Still dark.  Two small chickadees
Karen Dick
May 27, 2010

Blue winter morning
Still dark.  Two small chickadees
on a snow-covered branch

(c) White Mountain Publications 2009
Chickadees pecking for seeds,
Sep 14, 2012

Fall needles shedding,
Chickadees pecking for seeds,
Shivering larch tree.

their chickadees pillows,
Nov 12, 2013      Nov 13, 2013

This skin is alive,
but I wish it were rotting
beneath the soil,
roots forming between
my rib cage,
rain draining the blood
from my veins,
birds stealing hair for
their chickadees pillows,
insects burrowing behind
old kneecaps.

This life has no meaning so I give my life to those who could use it.

Six black capped chickadees
Aug 4, 2010

Standing on the front porch,
waiting for the early edition,
I am aware of birds all around
bugling the purple robed arrival,
regal foundry casting of a new day.

Six black capped chickadees
harp on each other over
a few grains of millet.

One separates from the others
and perches in a nearby pine,
in his little ruffled way
he seems to say
he wants much more
than his picayunish friends.

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sweet the cherry chickadees sang
CA Guilfoyle
CA Guilfoyle
Sep 1, 2012      Sep 1, 2012

So came the days,
long of summer's winging
sweet the cherry chickadees sang
of June

Grasping leafy ribbons hung,
willowy warm the trees we swung
All the green - the frog soliloquy pond

Fritillaria, frilly forest fronds
grassy mountain meadow paths,
daisy clouds bloomed, swirling past
Wild geese flocked the lake,
dusk too soon alas

August night of seasons end
starry meteors flashed across
velvet black whistling to
a blue moon

and chickadees,
Pepper Smith
Pepper Smith
Nov 28, 2012      Dec 1, 2012

i find you in my hems
and in my hair
i can't believe i let you go there.
traded in my soul,
so i could give you more.
our fears were your fuel,
you were you,
i could not be me.
and your convincing lies,
made me believe that i
should never leave.

your shiny new wheels,
and chickadees,
and all the Ben Franklin's in the world,
can not replace
the woman,
the friend,
you found in me.
i leave you,
to find,
in your cracks and corners,
where emptiness hides.

where my fellow swallows and chickadees
CE Thompson

what would I give to be made a bird
who would fly up,
and up
and up!
up beyond the city lights
and far across the countryside
into the sky and away,
I’d dive between planets
and bathe in the stardust
left behind by calamities
and make something good

I would travel until I met a distant universe
where my fellow swallows and chickadees
would greet me, flapping and flying
twisting and diving to make
the background noise of space.

#freedom   #space   #sky   #spring   #flying   #birds  
Young Chickadees are bigger now
Kurtis Cullen
May 30, 2013      May 31, 2013

The race of the Spring is giving way
To the pace of the Summer,
More and more

Bees hover among the flowers, and
Young Chickadees are bigger now
Ripening like fruit on the vine,
Passing the test of hours

And in the lawn grass the Adder lies--
Still, stillness it must keep,
Wrapp'd by a hundred butterflies
Reds, oranges, blues, saffron, whites
All inextricably unique
Save when they rise,
Rising as they do like smoke when the serpent bites
The fang'd body uncoiled, vicious, sheer--

Nothing left in which to hide
Nothing more to make disguise
The Adder is bare before our eyes
The Adder is yielded to scrutinize!
See it before it flies! Spare yourself the surprise!

a poem about the deepening of what i understand about politics, relationships, growth
We'll be free like chickadees,
Mar 27, 2012

An arrow to the heart,
It hit the bull's eye.
Blind by cupid's arrow,
I can not deny.

I am tired of games,
Playing tricks,
Getting you closer to my dick.
I just want to run forward,
And mow down all,
In my way.
Doing everything I want,
Speeding by all the tolls,
Others pay.
I get my point across,
And you know I do it fast,
Get your feelings out now,
Before you are the past.
Tell it like it is,
Regret nothing you have said.
Speak when you can,
Tie up all the threads.
I'll get it off my chest,
Now get it off yours.
We'll be free like chickadees,
In the wide outdoors.
One way road,
And twenty cars behind.
Speed up buddy,
You are only wasting time.

Scream it out your lungs,
Until the ears are open wide.
Say everything at once,
Release your brain's bide.

I told you, and you were impressed I did. Hung out, ended with a kiss. Can't wait till next time.
The chickadees cheers for her to sing a story.
Briar Thornly
Briar Thornly
Feb 24      Feb 25

The chickadee flies around a little girls head.
Her hair hangs down her back like a rope.
A blade of grass tied around her braid.
The chickadees cheers for her to sing a story.
She won't turn around to acknowledge
the little token of friendship behind her.
The chickadee combs his claws in her hair.
The ribbon spins down and the party begins.
She stares at the setting sun to make it rise.
Her tank top helps her pretend she's strong.
Summer needs to enter the stage of snow.
Her soul is a bottle where she stores dreams.
All the clouds travel to earth in the winter.
The weight of the world is only winter.
The chickadee is the joy of winter.

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