My heart and my salute to America's servicemen and women
Nov 11, 2014

In search of the yet unknown they roam,
Young faces carrying old burdens
They have seen too much.

Man the trenches, takes up arms, pick the nation
Onto your shoulders, for that is what
Soldiers do.
They have seen too much, far beyond tears
His eyes blank, her hands trembling with repressed
Memories of somewhere far away.
He didn't mean to kill, though he meant
To do his duty.
She didn't mean to see the bodies, though she meant
To help her brothers.
No man left behind.
The blood felt sticky as it seeped through his uniform,
Carrying a fallen comrade,
Trying not to think of anything but the steps back to

When I played Taps it was cold. November 1, because
The veterans all had work on Tuesday the 11th.
My heart and my salute to America's servicemen and women
Poured through my trumpet with as much
Solemnity and remembrance and love as I could muster.  
24 notes that reminded me of my great-grandfather's flag,
The picture of my father in his dress whites,
Rows and rows and rows of white crosses at Arlington.
I cried, and I wasn't even ashamed of it.

To all who have served our country
To all who have sacrificed of their minds and bodies
To all who have lost lives and limbs and peace of mind to
Protect us
I salute you.

Posted 11:00, November 11, 2014.
Please take time to remember our veterans today.
Mar 3, 2014

He said:
Time flies

Dada Olowo Eyo
Dada Olowo Eyo
Oct 15, 2013

And to those that have died,
To keep our children free,
Our loyalty, around you, is tied,
Always, to water, this freedom tree.

Here we salute you
Duncan Morrison
Duncan Morrison
May 12, 2011

I write
these feelings of pride

Here we salute you
to your endeavors,
to your dreams,
to your friendship,
that will be here
long after the war is over,
long after the dead are buried
long after you've,


To Jake Wiles and all of my friends that fought or are now fighting for my right to kickass
Feb 20

it didn't really matter
if you were first mate or captain
or if home was in a house
there was nothing more welcoming
than the gap between your teeth

A salute to the absolute
Grace Haskin
Grace Haskin
Sep 17, 2012

This is an applaud
A wonder at the blunders
An ovation to a groaning choir
Who forgot most of the words.

This is V for Victory
A salute to the absolute
A bitten tongue to the swingers
With their God-bless-Americas.

This is a handshake
A presentation, no, expectation
An obligatory hug to
I've already forgotten your name.

Salute to the fathers.
jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Jun 30, 2014

Salute to the fathers.
That protect their daughters.
Won't have harm come to them.
Even from the man professing to love them.

One slap.
One laying of your hands upon here.
Be prepared for a visit from her most honored man.

The one that raised her with love and kindness.

Yes, salute to these fathers that protect their child.

Honor to the brothers that protect their sisters.
They might have fought as kids.
Then we all fought as siblings when we was children.

But most boys knew the unwritten rules.
Even rules spoken to you.
Let no harm come to any women.

Especially, your sister and of course your mothers.

Salute, to that man that got laid on his butt.
There are still quality men that stands up against trouble.

I salute all the guys that intervene.
When they see foolish men acting mean.
Trying to dictate, who's in charged?

While forgetting at one time she was called sweetheart.

dominic rocky
dominic rocky
Mar 12, 2012

the pains
in my chest
from the
cigarettes and the
assure me of one thing
for certain
i am dying
as are you
and the fish
and the cows
and the trees
so shall we toast
to our knowledge
our ignorance
and our death
for tomorrow
may never come

   in space-time-mass we salute
Dag J
Dag J
Apr 17, 2013

there's nothing quite like
        a spaced out bard with a lute
there's just that quiet hike
        in space-time-mass we salute

    we find our spaces
    we spend our times
    we blend with the masses
    and hope that it rhymes

instapoem - blank mind inspiration
open mind get set ready go!
write the first thing that comes to mind ...
a kind of meditation
All here on the bitter mans salute
Ashby Brown
Dec 21, 2011

In the frame time with mimes
Circling around in rhyme
Where the whispers are shouted
And the misery is publicized
In colorful banners all emphasized
Take thy front foot to the left
And they back foot gone to theft
All here on the bitter mans salute
All here on the fitter mans salute
All here on the winning mans salute

And in sticking finicky horse flies
War torn and wishing they were never born
Telling tales that now are screened as myths
Where love is prophesized in the shape of gifts
No man may enter and no woman may squeal
We are all habits in finely packed eight dollar meals
Shipped off and clipped off
Like coupons were are richly scuffed
So here lie the bitter mans salute
So here lie the fitter mans salute
So here lie the winning mans salute

With the bid that went through by the government official
Stating that all tax will be in the form of red wax
Each child must pray to someone else so to obey
Kidnapped minds that grind their kinds as thin as lines
Non-sensical quotes that drift in the minds like long lost boats
Skimming the surface of a service of true freedom
Reaching millions with a smile with crossed fingers as long as miles
And here lie the bitter mans salute
And here lie the fitter mans salute
And here lie the winning mans salute

Our timing in the black market square
Makes all who enter shiver and dare
Know not who you hate only who you love
Take a start toward the finishing line above
Inside all of this lies no secret and no lie
Your heart will be broken but do not cry
Bright in the day but dark all around me now
The farmers in the field work with no plow
She's memorized by pity pain capturing her life
Sharpening the murder weapon a heart shaped knife
Make your way down and
See the bitter mans salute
See the fitter mans salute
See the winning mans salute

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