and submerge in your bravery.*
Madalyn Beck

I'll wash myself in your blood
and submerge in your bravery.

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Jedd Ong
Jedd Ong
Jun 15      Jun 16

I come clean about the night,
How the moon sets
In the morning and parts
To reveal the light,
And with it
My scars—below the eyes,
On my lips,
My perfection all but blighted.

bravery is not just going into war or running i
Holly Jeanette
Holly Jeanette
Dec 11, 2013

bravery is not just going into war or running into a burning building.
bravery is also standing on a stage.
or giving up your sharps.
or eating in front of people.
or singing.
bravery has many different forms.

To each their own form of bravery
Mar 13

To each their own form of bravery
For though this life is an individual test
It is not a challenge of rivalry

All have their hardships
Struggles of pain and unfairness
Working to rise again once being tripped

Do not judge another by what is seen
For bravery is often quiet
Keeping hidden where they've been

There are struggles that you
Will never, ever know
That may be very real to those around you

From physical limitations and disabilities
To psychological pain and despair
Life shows us our certain mortality

The goal is to still appreciate the gift of life
And become a better person
Becoming refined through our strife

So at points when you're low
And especially at points when you're high
Never judge someone, for you never know

Someone you see could be fighting
The fight of their lifetime, so think
Before you assume it's weakness you're sighting

Their fight may have just begun
Or maybe it's been going and going
And they can't last, they're done

No one has the right to judge another's bravery

And that to face something takes bravery
Oct 27, 2011

I know I’ve said erasing it
                Is not facing it
And that to face something takes bravery
Well, I’m done crying
And I’m sick of waiting
For something that will never happen

I’m sorry I missed you
And that I fell for
                “unconditional” love provided
Through thick and thin
Until the final spin
When you split

Slowly but surely
                You erased the happiness
The love we had
For one another
Slide it under the cover
To be buried with me

Now, it’s my turn
Never thought it'd come to this
                So much for learning to trust
Instead ill learn to erase
And delete every last place
I secretly hold you in

I faced it
                And I took the beating hard
While he ran
And left me standing
On a ledge looking up, praying
For answers

I’m done hurting
Done with thinking you won’t leave
                That you couldn’t have left
So I’m going to block you
From my memories for a new
Day that I will get through

I lost my bravery
Roegsana Moosajee
Roegsana Moosajee
Oct 24, 2013

Things we lost in the fire,
Sometimes the things we loose while in battle are not physical things
But rather characters of ourselves
I lost my bravery

I used to be able to jump into anything with guns blazing
Yet today I cannot decide what's my next step
Because I lost my most prized possession
I lost my bravery

Bravery has always been my tool to make the most of my life
Never afraid to loose
Of everything I lost in the fire
I miss my bravery the most

Apr 1, 2013

Standing in the eye of the storm
Whirlwind changes the landscape
People and places in the blink of an eye
Content to watch, mixed emotions appear
I'm happy with this sight
I'm happy with my place
At least I have been
But I'm thinking now
Just might be the perfect time
To step through the winds
I don't intend to be swept away
My eyes will betray me
But my feet will keep me grounded
My mind will keep me in one direction
I will cross through this storm
And emerge upon the other side
Changed, and in new lands
Cast your anchor, fall from the storm,
Walk with me

Tom the Red Phoenix
Tom the Red Phoenix
Jun 1      Jun 2

Sure, the Huns may be stronger, faster,
But I’ll tell you first, it’s not disaster.
They may be fearless, vice-less,
And the stakes this day are priceless.

That must weigh heavy on your mind,
And it might away at your spirits grind.
It makes your heart burn, your blood race,
But on this day, they will be erased.

They come, by day, by night,
To conquer us and flex their might.
Tonight, we’ll break their endless siege,
Perhaps we’ll kill their liege!

Let the sun blot with countless arrow,
They fly like the chattering sparrow.
Perhaps most will simply miss,
And you shall brave the wooden blitz.

That one, slash his head from his shoulder!
Watch it fall off like a fleshed-out boulder;
That’s it, keep riding, they’re already breaking!
Your wives will, on your return, be waiting.

Go back to hell from whence you came!
Of the besiegers, we’ve killed and maimed!
Haha, look at them run, back to their mothers;
Keep them running for a hundred summers!

This one's about the Hunnic invasions in about 500 AD.
Jan 1, 2012

Life as we see it is
all about new beauty
and you've been brave this
new year

Miss Masque
Miss Masque
Apr 29, 2011

Sing me a berceuse,
Sweet melody abound,
In your astral glow of your effusive vignette,
Play with your celesta sweet
beguiling with evocative speak

Turn with your astral glow
abound with pungent, redolent snow
and gaze at the symphony
before you

Sing in sweet felicity
Joy you bring,
Asylum you bring,
None shall come,
but the brave warriors who
knock and question.

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