I have come to the point where the line stops drawing itself further
It has come to where I am in need to decide for myself
But my point doesn't mean an ending
When I've created a line that also starts with one

I had an epiphany
Corella Simmins
Corella Simmins
Jul 30, 2014

I had an epiphany
It was so strange
I was looking at everything in a different way
Nothing was wrong with me!
I suddenly realized
There's something wrong with everyone else, not I!
I still may not be beautiful or perfect or anything
But I do know that there isn't a damned thing wrong with me
I figured it out, and nearly gone insane
But it numbed me instead of exploding my sanity
I felt everything and nothing
My mind was moving and wondering the same things
The answers unknown
The questions never asked
Nothing made sense, because people's brains are dead
They would say I'm insane for everything in my head

I had an epiphany.  It was pretty great. And now I'm throwing those anti depressants away
Alyanne Cooper
Alyanne Cooper
Jun 26, 2014

"I would give anything
To see you smile again."
Said my reflection in the mirror.

So would i,
my friend,
So would i.

An epiphany I had, in loneliness profound

An epiphany I had, in loneliness profound
and heard between the silences, a most sonorous sound
I felt the blindness fade, as clarity invoked
and saw beyond the curtains, beyond pernicious smoke

I saw what it's about, how life is faded shades
this beauty is a glimpse, of what the maker made
I witnessed death's unbiased love for all the things you see
a stillness hidden in time; a moment's eternity

Nothing is ever broken, for nothing was ever real
and nothing is ever lost in time for nothing is all that's here
behind delusion's tainted mask there lies the absolution
a mirror that shows the absurd truth distilled of all illusion

This epiphany I had, in loneliness surreal
instilled into existence is a God that is unreal
the way of all things is just as perfect as could be
and now in all my loneliness, I know what it is to see

Apr 1, 2014

Drop your preconceptions of me at the door
Now look
Who do you see?
Not the person that was there before
I just always wanted a chance
To prove that I was something different
Than who you thought I was
But I only need to prove it to myself
I see that now

I am me

And you are you

I don't need anyone's acceptance but my own
Because, after all, above anyone else
We need to be able to live with ourselves

This was never started to make anyone believe something about myself that wasn't true. I did it for myself.
#life   #epiphany  
Marlon James
Marlon James
Apr 29, 2014

I wish i had one.
I wish passing by someone or something
I'd see things more clear

No hate, no concernes, no envy, no fear.
Just a light ride

I'm stuck in the silence of my own body
My mind is running wild
I'm like a tornado inside a a house made of glass

MArlon James, Porto, Portugal                                                    29-04-2014
Ivy Leigh
Ivy Leigh
Oct 13, 2014

Leave it to a day away to make you rethink things.
Where are you going?
Why are you going?
How are you going?
What are you taking with you?
What are you leaving behind?

All I hope is that
I am going forward
so I can be happy,
adding to what memories I have

epiphany, the life changing
Shivendra Om
Shivendra Om
Jul 4      Jul 6

You are the supremely graceful
epiphany, the life changing

Stay. And let me stare
at your fulgent elegance,
your lovely manifestation

till I'll become blind enough
and see the meaning
of this incarnation

by Luca Shivendra Om
(C) Luca Shivendra Om
#love   #beauty   #you   #she   #epiphany   #elegance  
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