Forgotten Heart
Forgotten Heart
May 25, 2015

i never imagined
that i could
get a chance
to hear
your hearts beat,
you have mine
with you
but finally
i'm so happy
that i got to hear
the sound
how our hearts
together beats....!

our hearts will always be together
though we will never be......!!!
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*Deep down in my rebel heart
Rebel Heart
Rebel Heart
Jul 13, 2016

Deep down in my rebel heart

I find this child smiling at me

Telling me to keep walking this line

Grabbing my arm and pulling me trough

Tough love this child knew it from the start

But he’s telling me to keep trying

Because this is how it’s suppose to be

When we all find the child inside of us

We want to regain this ignorance and innocence we once had

To fully understand that smile, the smile of the bliss we used to live in

Now I’m walking this life satisfied

And it’s all thanks to that child deep down

In my rebel heart

Inspiration comes from the song Rebel Heart.
That there's nothing left but heart?
Rebel Heart
Rebel Heart
Nov 21, 2016

Is it a sin
To be so broken apart...
To be so torn at the edges
That there's nothing left but heart?

I'm still beating
Though I feel like I have no soul.
This life I'm barely breathing,
And maybe I've lost control.

Skin torn off by shards of broken promises
Bones withered down by time,
Yet the only thing I have left is this heart
This heart I pour out in rhyme.

Maybe I've lost control
And all sense of direction
I have but nothing left,
Not even an ounce of protection.

These words I spill out,
Written in the blood of my empty heart,
They're the only thing I have left,
Every other piece of me is torn apart.

So I'm begging you,
With this one last thing I have to say,
Take care of these words, my heart,
It's already broken anyway.

#broken   #words   #depression   #heart   #pain   #depressed   #lost   #silence   #despair   #torn  
my heart is cold,
Rebel Heart

Sticks and stones
may break my bones
but words may never hurt me

my heart is cold,
of ice and stone
sitting alone in a palm tree

words whizz by
and my steel heart lay stuck,
in this little brown tree

forever wonder if the
world spinning by
will ever stop to notice me

I'm just lost and
in this cold world I'll find you
standing there holding a key

Unlock my heart
and spill my secrets out
out for everyone to see

I finally get away
From being locked up inside
myself and finally be free?

Am I just dreaming
Are you already gone
far away from me?

It's sad but without you
my heart's still lost,
cold and dying out at sea

steel drowns
though, for now, I sit here
waiting in this little palm tree

Come back to me...
#heartbreak   #broken   #heart   #alone   #ice   #tree   #you   #me   #us   #cold  
It fuels the heart to know that you are mine
Rebel Heart
Rebel Heart
Jul 27, 2016

The fire within you
The purest form of what love means to me
Together balancing on this razor thing line
Like it was meant to be
It fuels the heart to know that you are mine

You tainted my purest desire
Corrupting every part of my soul
It’s supernatural
Like a ray of light shining bright
You are something else, extraterrestrial

This love can only last a lifetime
Facing these fearful odds
I lost my chance to make you mine
Tears of regret fall upon your grave
The inevitable space between us

Crying on the kitchen floor
Don’t go away don’t go away
Give me the strength to move on
But deep inside of me the fire stays
Telling me that my heart must go on

Like ashes to the wind
I know somewhere deep in the universe
You will be watching over me
In the end we are all stardust of time
We are all extraterrestrial

The fire within me was lit by you
Every night in my dreams
Far across and far away
You will come and show me how to keep this fire on
I wake up crying begging you to stay

I don’t want to be alone
I wish you would be here
The fire almost goes out
It’s the emptiness which I fear
But you will be there inside my heart

Wherever you are, near or far
The fire will always be in my heart
When I grow up old and all alone
The fire you showed me
Is enough for me to face the world head on

For a contest
Like the way you destroyed my heart
Johnny Hearts
Johnny Hearts
Aug 26, 2014

A shot in the head won't hurt that much
Like the way you destroyed my heart

#suicide   #heart   #pain   #hurt   #destroy   #shot  
I'm a lonely person at heart, searching for my other

I'm a lonely person at heart, searching for my other

#lonely   #heart   #people  
*I can feel my heart strings baby,
Two Parts of a Broken Heart

I can feel my heart strings baby,
And I think I'm dying..

of a broken heart.

heart to heart
eunsung aka Silas
eunsung aka Silas
Dec 14, 2014

i never knew a love like this
to hold you skin to skin
heart to heart

i can feel your breath
against my chest
and feel your warmth

i feel my heart expanding
to love so fully and completely
without expectations

i am so grateful for meeting you
heart to heart

I wrote this while holding my sleeping my daughter against my chest, but also a poem to describe my experience of divine love through loving others.
#love   #heart  
*There are no limits of the heart
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Jul 16, 2014

There are no limits of the heart
Love resides in it, without boundaries
Heart beats, and its resonance
Creates a symphony with classical tunes
A composition of the beating heart
Residing in every soul with Love

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