Pickley Nickel, you smell like a shoe,
Constance Hudgeons

Pickley Nickel, you smell like a shoe,
Pickley Nickel, you make me go poo.
Pickley Nickel, how is your day,
Pickley Nickel, I really must say,
Pickley Nickel, please go away.

Love you Nickel. <3
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Nov 5, 2013

Do you remember
When we’d climb the old oak tree
Sit atop it and look
Look out at the world
Our world
Ours to conquer
Together, of course
Side by side, hand in hand
It’s different now
We’re both grown
I still visit the tree
I secretly hope I’ll find you there
Sitting atop, waiting for me
Our eyes would meet
It’d be as though we were young again
We’d join hands, and jump
Into our world
Together again, together at last
Yes, I remember

Won't you give me a nickel
Nestor David Armas

She drains me of words
Like at the end of a bath,
And I'm left with the stopper
Dry as a prune
Until I can
Once again
Replenish my thoughts,
Come again
Under my shower
But I'm just a mist
Lightly saturating
Her once more
Like the moisturizer after
But she shaves and dries
It all off,
What of it all
Has she absorbed?
I can't be coke
Left to go flat
Crushed soda pop can
In the sun
Unable to redeem myself,
Won't you give me a nickel
For my love?

APAD13 - 131 © okpoet

For the dime or nickel
Jimmy King
Jimmy King
Nov 11, 2013

You looked at me today
(When I finally forced your eyes
To meet mine)
Like I wasn't just. stranger
But a homeless man on the street,
Cursing at you and beggin you
For the dime or nickel
Which capitalist America
Demands you not give up

The time we spent the evening
Making love in your bed
You told me you wished
We were just ten years older
So we could look towards marriage
And a family.
I wonder what you think
About that night now

Aidan Nickel
Aug 23, 2010

Casually and nonchalantly loving
everyone they meet
greet, meet, know, love
the utopian place knows no
abstinence from life

Joy, the freedom to be fearless
caused by antis who'd have guessed
surely not I

ever since the death of omnipotence
Love has poured from every
living person. Lives are being
better than
after all
we have fascists for serving

Aidan Nickel
Aug 23, 2010

Come my friends young and old

hopelessly bold

bare pictures sold

of love of an act

as opposed to a you

me or they

he was an excellent lay

you never hear that

Aidan Nickel
Aug 23, 2010

Winter love
summer dove
with clipped wings
no good for flight
from fight
the addiction to right
like a craving for pain
but a longing for death
with a shortsighted breath
stuttering muttering
sounds of golden mothers
geese whose loves have long been hunted
by the ones who say it's just for food and fun
but eating brothers, sisters, misters
seems like really fucked up twisted
burnt souls smoking huge bowls
too lethargic to kill
window sill
widows still
not back yet
keep waiting.

I hate hunters
Aidan Nickel
Aug 23, 2010

Toe tapping
along a sheet of music
the changes are various
varying from
a multitude of varieties
the cooperative seems
to pull in seperate directions
the wrong way is strongest
longest way back
to how things were
you and me
the cakes have long since dried and molded
the only comfort is that it happened
what help is that
who the fuck has a time machine
you're lean
lost weight?
got a girl who loves you?
great changes
What goes up must come down
but how far down must it go?
too low
the good times have left
all that's left are the memories
of good times that were
used to be
Climb a tree

Give me a nickel
haiku namatata
May 6, 2010

Give me a nickel
For every time they've told me
I can't write haikus.

Aidan Nickel
Sep 1, 2010

Gallantry forgives recklessness
for all friendlies
but whoever heard of a friendly warship?

Soldiers slaves to a lord who isn't there
Wives waiting on a man who doesn't care
Workers haunted by the starving children's stare
People crying over a shirt with a tear

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