Jul 21, 2014

and instead of loving you
   I started hating you
for everything you have done
and the way you've changed

With his sign *spare some change*
Christopher Lowe
Christopher Lowe
Oct 8, 2014

There is the man on the corner
With his sign spare some change
But when people gave money
He turned it away

The next day he was gone
But he left a sign
Think less literally

The world could use a little more change
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Madison Cosby
Madison Cosby
Nov 27, 2014

Oak sprouts from soil,
leaves dangiling on the tree,
Sit, and watch happen.

#haiku   #change   #tree   #weather   #leaves   #changes   #soil   #leaf   #oak   #oaktree  
There won't be anything to change....
Michelle Lynn
Michelle Lynn
Oct 25, 2014

The world is changing....
Everything is changing....
Everyone is changing...
Pretty soon..
There won't be anything to change....
Because we'll all be dead.

there was change,
Rod E Kok
Rod E Kok
Oct 1, 2014



I can’t identify when
it changed.

I saw things differently,
my eyes no longer covered
by an opaque way
of thinking.

Sunshine brightened this world
with unimagined colors,
butterflies broke free,
songbirds warbled lovely tunes.

Amidst emerging beauty
words became
every day’s lifeblood;
I found my voice.

All around me,
there was change,
yet everything remained
the same.
For it was me
that changed.
Reborn, rewired.
My heart drummed
a brand new beat.

Driven by transformation,
I wrote. I write.
Adding a dash of color.
Singing harmony
to surrounding melodies.
I am changing.
I am writing.
I am a poet.

This is my first poem for OctPoWriMo. The word prompts are: chrysalis, butterfly, transformation.
Change is necessary.
Glenda Lee Woodson
Glenda Lee Woodson
Sep 16, 2014

Change is necessary.

Change is a good thing?

Change is
Scary and confusing.

Change scares the hell out of me.
Change leaves me in a state of frustration.

Change can heal the soul and tear it apart.
Leaving little pieces scattered about.

But I must think of little caterpillars that turn into beautiful butterflies.

Change is necessary.

These are my thoughts from my morning commute. The city was tearing down a house I have passed by thousands of times. It was a landmark on my life path and now it is gone. Will the memories associated with that house be ripped from me as well?
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