Mar 29, 2016

bowl of hot steaming white rice
faint porcelain bowl
each grain foretelling wisdom

there is more than what meets the eye
#haiku   #wisdom   #rice   #bowl  
Jonathan Sawyer
Apr 14, 2016

O Bowl, how I love thee
Thou art wonderful,
        O Fruit of the tree.
Thou hast been finest friend
        to me,
   a friend to be
for unto eternity.

Date unknown. After "Twisted Mermaid", but before "Trial by Fire".
#friend   #ode   #bowl  
Kendra Mack
Kendra Mack
Feb 8, 2016

I scored a goal
At the Super Bowl!
Knocked down every pin
One more strike and I win!
What? That's the wrong game?
Well then please change the name!

Friends, arcades, night bowling.
Jul 12, 2014

I bowled three games tonight.
Possible paths to victory skipped rocks in my mind,
Until the ball dropped.
I won and lost.
My face flushed.
My skills wavered,
Such a tragic player.
A strike, a ball doomed to the gutter.
What did it matter?
When the lanes burst with laughter?
Friends, arcades, night bowling.
Fingers contorting.
Strange shoes and watching feet behind the line.
No passing it, no crime.
All win in the end.
Bowling alleys- hidden gems.

#summer   #night   #bowling  
Trevon Haywood
Trevon Haywood
Feb 8, 2016

They said we couldn't beat the Steelers.
We did.
They said we couldn't beat the Seahawks.
We did.
They said there is no way to beat the Panthers.
We did.
And as for us, we did it! We WON the SUPER BOWL 50!

Poem is dedicated to the Super Bowl 50!
#the   #we   #super   #bowl   #50   #won  
Valora Brave
Valora Brave
Apr 6, 2013

Fearful slide into the role
I wish not to presume
I feel the need for guidance
for some center - like a bowl
round and loud - caring about
things like a jellyfish
eat, sleep, sting -like the
ring of my memory
that has forgotten how to sing
gone like the voice of my memory
and I can feel
Alis grav nil and my memory sings
Nothing is Heavy with Wings

#forget   #voice   #memory   #forgotten   #sing   #feel   #guidance   #bowl   #center   #alisgravenil  

Each morning she fills a bowl with love.
And my hands become like a spoon.
Nourishing my soul with such a precious gift.
A memory my mouth will soon never forget.
The taste of love

Gabriel Burns
Gabriel Burns
Dec 9, 2016

We bowl and yet
no ball is thrown;
our gazes roll
through lanes unseen

two ends,
two pairs
of eyes;

whoever wins,
scatters all
the thoughts
on the other end
like pins

#eyes   #thoughts   #emotion   #game   #looking   #stare   #bowling   #gazes  
May 21, 2014

Friends are the
bacon bits in the
salad bowl of life!

#friends   #life   #salad   #bacon   #bowl   #bits  
Feb 6, 2015

A Mind.
A Soul.
A Bowl.
A Key.

(No Syphilis Was Contracted In The Making Of This Poem)

well... maybe a little
#lost   #mind   #soul   #key   #bowl   #syphilis  
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