postage stamp,
Kevin Fr
Kevin Fr
Sep 28

I wish to be
postage stamp,
so I can travel
the world with

As an unwanted postage stamp,
Daniell Plomondon

When I was younger
I stood there waiting.
I stood there,
Waiting for someone who would not come,


Against the cold damp wall I stood,
As an unwanted postage stamp,


Waiting to be remembered.
I watched,
As I stood there.

Aug 13, 2014

Dance to your heart's delight, divide hate from your true love, if you think you have one
Tell her you desperately feel her within you
(How we aim to bring souls to truth when we ignore it ourselves)


Keiko Larrieux
Feb 11, 2010

Forever entangled
In every aspect
Of paper pampered baskets

Silicon words
Status dripping
From the print preserved.

Calling his name
He believes.
He is deserved.

Candle light reflections
as your letters drunk in wax
it was alphabet affections
of sweet loving words and acts
Short time's wick it faintly flickered
now loves leading keeps apart
seems loss emotions snicker
to this lonely fading heart


Just put a stamp on me and mail me out
Meg Howell

Enveloped by mixed emotions
Just put a stamp on me and mail me out
Maybe not

#feelings   #emotions   #mail   #stamp  

now i see your bitters
mix up, keep it a away
you should know signs
as such are black eyes
fruitless, drama queens

you should know inertia
how it lurks, over some
shoulder of a cheap pose
she doesn't practice what
you so desperately preach

this city isn't made-to-order
she despises most partial
tossing them to the wolves
a tight checklist of foolish
power hungry antagonist

tiny names here in this city
it doesn't take one to no one
she is no one looking for her
brilliant time in the sunshine
tell your sob story to venus

good to know. will find info. it's a small world after all.
Forward and fall in love with his own stamp of beauty.
Oct 13, 2014

I kissed someone in the night,
Then woke to moan my plight,
No one to sing my song with me,
But contentment soon the object of my sight,
The Maker is my might,
Who better to sing in harmony?
Than the one who gave to me?
The melody of soul.
He sweeps the stars in dulcet patterns,
And creams the clouds for frosting,
He bends the eyelash and reddens lips,
Adds all the sweetness to make our hearts dip,
Forward and fall in love with his own stamp of beauty.
The Stamper is the most beautiful;
No crafted canyon, or molded man can compare to the Maker of it all,
For he only takes what is his and gives it out like candy,
To the mouths of all his children, unaware of his hand.
I want to be aware, to see indescribable things,
To watch with inner eyes what few else have seen,
To hear a song of a different dimension,
Lovely amidst dissension, and run towards that which can,
Really, give me what I want,
Give me what I need.

May 23, 2013
#dream   #beauty   #single   #stamp  

She tenses
I sense her,
she bids me
to enter,
I defer
to her

Tramp-stamp style.
Apr 12, 2012

I done
the apple too.
I'll go
on the blame scale
with Ever & The Serpent now.

I just want to go
Tramp-stamp style.
All I need
is a steady pole
to dance on.
Hello, Wednesday nights.
Pass me the fifth
I wanna get belligerent & cocky.

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