collide—we are one divine moment
Steven Ho
Steven Ho
Jul 18

my time has come; true love, please
take my soul into the galaxy of your
hand, spin me into orbit around your
dreams, dance with my devotion to
your desires, feel the fire burning in
my eyes when our celestial bodies
collide—we are one divine moment
apart, separated by the future tense,
misled by mundane mirages of fear,
the gray unknown that steers our fates
astray; but my time has come, and
so has yours—align me into your
constellations and know that I already
belong to you; I beg you to risk the
impossible; it's all that's left between us.

((i know you feel the same way, just ask me about it))
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Nov 6, 2014

the stars
are wonderful tonight
as i'm looking at you
and the reflections in your eyes

i'd love it
if we could lay here forever
under the nighttime sky
only you and i, together

grey shades
of your soft cotton sweaters
they hold your scent
and i love you in leather

sugary lines
which you pronounce
the words i fall in love with
i wish you were here right now

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Drink of love, my love
I sip through every drop
Hooks on pang of desire
Stirs that venom of passion
Drink of love, my love
Sparks the jar of life
That brims with monotony
Oozes from edges so hazy
Drink of love, my love
Every thread of eagerness
Soaked in fervor so poisonous
Turns crimson gently
Drink of love, my love!

#love   #divine  
Sep 12, 2014      Sep 13, 2014

Have you ever wondered
what a rose sounds like?
Maybe a soft love song
layered with velvety notes
hugging closely
whispering sweet tenderness.

Have you ever wondered
what a rainbow smells like?
Maybe a fragrant potpourri
with layers of chakric potency
permeating the earth with aromatic energy.

Have you ever wondered
what a cloud tastes like?
Maybe ethereal cotton candy
whispering angel speak on your tongue
Melting in mouths with billowing sweetness.

Have you ever wondered
what wisdom looks like?
Maybe salty tears stained on a face.
Or creases caked with laughter
and frowns from falling out of place.

Have you ever wondered
what it's like to touch divinity?
Maybe it's just bathing yourself
in the harmonies surrounding thee.
Breathing a breath that
inhales omniscient unity.

Cradled by Arch Angel wings
you are a reverberating vibration.
An orchestrated cacophony
weaving ripples of love.

For the few who thought my poems were's one for YOU from ME. Sensitive people feel it all.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the ethereal.  Please enter.
with tenderness to spread the flame of divine life.
Apr 13, 2014

O Beloved.
Wound me with tenderness
as I embrace Your living flame of love.

Burn away my fears and self-pity
that holds me back from being
consumed by the flames of Your love.

Ignite the hearth of my own heart,
so I may share Your living flame
with tenderness to spread the flame of divine life.

Melt away my insecurities and dishonesty, so
I can stand before You as a living flame burning
wildly to embrace everything as a gift from You.

#love   #flame   #divine   #tenderness  
She is a divine creator.
Daisy Fields
Daisy Fields
Nov 22, 2014      Nov 23, 2014

So alive.
So infinite.
So free.
She sees the beauty, the love, the chaos, the mystery of life.
She sees it clearly
& she reflects it in herself.
She is the beauty, the love, the chaos, the mystery of life.
She sees the earth for all its worth and she reflects that in herself.
She is a divine creator.
She ten folds everything she touches.
She was made from love.
She was made to love.
She is a vast & ever-changing sea of emotions, thoughts, & energies.
She has the universe inside of her.
She has the earth all ways to guide her.
She is golden.
She is light.
She is all.
She is I.

#love   #poetry   #passion   #divine   #feminine  
Heidi Alfonzo
Heidi Alfonzo
May 16      May 16

A woman is the goddess of the sun,
The princess of the moonlight,
The lover of the centaur,
Apollo's impossible dream,
Venus' sister.

A woman must have hours to dream
The impossible dream,
A ballroom dance
In the oceans of Neptune,
A prince awaiting to take her hand
And dance the that one last waltz
That will last forever.

A woman must show her broken wing
And yet soar like an eagle
And cry the bitter broken glass tear
And heal like the voice of the shaman.

A woman bears life,
Her womb filled with rainfall,
Her embrace, open as the sky
Her hope is infinite.

A woman is a legend,
A fairytale,
A spell,
An incantation
That never fails.

A woman is a girl in disguise,
A vampire, a courtesan,
A queen of all realms,
Mistress of the garden of Eden,
Bride of Lucifer.

A woman's love is the playground of the gods,
God's infinite power.
A woman is mother of all amazons,
And children of the fairies.
A woman is a gift,
A precious stone
That shines effortlessly.

A woman is a universe of her own.

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