David Byars
Nov 5, 2013

A monster lounges in my head.
A corpse beneath my skeleton.
A stench beneath my flesh.
Rotten and disturbed. Poltergeist.

The clouds have gathered and the
stars are blackness. The nothingness of
space empties this void. Senseless.
A bitter cold that burns up the time.

I have crossed the line, screwed up my mind.
Despairing in the trap once again I am faithless.
I never struggled because I never even tried.
It's ok. I'll write a poem. I'll confess it.

My blacks crackle and drag.
Scratching, scaring, scarring, stop.

The world is not mine anymore.
It belongs to those who care.
Of me? I'll accept this because
I really do love my little sister

no matter what she'd do.

As due by many titles I resign

As due by many titles I resign
My self to Thee, O God; first I was made
By Thee, and for Thee, and when I was decayed
Thy blood bought that, the which before was Thine;
I am Thy son, made with Thy Self to shine,
Thy servant, whose pains Thou hast still repaid,
Thy sheep, thine image, and, till I betrayed
My self, a temple of Thy Spirit divine;
Why doth the devil then usurp on me?
Why doth he steal, nay ravish that’s thy right?
Except thou rise and for thine own work fight,
Oh I shall soon despair, when I do see
That thou lov’st mankind well, yet wilt not choose me,
And Satan hates me, yet is loth to lose me.

Resign ourselves to gravity
Oct 19, 2013

Indulge me once
This catastrophe
Abandon frayed commitments
Resign ourselves to gravity
The world can tumble with us

Don’t resign
Jelisa Jeffery
Feb 9, 2011

Love of mine
Don’t resign
Stay in line
Keep in mind
You’ll never find
A love like mine

Jelisa Jeffery © 2011
Why I should resign.
Jack Touchet
Jack Touchet
Oct 20, 2011

The cool wind blows
Brisk in the back of my mind.
The icy breeze tickling,
A running down my spine,
Filling me with
Why I should resign.

Why I should resign
Filling me with
A running down my spine,
The icy breeze tickling
Brisk in the back of my mind,
The cool wind blows.

You resign yourself to irony, resign yourself to r
Feb 12, 2013

You always slip away,
like dirt within a drain,
Like a knot above the doorway,
like the hurt before the pain,
You resign yourself to irony, resign yourself to rest
Like knives beneath my pillowcase,
Like daggers in my head.

to resign.
No Name
No Name
Jan 29, 2011

Sign on the dotted line-
I’m always the last one.
Last one to sign it off,
say goodbye,
make the last call,
Last one
to resign.

Pretense in censorship, wait to resign silence
Tirthna Badhiwala
Jan 10, 2012

You asked to be adjacent, I’d ready my shoulders

Is it a rush when we don’t lean on each other’s?

I could compose a wall out of anything spineless

Pretense in censorship, wait to resign silence

resign themselves to midnight solidarity
Apr 17, 2012

bitter is this transition, dusk till dawn
floating on half remembered dreams
one would expect tranquility
instead of a constant reminder
that i go to sleep alone
cold sheets with room for two
resign themselves to midnight solidarity

I resign to cut a few
Joe Halliday
Joe Halliday
Jan 31, 2012

The word springs from my mouth
Lips part just like blades
Tongue bounces north then south

Scissors was the first word
My infantile-self uttered
Since that day, my vocab
Has grown increasingly cluttered

Using my favoured blades
I resign to cut a few
But Scissors, sacred Scissors
I shall never sever you

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