Compromise is the resignation of the soul to imperfect reality.


Former goals long before gone,
broken dreams,
hidden in secret behind friends views,
a life in vain.

Doubtless efforts fruitless taken,
countless beatings endured,
still seeking path to milk and honey,
wondering if it hasn´t already resigned.

Value meaningless,
reduced to sheer nothingness,
clouded vision,
not able to recognize it´s worth.

Neither happiness nor sadness,
behind it´s emotionless face,
killing time with dusty distractions
and waiting for something to happen,
that relightens a fire
well known in former days.

Sometimes your best efforts haven´t the best outcome. And a heart in pain needs words in pain to feel understood. So take as long time as you need ... until you be the one relightening your fire by yourself.
to resign.
No Name
No Name
Jan 29, 2011

Sign on the dotted line-
I’m always the last one.
Last one to sign it off,
say goodbye,
make the last call,
Last one
to resign.

Sep 19, 2014

cold is sweeping across my bones
and my mind retreats further
and further, resigned to winter

Jul 12, 2015

politics always has an answer
but when the chips are down
resignation is the default position

Dan McGowan
Dan McGowan
Jul 9, 2015

I long to repeat that thing I never did before

heard the best course on the menu is to resign loving desire;
Aug 13, 2014

I can't see the ashes from the fire nor the fire from the smoke;
Nor can I see myself burning.
I nearly flew off the handle when my cigarello broke;
And yet my world kept on turning.
I'm uncomplicated with how I feel but a mess with what I want;
It hasn't even slowed my sighing.
I'll have to answer for all my poems to my insidious debutante;
Before the clock has done its dying.

I heard a woman can be pretty but a dozen are a choir;
So, what good chance on Earth have I?
I heard the best course on the menu is to resign loving desire;
So, if you ask, I will deny.

Jan 15, 2015

When assuredness
won't slay its enemies,
and determination
forgets its ardor;
the wind the leaves lets fall,
the water its surfaces harden.

Lily Mae
Lily Mae
Mar 30, 2011

Standing still  while
the winds of change
take my spirit high

Inner spirit jumps
at the chance to
journey into the sky

Soft whispers of grace
secrets of sun, moon,
and stars

Kissed by the Gods
my skin perspires

I'll shake them off
for you...catch them
as they fall

Taken from below
lifted high
resignation accepted
as I fly off into the night

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