Heart is wild
4 days ago

Heart is wild
And selfish

It wants
What it wants
Without second thought
Of consequences

It hurts
When it gives away
Its feeling
To the void

But it never learns
About the past
It keeps going
Oh wild, wild heart

Your heart
Apr 6

Your lips are the only breath I know
Without them I am drowning.
Your eyes are the only light I know
Before them I stumbled in the darkness.
Your heart
Is my heart.

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out in blood from the track marks on my heart
Penguin Heart
Feb 3      Feb 5

I swear up and down ill never touch it again and really I've tried
But every time I feel down its the place that I hide
I relapse and relapse each time leaves me hollow
Each score brings the high then depression to follow
Dependent on you this fleeting obsession
The fear and self loathing too deep to mention
I keep coming back though I know it's unhealthy
I say I just use it till I'm happy and wealthy
Every time a new prick a hole to a world apart
My love seeps out in blood from the track marks on my heart
I trust you with my son, my secrets and my life
But I can't trust that i would ever be healthy if you were my wife

but I was blinded at the heart from all your black-magic arts.
Nov 14, 2012

You try to show me love,
but how could you honestly?
When you don't understand: What true love is?
I now, can fathom what you are;
I know what kind of Man you've become.
If a Man, is what I can call you at all?
The pain was obvious from the start,
but I was blinded at the heart from all your black-magic arts.
Are you watching me?
Are you even listening?
Doubtful, for when have you ever listen to a heart which is bleeding?
So go forth, spreading your lies.
At least I know the truth; for a little boy is the role you play and play it well, you do...

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*I can feel my heart strings baby,
Two Parts of a Broken Heart

I can feel my heart strings baby,
And I think I'm dying..

of a broken heart.

There is science to a broken heart
Danielle Shorr

There is science to a broken heart

When the heart strings that connect the valves of your soul collapse
When the veins are full and heavy with the weight of let downs and false promises
When your bones ache the same as a near fatal injury
Know that it is not a phantom pain
Not an empty longing
For a temporary someone
You mistook as permanence
The ghosts of their skin forever
haunting with their former touch

The pain of a ruptured spirit
Is equal to that of being hit by a truck
Going full speed down the highway
Lights off
No warning signs
Is equal to the pain associated with The inability to forget
You place a do not enter sign around your heart
Next to the caution tape
Marked on your skin

The science to a broken heart
Can not be found
In an anatomical enclyopedia
But it's existence
Is not to be questioned
Heartbreak has been researched
Enscribed by historys greatest
For fitzgerald felt the blows to his being
From love that thrashed with winds and currents
A hurricane

Often the subject of their own experiments,
Writers are the scientists who study broken hearts
Words used as algorythms
Attempting to respond to
Questions we might never get an answer to
We're often left wondering
And often time its suffice

Because if we were to know why
Why the sun aches for the moon When the moon only has love for the stars
Why the theory of newton and gravity
Will never account for humans falling
Why storms are named after people

If we knew
We might not expose ourself to said research
We like the unknowingness
That science has yet to offer a conclusion to
The unknowingness that is often synonymous
With love.

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To carefully lay the beats of my heart
Silent Fingers
Silent Fingers
Mar 24      April 05, 2014

So skillfully I have crafted the art.
To carefully lay the beats of my heart
to sleep between its folds and pleats.
O’ this Origami of my heart!
How well I have mastered the Art!

In the silence of solitary nights,
I still wander heedlessly
upon the pleats of my papery heart --
besotted by the fragrance of a garden
that we never planted in a distant desert.

In the stillness of serene dawns,
I still walk barefoot
upon the folds of my rugged heart –
looking for the footprints of a shore
that we never cared to saunter together.

Oh, still at the very thought of you,
I hold this creased paper in my palms
and unfold it slowly......

“dried little wishes” fall off,
like petals of forgotten flowers….
“unsaid prayers” softly resonate,
like hymns serenading Heavens….
“forgotten songs” faintly echo,
like distant rings of temple bells….
“suicidal tears” slowly fall off,
like grains of sand in a broken hourglass….

And still…
Still before you come to know of it,
I gently fold it away,
and hide it in the voids of my bosom --
along with the paper birds,
paper flowers,
paper stars,
…. and,
along with the few crumpled angels
treasured to forget --
between the pressed beats
of my flimsy heart.

O’ this Origami of my heart!
How well I have mastered the Art!

* Origami - ancient Japanese art of folding paper into objects.
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Oct 11, 2012

you lost
seam of
     my love...?

      simple ♥   
            thin  ♥        
                    stri­ng... ♥                     
                           ♥   blowing.
on...  ♥      
               ♥     the        

             ­I              ♥
         Swore        ♥
           I            ♥
        Saw    ♥
      it   ♥   
♥ away
           ♥    on                 
   ♥       the          
                              ♥      winds         ­                           

                     ♥  in...
       ­     one.
                        ♥   bound...
    Lost ♥
       to  ♥
    a  ♥

♥ world
♥ of


♥ struggle
   My ♥ Darling
♥ have
       ♥   you        
    ♥     been      
♥  tugging
♥  on
        your  ♥              
heart ♥ stings
     ♥ again?

© Pandarra
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your heart isn't
Mar 28

your heart isn't
beating anymore,
i broke it and left.

i'm sorry,
so, so sorry.
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before my heart completely breaks
rachel redwine
rachel redwine
2 days ago

I don't know how much more I can take..
before my heart completely breaks
I think about you every night and  

we were, inseparable some would say
I had you in my heart but then you pulled away
its hard to pretend everything is o

Heart Ache
its a Hard Ache
in your soul

so please, oh please don't let me go

It's more then a feeling I can't face
It's more then your embrace
your tenderness I could taste

Heart Ache
its a Hard Ache
in you'r soul

so please
oh please
don't let me go

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