What is a soul?
Mirrored Soul
Mirrored Soul
May 23, 2016

What is a soul?
It's the immortal part I'd say.
It's why we can be so intense.

What is a person?
It's an individual I'd say.
That's mortal.

What is a soulmate?
It's the person suited for another I'd say.

I feared my soullessness.
Shouldn't have.
Found it.
Well, half of it.

The other half, is you.

Till the end of time
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That no one could fix her broken soul
Lingers over my Soul

The day had come when lovers had to say goodbye
Bid a piece of smile and wave a little hand
She thought that their love was so real
Yet ended up being strangers to each

Weeks had passed and you are still there
In her little mind that is full of moments
Moments that you had shared together
Moment that you should have cherished together.

It's been a while since her heart was so alone
And now, she had learned something new
That no one could fix her broken soul
But only she could do it, if she only knew.

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John K Trainer
John K Trainer
May 28, 2014

Alive, astir
Gliding, enshroud, obscure
Awaken my tormented soul

A cinquain poem
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*Immortality lies in the soul
Katlyn Orthman
Katlyn Orthman
Oct 1, 2014

Immortality lies in the soul
My body may age
I will grow wise with time
But my soul will still burn with youth
Until death do us part

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I lost a soul
Atta Santoso
Atta Santoso
Sep 14, 2014

I lost a soul
Beautiful soul
In a blue dawn
I lost you

I lost my love
Now I have to live
My life without

I lost my cat, 14-9-14
#beautiful   #soul   #missing   #losing   #loving  
Your soul buoys up a body of mine,
Fizza Abbas
Jun 13, 2015

Your soul buoys up a body of mine,
leaving imperishable marks of an illusionary joy,
holding me through a lagoon of flowers,
embracing me in a verdant of sigh;
my soul becomes your captive while my body tells a lie.

This soul isn't as beautiful as it once was, my s
Jan 15, 2016

This soul isn't as beautiful as it once was, my soul has been burned, beaten, and buried beneath the betrayal, and hurt this world has cast upon me.

#hurt   #beauty   #soul   #ugly  
I put in my heart and soul
Buddy T
Buddy T
Nov 22, 2016

You put in half the effort
you win.
I put in my heart and soul
I loose.
-A hurt soul.

yours truly, a hurt soul. id rather not do the work at all than put in effort and loose.
#why   #hurt   #soul   #envy   #loosing  
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