Still dark.  Two small chickadees
Karen Dick
May 27, 2010

Blue winter morning
Still dark.  Two small chickadees
on a snow-covered branch

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Black-capped chickadees
Robert Ronnow

Having not done the things I wanted to do
and the things I've done not being what I wanted to do
I sit here looking at lichen on the north side of trees.

Black-capped chickadees
cheerful and truthful expression
grouped in platoons, sharing the point.

The tribes travel together
first finches, then chickadees
following the squirrels every morning.

What luxury, abundance! Handful after handful
of grass seed thrown, into wind.
The corn ripe and the rye with it.

The other main families: pines, roses, peas,
lilies, daisies, heath, birch and oak.
Maple, honeysuckle, pink, mustard, cypress, mint, olive,
      buckwheat, primrose, willow, buttercup, saxifrage,
      snapdragon, cactus.

Truth may be ascertained by considering
the truth we feel, the truth we're told,
the truth we reason, and the truth we've seen.

It is so good to be a chickadee.
To tell the truth cheerfully and joyfully.
In a way that makes others want to live.
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It's time to cut the bullshit

And take the FINAL PRODUCT




we live in the alleyway under the el - tracks

In the darkest city

Where no humans dwell

                                                            ( just us robotic imitations

                                         In human form   )


we fuck like Ken & Barbie

& pretend that Someday

We'll pretend to play       House


And that we are real

And that we know love


We worship Idols

we abuse  the Sacred

We abuse each other

We write poems about it !



( which I find very strange  )



come on

It's time to cut the bullshit


it's that time girl

to take the FINAL PRODUCT


Chickadees pecking for seeds,
Sep 14, 2012

Fall needles shedding,
Chickadees pecking for seeds,
Shivering larch tree.

Chickadees calling*
Apr 18

Rain drops sing from sky
Spotted sounds in moisty leaves
Chickadees calling

#haiku   #nature   #joy   #birds  
their chickadees pillows,
Nov 12, 2013      Nov 13, 2013

This skin is alive,
but I wish it were rotting
beneath the soil,
roots forming between
my rib cage,
rain draining the blood
from my veins,
birds stealing hair for
their chickadees pillows,
insects burrowing behind
old kneecaps.

This life has no meaning so I give my life to those who could use it.

ring is the far wonder of somewhere the chickadees of smooth sweltering dolls with their d
PK Wakefield
PK Wakefield
Apr 26, 2014

do not go there are trees and how many who knows the world is round in Spring and fat in Spring is the far wonder of somewhere the chickadees of smooth sweltering dolls with their dulleyed limp mouths and they don't say a "fucking word"

of hearing Chickadees love songs
Aztec Warrior

Running playfully with the sun,
the moon follows
from Eastern skies.
I always enjoy these twilight hours,
listening to the day’s stories
of buffalo thundering the plains
for sweet alfalfa grass;
of hearing Chickadees love songs
to yellow daffodils.
But it is at dusk
I turn into the Grey Wolf
and howl lullabies
at the full moon.

Aztec Warrior 6.13.15

as Black-capped Chickadees spring
May 31, 2014

Got a strawberry patch with poems in it
young flax, lettuce and corn
worms subterranean with robin eye grit
planter saucer bird bath on tree stump borne
yellow iris among antonym greens
white sun's beams internally greet
Poppies, cardinal red, bob and stream
on this breezy morning wing
as Black-capped Chickadees spring


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