What is bravery?
Apr 28      Apr 30

What is bravery?
Is it simply a "man with a gun"?
Or an old woman who got over a drug addiction before she died?
Maybe it's a man or woman serving our country?
Or a man willing to uphold the law although against custom?
Is it a woman becoming strong enough to speak about her rape?
Or is it a a lie that decides to admit the truth?
Is it you?
Or is it me?
It is real at all?

I wrote this for ELA when we read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
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bravery does not
Gaby Comprés
Gaby Comprés
Oct 7, 2014

bravery does not
scream, it does not shout, yet
it's louder than all

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bravery doesn't
Gaby Comprés
Gaby Comprés
Jan 4      Jan 5

bravery doesn't
happen overnight
has been living in your
bones, dormant,
but alive,
waiting for you
to see that it has
always been yours
waiting for you
to marvel when you
see that you can do
what you've always
wanted to do
and be who
you've wanted to be

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and submerge in your bravery.*
Madalyn Beck
Madalyn Beck
Jun 20, 2014

I'll wash myself in your blood
and submerge in your bravery.

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Bethany Duvall
Bethany Duvall
Oct 20, 2014

Tomorrow i will be brave.
I am going to march up to you in all your dark and mysterious glory and i am going to say everything i have kept locked away never to see the light of day.
I will tell you i still feel giddy in your presence and hope you feel the same, I will tell you your eyes and sly smile change me until i feel high above all the worries of the day, and I will tell you if you do not have a heart that matches the eradic beating of my own that it is okay. I understand.

I may throw up when i do this but i will
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or did you waste it begging for bravery?
Hayley Cusick
Hayley Cusick
Nov 21, 2014

that last breath you took,
was it for me?
or did you waste it begging for bravery?

my love, so small, it used to fuel me
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I wish I had bravery.
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Nov 4, 2014

It's that cold, small lump
Lying in my stomach here
Keeping me away.
I wish I had the guts to
I wish I had bravery.

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s I'm going to find that key, unlock my bravery and finally walk away.
May 29

One of these days I'm going to find that key, unlock my bravery and finally walk away.

Vera Valentine

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T͙O͙ E͙V͙E͙R͙Y͙ L͙I͙V͙I͙N͙G͙ O͙F͙ E͙X͙I͙S͙T͙E͙N͙C͙E͙
M͙E͙N͙ G͙R͙E͙A͙T͙L͙Y͙ G͙R͙O͙W͙L͙S͙ N͙O͙T͙H͙I͙N͙G͙ M͙A͙D͙E͙ O͙F͙ F͙E͙A͙R͙
S͙T͙R͙I͙K͙E͙S͙ T͙H͙E͙ B͙A͙C͙O͙N͙ L͙E͙A͙V͙E͙S͙ A͙ S͙U͙S͙P͙E͙N͙S͙E͙
N͙O͙T͙ A͙ D͙O͙U͙B͙T͙ T͙O͙ O͙N͙E͙'S͙ E͙A͙R͙

C͙O͙M͙E͙S͙ A͙N͙D͙ L͙I͙V͙E͙S͙ A͙ K͙N͙I͙G͙H͙T͙ F͙I͙L͙L͙E͙D͙ V͙A͙L͙O͙R͙
F͙O͙R͙ L͙I͙F͙E͙ B͙E͙A͙R͙S͙ S͙T͙R͙U͙G͙G͙L͙E͙ A͙N͙D͙ T͙R͙I͙A͙L͙S͙
L͙E͙A͙R͙N͙ T͙O͙ S͙A͙I͙L͙ Y͙O͙U͙R͙ O͙W͙N͙ A͙S͙ A͙ S͙A͙I͙L͙O͙R͙
N͙E͙V͙E͙R͙ S͙E͙T͙ A͙ S͙E͙L͙F͙ I͙N͙ D͙E͙N͙I͙A͙L͙S͙

A͙D͙D͙R͙E͙S͙S͙ T͙H͙E͙ N͙A͙T͙I͙O͙N͙ O͙N͙ E͙Y͙E͙ T͙O͙ E͙Y͙E͙
M͙A͙K͙E͙ A͙ M͙O͙T͙I͙O͙N͙ F͙O͙R͙ T͙H͙E͙ B͙E͙T͙T͙E͙R͙ S͙I͙D͙E͙S͙
T͙O͙ L͙I͙V͙E͙ A͙N͙D͙ F͙I͙G͙H͙T͙ F͙O͙R͙ A͙ T͙R͙Y͙
A͙N͙D͙ M͙A͙Y͙ S͙U͙C͙C͙E͙E͙D͙ A͙ P͙E͙A͙C͙E͙F͙U͙L͙ M͙I͙N͙D͙

F͙O͙R͙ T͙H͙E͙ S͙T͙A͙G͙E͙ I͙S͙ A͙S͙ E͙N͙T͙I͙C͙I͙N͙G͙
T͙H͙E͙N͙ S͙H͙O͙W͙C͙A͙S͙E͙ Y͙O͙U͙R͙ A͙B͙I͙L͙I͙T͙Y͙
I͙N͙ S͙P͙A͙R͙I͙N͙G͙ A͙ B͙L͙E͙S͙S͙I͙N͙G͙
S͙O͙M͙E͙O͙N͙E͙ H͙A͙S͙ B͙R͙A͙V͙E͙R͙Y͙ T͙O͙ P͙R͙O͙T͙E͙C͙T͙ H͙U͙M͙A͙N͙I͙T͙Y͙

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You’re brave,
Beyond a doubt
The strongest woman known;
A testament to your strength.

A poem to my wife when she was pregnant with our son.
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