The Last Wordsmith
The Last Wordsmith
Dec 31, 2015

The hug that felt like everything, would really be alright.
The kiss that without a doubt, had easily made my night.
The girl that I am falling for, without a single fear.
The relationship I'm wishing for, is drawing ever near.

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Family getting drunk,
Little sister out getting high,
and here I am, wishing for one thing
before I go to sleep tonight.

Have a great year everyone, wishing you all the best.
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CJ Flynn
CJ Flynn
Feb 21, 2015

Its been a year since…

I was 1st  here!!!

on for a month

then off for 12

my art came from my heart

I would never dart…

I need to spell it out.

never screamed or shout

but here we are again

#heart   #art   #a   #years   #year  
Feb 22, 2016

You had called me
a word
I had never heard.
You called me
a word
I did not know
I could be.
You called me
a word
that made me fall,
that made me fall so
damn hard for over
four long straight
All because of that
one foreign word
you had called me...

#love   #word   #words   #girl   #beautiful   #boy   #years   #year   #wasted  
and there we were kissing on that New Years eve,
The Last Wordsmith

And there never was a girl I loved quite like you,
but I'm sitting here thinking that we are through,
because how I can get back to how things used to be,
when I looked at you, and you smiled me,
and there we were kissing on that New Years eve,
didn't think one day you'd up and leave,
still, if you looked at me and smiled and said
"I love you boy get it into your head"
then I'd open my arms and I'd open my heart
because you my dear are a work of art.

#love   #her   #new   #romantic   #years   #eve   #zoe   #new-year   #new-years   #new-years-eve  
Oscar Tarango
Oscar Tarango
Jan 1, 2015

we enter 2015 new
clean slate
we enter every new year like a new born
we are reborn
what will come this year
the world can change in a year for the better or for the worse

#new   #year  
We hung out for the first time in years today.
Dameon Spencer
Dameon Spencer
Nov 13, 2014

We hung out for the first time in years today.
Wow. It doesn't feel like years.
The only difference I noticed,
Was that you didn't touch me once.

#love   #sad   #lost   #years  
Arvind Krish
Arvind Krish
Jan 1, 2016

2015 had its last breath..
and we had given the light to
last  year we made mistakes'
this year we make success
last year we learnt more
this year we teach more
last year we made resolutions...fake
this year we know
it  doesn't  need new year
for a great start

#new   #year  

2016 wow what a year,
This year absolutely brought me to tears
It also made me smile
When I didn't feel like it for a while
Let's pray the next year is the best
And isn't weight on our chests.

Happy New Years!!
#new   #years   #newyears  
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