It's dark inside.

Don't get too close,
It's dark inside.

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*It's okay to cry, even if it's on the inside.*
Dec 29, 2015

It's okay to cry, even if it's on the inside.

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May 14, 2015

She put on her brightest smile
And said, "I'm so happy"
Only to realize
As those three simple words came out
So did her tears.

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Nov 25, 2015

The louder my laugh, the more i scream for help

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on the inside,
Kiley Duke
Kiley Duke
Nov 23, 2014

When you look at someone,
instead of seeing bodies,
try to see their souls.

And then tell me
if they are beautiful.

Do their lights and colors,
on the inside,
outshine the distractions
on the outside?

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I die inside
Ethan Lima
Ethan Lima
Apr 9, 2016

I die inside
But you don't hear
My screams.
My soul and I
Are at war.
We lost each other
Long ago.
I die inside
But you don't care as I
Hide away.
I died inside
Long ago.
You are the one

Oct 1, 2015

child. naive. aware. enlightened.

warrior. stubborn. suspended. restraint

chameleon. encompassing. everything. lacking.

striving. needing. forward. moving.

insufficient. fearful.

urgent. hopeful.





and how about the rest of you?
that the pages inside,
Empty Inside
Dec 12, 2014

Like a book with an odd cover.
Something no one thinks to give a chance.
They only assume by the way it looks,
that it doesn't deserve a chance.
If they just opened the book they'd realize,
that the pages inside,
are empty,
empty inside.
But no, assumptions will be made,
and to thus,
my emotions sit,
and collect dust.

Inside of my head
Sarah M Gillihan
Sarah M Gillihan
Dec 1, 2014

I can’t repress these feelings

Inside of my head

They’re loud

They’re fast

They’ll lead to my death.

I can’t repress

But I can’t let them out.

I’m silently shouting

And you’ll never find out

I’m slowly dying

Killing myself

From these repressed feelings

Inside my head.

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Lyndal Doherty
Lyndal Doherty
Apr 7, 2015

Your eyes are too wide.
You wonder too much, my dear.
Conformity is best.

Why not break the mold?
I will live outside the box:
A force of new things!

No, my child, no...
Voice low and your mind silent.
Then they will like you.

With Easter weekend happening, I got a few days behind on my National  Poetry Month project. In order  to catch up, I wrote 3 haiku for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. These are some of my first haikus.
#silence   #voice   #inside   #conformity   #mold  
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