Sep 12      Sep 13

Have you ever wondered
what a rose sounds like?
Maybe a soft love song
layered with velvety notes
hugging closely
whispering sweet tenderness.

Have you ever wondered
what a rainbow smells like?
Maybe a fragrant potpourri
with layers of chakric potency
permeating the earth with aromatic energy.

Have you ever wondered
what a cloud tastes like?
Maybe ethereal cotton candy
whispering angel speak on your tongue
Melting in mouths with billowing sweetness.

Have you ever wondered
what wisdom looks like?
Maybe salty tears stained on a face.
Or creases caked with laughter
and frowns from falling out of place.

Have you ever wondered
what it's like to touch divinity?
Maybe it's just bathing yourself
in the harmonies surrounding thee.
Breathing a breath that
inhales omniscient unity.

Cradled by Arch Angel wings
you are a reverberating vibration.
An orchestrated cacophony
weaving ripples of love.

For the few who thought my poems were's one for YOU from ME. Sensitive people feel it all.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the ethereal.  Please enter.
with tenderness to spread the flame of divine life.
Apr 13

O Beloved.
Wound me with tenderness
as I embrace Your living flame of love.

Burn away my fears and self-pity
that holds me back from being
consumed by the flames of Your love.

Ignite the hearth of my own heart,
so I may share Your living flame
with tenderness to spread the flame of divine life.

Melt away my insecurities and dishonesty, so
I can stand before You as a living flame burning
wildly to embrace everything as a gift from You.

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A sun sized planet that is home to the divine gear..  A technology built by
Jul 3

I have been in the shade far to long..  Even walking in the sun this darkness looms over me..  Yesterdays haunt me to a point of seeing no tomorrows.. I can still hear the bell toll its one note song..  It was 12,000 years later,  12,000 years of being in such shade.. That I finally saw the sun above this sky..  The ghost and dreams of my children have brought me here to this place.. A sun sized planet that is home to the divine gear..  A technology built by a higher being.. A technology that can take an immortal to the next realm, to heaven..  The divine gear will complete my star drive..  And there it spun.. Driving the life on this huge planet..  I knew I could not take it with me now..  As taking it from this place would end all life on this beautiful planet..  I could feel it calling to me.. I closed my eyes.. It begun to spin in all its divinity..  It made me see, feel, hear, and make real all of its dreams..  For the moment I moved throughout all of the universe, I saw what it wanted me to do.. Then I would be awarded the passage to heaven.. When I opened my eyes I felt different.. I saw things different.. I heard things different.. I felt things different.. Through the eyes of a God I could see emotion..  On my right hand there was now a tatoo of the divine gear itself.. But this tatoo spun within my hand guiding me on where to go next.. It was time to bring life to this vast dead universe..  It begins with me..  Heaven awaits..

And thus life spreads.....  Begins and feeds..
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Sep 3

Legends ago, a story told by thee:
Secret whispering melody of an old wispy tree.
Planted ages past, a singular lordly seed.
Containing all extending branches of what your eyes see.

Round the bend the hidden grove,
Over the hill the beach line cove;
All of my scattered temples.
Oh the land there is to roam.

As I pass, you see me walk alone.
As if I'm almost not all there..
Its because I am busy everywhere
Exploring my forgotten home!


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Divine in my unholiness.
Kevin T
Kevin T
May 7

LEARNING every day
i am a mystery to myself.
endless corridors that seem to never end.
my soul burns bright, thank God,
the wretchedness of my mind does too.
human yes, the love of light and dark energy.
Divine in my unholiness.

KT May 7, 2014

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There are too many invisible divine strings
Musfiq us shaleheen


Everything is separated from each other
But when you see silently
It seems all together
The day sleeps in the night as I exist in you

The born,
The death all for thee
Black or white
True or false all for thee

The continents are separated, isolated
As we are alienated from each other
But on the other hand we are all together
Apparently we are  moving toward the different direction

The dark,
The light all for thee
Silence or thunder
Melody or chaos all for thee

Either it’s a stone or an emotion
Even either love or hate,
Neither war nor peace
Neither dialectics nor mystic
All  have bent you and me

There are too many invisible divine strings
On every matter or even every non matter
Those spiritual strings have bonded with the heaven and the hell
So, all we move toward the same destination

@ Musfiq us shaleheen

All we are moving toward the same destination...........
#love   #hell   #life   #hope   #heaven   #spiritual   #bent   #bond   #divine   #string  

To write is to divinely dabble
in infinite alternate realities.

They called it the divine gear..
Jun 18      Jun 19

At last the final visit..
For over 12,000 years I have been building a machine..
The main purpose at first was to simply have this machine get me to point A to point B..
I discovered all the secrets and codes of the planet I had forever lived on..
The ones I had truly loved were taken from me..
Death took them away..
You do not understand lonelyness until all is gone..
On a planet where I out-lived all other forms of life..
I had forgotten some emotions..
Love being almost one of them..
As there was nothing else to love..
I did however loved that I missed them ..
But hated that I will never see them ever again..
You see I am forever..
I cannot die yet I cannot live..
It was then I had to have this machine somehow get me off this old lifeless planet..
To find what my thoughts had hope to build..
After 2000 years I had finally built The star drive..
I travelled from planet to planet adding on more and more to my Star drive..
I met other races, some beautiful, some horrible, some welcomed me while others wanted nothing to do with me..
There were times where I stayed at certain planets because it reminded me so much of home..
I travelled on through what is known as the Tao Nebula..
This Nebula made all of your dreams real..
I was with my family again or should I say the memory of them..
I got to relive these memories over and over..
For 200 years I did this..
Finally I was ready to leave when both my son and daughter came to me...
They had with them a beautiful floating gear of some sort..
They called it the divine gear..
It was then I thought of building something more than a vessel able to jump me across the stars..
I needed a vessel that could take me to heaven..
So that I could meet them again..
This was just the message I had been needing for so very long..
This sun sized planet is the home of the Divine gear..
This will be my final visit in this realm..
The Universe is just as it says..
Uni for only one..
And the verse for the spoken word of the creator whom built it..
This divine gear will drive me above and beyond it all!

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collective consciousness arises from the root
to understand
is to flow
seek the goddess
then seek the god
return to the flow
glistening pool
without source
divinity is here
life is renewed
mass collision
familiar atoms turn to cosmic remains
that will again form the stars you see
as you look through your window

May all be free from suffering
love yourself
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