Heart is wild
Apr 19

Heart is wild
And selfish

It wants
What it wants
Without second thought
Of consequences

It hurts
When it gives away
Its feeling
To the void

But it never learns
About the past
It keeps going
Oh wild, wild heart

Guard your heart
May 2

Above all else,
Guard your heart
For it is
The wellspring of life
And the most fragile thing
You could ever have.

I think I've read these lines somewhere but I can't remember where and when so I dont take full credit for this. I just posted it coz I think it is worth sharing :)
*The frayed heart
Amitav Radiance

The frayed heart
cannot drape love anymore

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It quivers and aches
It burns and it breakes
Consumes you inside and out
Its rythm can torture
And deliver exposure
To an inhumane growl
The body is bloody
And this burden is shady
Without its energy
Life is gray
Pulls in the harvest
Lights your way
Its nothing to degrate
A light beat
Desides your fate
Skip it
And it will imitate
A greater hate
That's meant for the opposite
Unless its broken

:P :D
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out in blood from the track marks on my heart
Penguin Heart
Feb 3      Feb 5

I swear up and down ill never touch it again and really I've tried
But every time I feel down its the place that I hide
I relapse and relapse each time leaves me hollow
Each score brings the high then depression to follow
Dependent on you this fleeting obsession
The fear and self loathing too deep to mention
I keep coming back though I know it's unhealthy
I say I just use it till I'm happy and wealthy
Every time a new prick a hole to a world apart
My love seeps out in blood from the track marks on my heart
I trust you with my son, my secrets and my life
But I can't trust that i would ever be healthy if you were my wife

i have a wall around my heart
Reckless Heart

i have a wall around my heart
it closes off outsiders and protects me
but it also hurts me
shutting me out from people
when the wall starts to crumble
i quickly put it back together
glancing around to see if anyone noticed
it gets lonely here in my fortress
i wonder if the outside is better...
i guess i will never know

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her fragile heart was found,
Monique Isom
Jul 29      Jul 30

scattered on the ground,
her fragile heart was found,
broken into peices,
yet her love for you increases,
no matter what you do,
even if what you say is true,
she always seems to forgive,
despite the cost, die or live,
but one will pick up her scattered heart,
and for then with love they soon will  start,
putting the peices together,
and thats when her life will get better

my half-a-heart and yours, never
Adia Heart

Long I had tried,
to make sense of what plagues
the minds of those in love.
Long I had cried,
thinking myself far too rational
to fall apart under your gaze.
But now mystery
brings out a certain charm in you
that I've gotten so fond of.
Unaligned symmetry;
my half-a-heart and yours, never
a perfect fit, but a bittersweet pair.

And I wish this poem was true, but it's not. I still can't understand and I'm surprisingly okay with that now, on most days.
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My heart keeps beating
Jun 19

I am still alive
Had been broken many times
My heart keeps beating

#heart   #haiku   #alive  
Is your heart
Zara Noury

Is your heart
In your chest
Or is your heart
In your head?


#heart   #mind   #head   #chest  
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