Pickley Nickel, you smell like a shoe,
Constance Hudgeons

Pickley Nickel, you smell like a shoe,
Pickley Nickel, you make me go poo.
Pickley Nickel, how is your day,
Pickley Nickel, I really must say,
Pickley Nickel, please go away.

Love you Nickel. <3
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Brittle Bird
Brittle Bird
Mar 21, 2015

I wrote a poem

My heart was a scratch-and-win

And wrote another

I haven't shared in a while, due to school + emotional constipation
...but here I am. Still alive.
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I still have that dirty and disgusting nickel that I bent down in the middle of the r
Apr 29, 2014

I'm sick of being of led on why do you remind me of him why do you remind me of him am I just paranoid or are you just another Nick Nick Jr. second edition Nick so many Nicks I can't even breathe because the air is Ni2O I still have that dirty and disgusting nickel that I bent down in the middle of the road to pick up and which nearly got me killed please tell me you're a beautiful copper penny because those don't exist anymore in my country but I crave them more than anything.

Today has been one hell of a slap in the face.
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if I had a nickel for your spare thoughts,
Matthew Rousseau
Matthew Rousseau
Mar 17, 2014

if I had a nickel for your spare thoughts,
you would be a nickel richer.
The thought you think so thoughtfully
folly is your reward.
Reward others,
and they will follow suit.
Suit, the garment you wear
it bessechingly pleads you
to empty your wallet.
Nay, do not pay attention
to the body,
but rather the mind.

Give me a nickel
haiku namatata
May 6, 2010

Give me a nickel
For every time they've told me
I can't write haikus.

Put Another Nickel In
David Nelson
David Nelson
Jan 11, 2015

Put Another Nickel In

If you want to see me more
you will have to pay my friend
life isn't free and I know that is a shame

I'll try to entertain your mind
but this process takes up my precious time
sorry pardner but I'm not the one to blame

I'll sing and dance the hoochie coo
tell stories that will blow your mind
and maybe share with you my tasty gin

but if you want the show to start
you won't need to touch my heart
you just need to put another nickel in

Gomer LePoet...

I can dance I can sing
Samuel Fox
Samuel Fox
Jun 14, 2015

Even were he to explain,
he’d much rather show
to you his scars. He bears
them like medals now,
knowing well they are
made of clad, like nickels,
like cheap bullets.

If he could, he’d chuck
all of them into the deep,
the sparkle, of a wishing well.
He knows that these scars
have not only unsown himself,
but made trenches between
him and possibilities of love.

If he could, he’d place
each scar into the chamber
of a rifle, aim the .22
he never owned at a flock
of starlings. He might miss
every time, but at least
the ravens would scatter.

He knows what he’d wish for,
were each scar dropped,
at 5 cents a wish. He has enough
of them so that they jangle
on him when you embrace.
If he could, he’d stop collecting
them, and wish them away

on you. He’d put away the rifle.
His carving of a smile would fade
into a grin. You had always been
the loveliness of a needle,
of thread and steady hands.

Linnea Wilson
Linnea Wilson
Jul 11, 2013

The pennies and nickels
bounced loudly off
her cold, hollow
and metal heart.

Its valves never
seemed to work
and the steam machine
was down for the day.

Oil dripped into
her wheezing lungs.
Come clean me up!
was her only thought.

The pure, white rag
seemed so distant
but she longed
for its redemption.

She cried
tears of tar
and fell to her
knees with a clank.

January 27, 2013
For the dime or nickel
Jimmy King
Jimmy King
Nov 11, 2013

You looked at me today
(When I finally forced your eyes
To meet mine)
Like I wasn't just. stranger
But a homeless man on the street,
Cursing at you and beggin you
For the dime or nickel
Which capitalist America
Demands you not give up

The time we spent the evening
Making love in your bed
You told me you wished
We were just ten years older
So we could look towards marriage
And a family.
I wonder what you think
About that night now

PS Rowland
PS Rowland
Sep 18, 2014

Double nickels wise and true.
Complications, that make me blue.
Integrity tested throughout my soul.
It appears as though I’ve lost my goal.
Ripples of passion against my heart.
Am I headed for a brand new start?
I gaze around at all I see.
I wonder what is wrong with me.
The toll it takes is wearing me down.
I speak the words, do you hear my sound?
Thunder in his soul as he looks at me,
rattles my cage, and then sets me free.

© All Rights Reserved P.S. Rowland
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