Aug 13, 2013

I have watched mothers lose
their children, and children lose their mothers. I am tied
by my toes to a loop
which can be seen in cafes and morgues -
the breast-feeding, the burying, the everything is all
on a string. I have heard about
women and children thinking they are unlimited,
I am unlimited, too, if
the two ends of a circle never meet.
My lover once closed his heart off from everyone, and I
never understood until now
that you do not
have to open up in order to be full inside. I still can
water his flowers, even the weeds
and he never has to open his eyes to see and
he never has to open his heart
to feel. I understand that sometimes it is better to just be.

Aug 20, 2013

Fiddle de dum, Fiddle de dee,  
A ring round the moon is pi times d;  
But if a hole you want repaired,  
You use the formula Pi r squared.

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Circumference thou Bride of Awe
Emily Dickinson


Circumference thou Bride of Awe
Possessing thou shalt be
Possessed by every hallowed Knight
That dares to covet thee

The circumference
Nov 19, 2013

The Dimensions
     of her heart.

The circumference
       of her soul...

When Cogs—stop—that’s Circumference
Emily Dickinson


When Bells stop ringing—Church—begins
The Positive—of Bells—
When Cogs—stop—that’s Circumference—
The Ultimate—of Wheels.

Emily Dickinson


The Poets light but Lamps—
Themselves—go out—
The Wicks they stimulate—
If vital Light

Inhere as do the Suns—
Each Age a Lens
Disseminating their

The minute Circumference
Emily Dickinson


Pain—expands the Time—
Ages coil within
The minute Circumference
Of a single Brain—

Pain contracts—the Time—
Occupied with Shot
Gamuts of Eternities
Are as they were not—

He carries a circumference
Emily Dickinson


His mind of man, a secret makes
I meet him with a start
He carries a circumference
In which I have no part—

Or even if I deem I do
He otherwise may know
Impregnable to inquest
However neighborly—

The circumference
Sep 9, 2013      Sep 10, 2013

Can you fathom
How deep the oceans
Can you fly
The many light years
Universes in our sky

I try but I can't measure
The depth or height
Of oceans' wonders
Or the expanse
Of my night view

Fathoms of oceans
Never ending universe
I wish that I could wander
The circumference
Of our Earth

9 Sept 13

If my waist was the circumference of my thighs
Oct 7, 2013      Oct 8, 2013

wishing i could've made better decisions
maybe look a little different
If my waist was the circumference of my thighs
would you stand by my side?
Would you feel a little better to hold my hand?
Would you brag about me to your friends?

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