigarette.
As I burned through it I contemplated my habit
The ember that birthed dark clouds in my lungs fell away,
Leaving me without fire or smoke.
I heard the ember speak,
As it faded on the tarmac below my hands,
I heard it whisper,
"I am not an enabler."

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