Nanette Villanueva
Nanette Villanueva
Aug 13, 2014

Roof of the sky leaks
A plumber looks for a tissue
In the duskiest summer

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May 19, 2013

My father was a plumber and more
He is gone now with much forlorn
I miss his advice and lore
A leak sparked memory
Of great days of yore
Advice I seek
To fix my

I fixed it while thinking about him. He taught me more than he knows. I miss are time spent together, even arms deep in toilets. Love you Dad!

A few months I haven't called him

At the beck and call at any hour
And the shortest notice
A dial to him has saved many an emergency

Last night a broken female voice
On the other side of the wire
Mumbled he died on May 13

Left her with three daughters
At forty at short notice

The plumber is dead

Now who would clear
My choked wash basin

The plumber is dead
And I've no other number to call

I couldn't see her face
Gauge the faceless sorrow
At the other side of the wire

The plumber is dead

I must find another
And then rejoice
Forgetting the widow's choked voice

Lily Mae
Lily Mae
Oct 8, 2012

With your pipes have never been so clean

Brujo Alligatore
Brujo Alligatore
Feb 9, 2016

Some of the shits sink
And some of the shit floats
But when one plunges sinkers
They squish, smear, and combine
And the plunger comes out
Pretty gross

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