modern society thinks of hygiene.
Lee Shetzline
Lee Shetzline
Feb 11, 2013      Feb 12, 2013

I think of you
the same way
modern society thinks of hygiene.
You are severely undervalued by most
and eternally needed.

A Mareship
A Mareship
Sep 19, 2013      Sep 20, 2013

I am ragged and
In velveteen splendour.
Assembled by a drunk,
Who couldn't remember
What loveliness
Looked like.

I'm too tall for my height.

You are pulpy and bright
Like today's magazines.
Your eyes are spotless like
Ironed jeans,
And they fold and crease
in smiles at me.

You find me funny.

I am sterile and naked
And aching with
I'll bend into positions to
Get your attention.
I am fixed in the curb,
and you gather the nerve
to cope with my most
unnerving dimensions.

(I love you. I forget to mention.)

You've never indulged in
petty sex.
You wrap my arms around
Your neck,
like I'm a scarf.

I make you laugh.

You've never been
out on the scene.
You've never found yourself
between two strangers
in a darkened room.
Bedroom theatre's not
for you.
Nor costume.

You've never smoked.
You've never drank so much
You've choked
on hot-bodied vomit and
collapsed in the road.
You had four pints of
and I watched you explode.

From your skin I lick atoms of the sky and shampoo.
You are dripping with hygeine
You are clear, you are blue.

In mirrors you stand and watch me watching you.

Mar 6

my pits smell just fine
i don't need deodorant
so go fuck yourself

Let us not
feel repulsed
by the toilets
For without them
we will remain unclean
and will be repulsed
by the world
which is by itself
quite repulsive.
So let us not
feel repulsed
by the toilets
For without them
we will be defecating
in the open fields

Written upon the request of a friend who wanted me to write a poem on the subject of "Toilets".  I hope he is happy now....

The same friend has also challenged me to write a poem using the "F" word in each line of a poem and I wonder if I should really take up his challenge.....
Al C
Al C
Nov 24, 2012

I'm not afraid of spiders,
Unless they invade my head space.
I'm not afraid of heights,
I'd rather jump off the highest hill to feel those
Three moments of infinity.

I, however am afraid of the dentist.
I don't have a clear explanation,
But I was traumatized.
Mother said she's calling them Monday.

You see, I haven't been to the dentist in
Four years.
Yes, a lot, I know. It's not healthy.
                                                                           I know.
I don't care.
I do not want the dentist.
Don't make me go.

rbody I'm Gene and I'm an alcoholic.... HYGIENE.... clapclapclap.
Kenneth Irving MacPherson

Hello everbody I'm Gene and I'm an alcoholic.... HYGIENE.... clapclapclap.

Every poet in my life it seems has had the propensity towards shining down on me while 'in their cups'.
my name is Gene and I'm an alcoholic... Hygiene... clapclapclap.
Kenneth Irving MacPherson

Hi, my name is Gene and I'm an alcoholic... Hygiene... clapclapclap.

© 2013

All rights reserved.
Questionable hygiene.
Courier Pigeon
Courier Pigeon
Mar 26, 2013      Mar 27, 2013

Complex PTSD made even more complex by frequent bouts of mild psychosis.
Mood swings.
Suicidal tendencies.
Inconsistent personality.
Writing uncontrollably.
Questionable hygiene.
Obsessive pineapple eating.
And I have a horrible sense of direction.

What was the question?

of failed hygiene.
Aug 3, 2011

Nothing worse than flushing it away
To see that it floats
To see that it stays

Nothing worse than toothbrush on tongue,
To sense that it's there -
it isn't done

Nothing worse than when you're trying to get clean,
and you're smacked in the face with the taste,
of failed hygiene.

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