*Sometimes it just end-*
Mar 5, 2015

Sometimes it ends in fire

Sometimes it ends in ice

Sometimes it ends in falling

Sometimes it ends in sleeping

Sometimes it just ends suddenly

Sometimes it ends on time

Sometimes it just end-

Inspired by a poem I heard a few weeks ago.
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Dec 20, 2014

so i guess that's it

                                                        maybe i'll see you around?

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come to an end.
May 1, 2016

The anger raged
throughout the room.

The light flicker
barely noticeable
above all the
water filled eyes.

The fight had
come to an end.

But the only ones
left were those who wept.

end with E,
Cat Fiske
Cat Fiske
Apr 25, 2015

And Maybe we started off loving each other,
Or maybe we Pretended the hate we had for each other,
wasn't what Begun.

But Maybe the Lust
was just Lost
in our Hostility,
Because we only showed our true affections,
though our every aggression.

Maybe Obedience on my part,
Led you to your obsessive,
Threatening tendency's,
Some that led you throw your clammy fists at me,
But you Threw Terribly,

Sometimes I think you were being Empathetic to me,
When you didn't really force your fake Expression of love on me.
Because sometimes,
I just had blow you,
To prevent our blow outs,
But Every time you Exposed me,
You Excuse yourself,
by saying you love me.

Love and Hate
Start off the same,
But we wont see it,
Until the ending letters,
end with E,
for Ending.

this is about a relationship I had, that has lead to more problems with my PTSD, I honestly write this on my hand a lot, and I finally transferred it. to my laptop, so I hope you like it, that is who ever reads it.
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Apr 24, 2014

None ended well, few
That they were; but I am not
Ending badly now.

If I can help it.

“I know how it will end...and it will not end well.” —DW, Vincent
fe ends badly, otherwise it would never end.
David Hall
David Hall
Aug 27, 2014

Everything in life ends badly, otherwise it would never end.

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for it all to end.
Feb 8, 2015

I do not wish
for a happy ending.
I simply wish
for it all to end.

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end with thunderous applause,
Gabrielle Barnes
Gabrielle Barnes
Mar 6, 2016

things don't
end with thunderous applause,
or even with a bang.
Some endings,
aren't proper endings
at all.
all explanation
is heard in the absence
of words.
But I've learned
to decipher
the silence.

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