After Epiphany 1

After Epiphany 1

Epiphany is the door into winter
Into those bleak, grey days, into the cold
When time itself is huddled in the dark
Asleep, suspended in the drifting mist

In clouds of icy mist among the trees
Above the somnolent, shivering earth
The brief, pale sun in silence disappears
The moon in silence rises high to watch  

Over a world asleep until far spring
Epiphany is the door into winter

Alyanne Cooper
Alyanne Cooper
Jun 26, 2014

"I would give anything
To see you smile again."
Said my reflection in the mirror.

So would i,
my friend,
So would i.

Jun 15, 2016

"Truth hurts, so we all take painkillers called Lies."

#lies   #truth   #pain   #sudden   #epiphany   #painkillers  
Axl Rose
Axl Rose
May 16, 2015

I have come to the point where the line stops drawing itself further
It has come to where I am in need to decide for myself
But my point doesn't mean an ending
When I've created a line that also starts with one

the epiphany.
Hao Nguyen
Hao Nguyen
Apr 7, 2016

The beauty of poetry
expands far beyond
the immersive imagery,
tongue-painted metaphors,
and whimsical similes
used to portray the artists'
vivid hallucinations.
No amount of consistent,
thorough editing,
no amount of precision
in thesaurus culminations,
nor the long-learned,
dextrous techniques,
fined-tuned throughout
fortitudinous refinements
undermine the essence:
the exact moment in time
where a poem is
experienced, engaged,
and ultimately conceived---
the epiphany.

After Epiphany 2

After Epiphany 2

The stripping of the tree is almost Lenten
The ornaments gone, only “bare ruined choirs”
Remain, no comfort of carols or hymns
As it is dragged outside into the cold

It almost seems to shiver in the winter sun
Reduced to poverty and then to scraps
Which in the months to come enkindle then
An evening fire after the cows are milked

But not celebrated with festive lights
The stripping of the tree is almost Lenten

After Epiphany 3

After Epiphany 3

There will not be a gay bonfire tonight
The outside animals were early fed
And early sheltered in their straw-strewn barn
To chew and low and snuffle through the hours

Then folks withdrew from duties and the dark
Into the house to hang their coats and find
A chair next to the stove; they sigh the time
And mourn the emptiness where was the tree

And linger drowsily over a Christmas book
There will be not be a gay bonfire tonight

Marlon James
Marlon James
Apr 29, 2014

I wish i had one.
I wish passing by someone or something
I'd see things more clear

No hate, no concernes, no envy, no fear.
Just a light ride

I'm stuck in the silence of my own body
My mind is running wild
I'm like a tornado inside a a house made of glass

MArlon James, Porto, Portugal                                                    29-04-2014
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