Friends, arcades, night bowling.
Jul 12, 2014

I bowled three games tonight.
Possible paths to victory skipped rocks in my mind,
Until the ball dropped.
I won and lost.
My face flushed.
My skills wavered,
Such a tragic player.
A strike, a ball doomed to the gutter.
What did it matter?
When the lanes burst with laughter?
Friends, arcades, night bowling.
Fingers contorting.
Strange shoes and watching feet behind the line.
No passing it, no crime.
All win in the end.
Bowling alleys- hidden gems.

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Jake Spacey
Jake Spacey
Dec 26, 2012      Dec 28, 2012

what will it take? 20 years of outright lies
and denied mistakes?
watching you escape on a plane set a thousand miles away
or at home screaming in pain
we're both here, both alone
both sorry, both stubborn
overcome with disappointment
and it'll kill us, we'll die here, we're done

rad dads and hating them fads
Infamous one
Infamous one
Feb 14, 2013

Roll the ball down the lane
Hit a pin or two
Shoes for rent
Scores are kept
Roll a spare
Three holes feel with fingers
Sometimes a gutter ball
Keep trying for a strike
Get your roll down till it feels right
Play all your frame
Love it so much keep playing the game
Play in teams or do it alone
The scores at the end says it all

Trevor Bowling
Trevor Bowling
Dec 4, 2011

From A to B, my temper holds
stronger than if still,
for I can't see a destination
stronger than my will.

Moving breaks my static gaze
as reels of passing art
leave their mark and fall away
but just in perpetual shift may they
stretch out time for me and stay.

My pangs are lost in deep transition
as we reach towards B from A,
and I look ahead to C, dare I say:
As life winds up its next stretched reel,
my will on that way would be stronger still.

Looking at the red pool of water in his shirt
I abandon him
There are too many tears too much sorrow and
Not enough hope
When he sees this he know i have written it
With my blood sweat and tears
Cuts and bruises in my heart that aren't easily repaired
Soon i realize i'm empty noting left to give more left to receive
Let my onomatopoeia scream louder than my actions
Let the roll of thunder hear my cry for help
I need you now more than ever
Even though the red pool is a stain in your shirt
Just listen
This untitled world will eat us up
but its our job to make sure it spits us out

Bowling sucks.
Steven Fried
Sep 19, 2013

Bowling sucks.
Stepping in and smelling fresh diarrhea and cigarettes
Slide your fingers into the heels of over worn shoes
Then your feet- someone has been here before, hundreds of people have
sit in the solid plastic swivel
step up to the dead rack and pick up a germ infested, god-forsaken ball
bowl terribly and pull your glute
Ten frames.

wild smiling girl sets the triangle of bowling pins.
Oct 13, 2013      Oct 14, 2013

It was night
There were no clouds in the sky,
Just stars in the black sea.
Noise spilled through the doors of the bar.
Outside the Brass Rail people with alcohol in their system
And the ganja in their lungs crowd the 49 highway.
In the middle of the road,
Where the white and yellow lines run parallel,
A wild smiling girl sets the triangle of bowling pins.
A ways down the highway line, a smiling man with blond dreadlocks
Swings his arms back and forth, ready to threw the ball.
The wild girl moves, the man throws his ball, the crowd cheers, trucks honk,
And the pins are hit!
Everyone jumps in the air, everyone claps and whistles,
And the game starts over again.
Bowling on highway 49 in North San Juan, California.
These wild free spirits are my friends.

If i could see my na'ana  i'd say
Why did you leave me here?
alone in a world filled with heart break and sorrow,
Women selling their bodies, doing something strange for a little bit of change,
To provide for their children.
Na'ana why did you leave me here to cry no one to help me up
Na'ana I miss you
You took all the bad dreams away,
Temptation, and peer-pressure.
Its easier with out you
Why did you leave me here on this
Filthy, sin-filled world
Na'ana i know you can hear me
How did you carry the world on you your shoulder?
How did you protect me?
How did you help others?
Listen you were there now you aren't
Na'ana, Na'ana, wake up
I need you

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