I had an epiphany
Chalsey Wilder

I had an epiphany
It was so strange
I was looking at everything in a different way
Nothing was wrong with me!
I suddenly realized
There's something wrong with everyone else, not I!
I still may not be beautiful or perfect or anything
But I do know that there isn't a damned thing wrong with me
I figured it out, and nearly gone insane
But it numbed me instead of exploding my sanity
I felt everything and nothing
My mind was moving and wondering the same things
The answers unknown
The questions never asked
Nothing made sense, because people's brains are dead
They would say I'm insane for everything in my head

I had an epiphany.  It was pretty great. And now I'm throwing those anti depressants away

"I would give anything
To see you smile again."
Said my reflection in the mirror.

So would i,
my friend,
So would i.

Apr 1

Drop your preconceptions of me at the door
Now look
Who do you see?
Not the person that was there before
I just always wanted a chance
To prove that I was something different
Than who you thought I was
But I only need to prove it to myself
I see that now

I am me

And you are you

I don't need anyone's acceptance but my own
Because, after all, above anyone else
We need to be able to live with ourselves

This was never started to make anyone believe something about myself that wasn't true. I did it for myself.
#life   #epiphany  

I wish i had one.
I wish passing by someone or something
I'd see things more clear

No hate, no concernes, no envy, no fear.
Just a light ride

I'm stuck in the silence of my own body
My mind is running wild
I'm like a tornado inside a a house made of glass

MArlon James, Porto, Portugal                                                    29-04-2014
Ivy Leigh
Ivy Leigh
Oct 13

Leave it to a day away to make you rethink things.
Where are you going?
Why are you going?
How are you going?
What are you taking with you?
What are you leaving behind?

All I hope is that
I am going forward
so I can be happy,
adding to what memories I have

I went to the beach in search of *epiphany*.
Sep 11


I went to the beach in search of epiphany.

I was hoping to find her among the clouds,
witnessing her morph into an ivory shape that would
probe my unconscious into fashioning
some big epiphany
out of her silver linings,
relentless against the beating winds.

or perhaps

unearth him beneath the patterns of cracks in rocks; and
he would weave a veiny trial to
lead my psyche into navigating
the big epiphany
after testing his infallible focus,
relentless against the beating waves.

I felt the sea spray tease my toes
the maritime breeze whip my face
the scraggly sand stab my heels
the roaring waves crash against the jagged cliff

I did not find epiphany.

all I found
was that again

I felt small.

thoughts about epiphanies and how they can never be forced out of sheer will or coercion, no matter how much we may need them.
A peculiar and uncanny epiphany.
Sumaiya Zafar

A peculiar and uncanny epiphany.

What is life?

I am uncertain.

The wars; 
and suffering. 

Is this all we live for? 

We hate so freely but limit our love
We judge so instantly but never try to fully understand...

...but what is there to understand?

Is peace out of the question? 

Does serenity not exist?

If the masters of war stopped, would all violence cease?

That is what I want to know.

Because I am uncertain of my peculiar and uncanny epiphany.


From thinking about what to eat... it kindof escalated. Enjoy :)
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Instead of for you,
This is for me. I’m allowed
to be selfish once in a while.
I’ve been too hung up on you;
my head has been in the clouds.
I haven’t seen my feet or felt the ground,
but I’m in no rush to get back. My head
is light, it feels clear. My transparent
goals are more visible than ever. I can
almost reach them with phantom limbs.
I’m adapted to the air up here, but
I am still not satisfied. The only thing
that stimulates me other than you
is only felt through my soul. The notes
on this bridge—like the one on your back—
serenade me into delusion I don’t want to
wake from. If I could sing forever, my ears
would be heaven’s gates. Rings that wail,
delay and distort, bouncing from wall to
wall before beating my ear drums and
sending my nerves on a six foot wave
adrenaline foaming at the edge
breaking the tangible, dissipating
the mundane, cracking the film of
reality like a rock against a windshield.
It is calling me, I can hear its echo,
seismically en route to plant the seed.
I must listen — this sound I must heed
My destiny lies within my fingertips,
where all my convictions will seep.

Focused ideas written while slightly intoxicated.
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