Say what you mean,
Taylor Cuomo
Taylor Cuomo
Jun 9, 2014

Say what you mean,
but say it without being mean.

Who am I kidding? I am always so terribly mean. Oops!
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Poetic T
Poetic T
Dec 22, 2016

We are dehydrated of meaning,

               But our tears
tell all that needs to be known....

Sarah Green
Sarah Green
May 20, 2014

In between the lines
That is where you should read
Because it is in those spare spaces
Where you create your own meaning

#poetry   #sad   #deep   #meaning   #amateur   #sombre  
Shield Maiden
Shield Maiden
Apr 28, 2015

When people call me babe, darling or love
Without meaning
Without feeling
I feel like screaming
My heart feels like it’s bleeding
Don’t you know the meaning

My desire, my want
My only passion is to hear
Those words with love

I just want to say I dont know anything about Poetry unfortunately. So every time I write, I hope that it comes out alright. So i really appreciate it if you review it so I can work on my skills. Thank you for reading :)
#love   #desire   #pain   #meanings  
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