Aug 9, 2014

thoughts are stars that collide together and shoot hot fumes
thoughts are the unseen side of the moon
thoughts are the miscellaneous objects held in the hands of gravity
thoughts are discovered constellations

but so is this thought.
Oct 3, 2014

I know I'm not as quiet as I could be when I should be.
But thoughts are just perpetual graves dug over and over.
That seems a bit redundant,
but so is this thought.

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But what prompts us to think of a thought?
Tanner James Jeffrey Cole


We think them

We feel them

We share them

We write them

We visualize them

But what prompts us to think of a thought?

Are thoughts created?

Or were they already there from the start?

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there is no thought;
Quinn Fox
Quinn Fox
Mar 16, 2016

there is no thought;
only language

For an expansion on this thought, see 'Thoughts on thought'
Silent Thoughts
Silent Thoughts
Oct 30, 2014

Monotonous existence
I am veiling my daydreams
I am drowning it seems

Alive I am dead
Ignoring thoughts in my head
Monotonous existence

#feelings   #life   #haiku   #thoughts  

Breaths in, Breaths out,
Repeats, but fails and drowns,
Closes eyes, lays down,
A secret root, caged thoughts have found.

~A.d | 18 March 2015

I thought I'd left behind
Silent Thoughts
Silent Thoughts
Jul 19, 2014

Since 4:30 in the morning
I've been looking at the sky
The way the dim rise of the sun
Glitters on the tide

My head is aching
From my busy mind
All the thoughts
I thought I'd left behind

#short   #sleep   #thoughts   #morning  
Apr 20, 2015

What is right?
What is wrong?
I wonder why
I have this song
In my mind
And in my heart
Am I a poet
Or am I a bard
I sing along
As I write
But my voice
Has no light

Silent Thoughts
Silent Thoughts
Jun 26, 2014

How foolish of me
To think that love was more important
Than happiness

#love   #life   #happiness   #thoughts   #foolish   #simple  
Silent Thoughts
Silent Thoughts
Oct 31, 2014

This kind of love
Heartbeat is racing
My chest is aching
I would be happy
Not ask for a thing
If something this deep
Was returned to me

#love   #thoughts   #ache   #return  
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