The poor lonely duck
May 2, 2014

The poor lonely duck
floats on the Spring mountain lake
waiting all alone.

#lonely   #alone   #mountain   #duck  
Cartoon Duck
Tex Dermott
Tex Dermott
May 29, 2015

Cartoon Duck
Always the victim
Of the world
He lives in
Yet loved by those who view him
In the living world

This shadorma is dedicated to all those ducks who see in the funny pages and the silver screen.
#tribute   #duck   #cartoon  
Duck Season
Tex Dermott
Tex Dermott
Jun 2, 2015

Duck Season
Opens on Toon Lake
Cartoon Man
Is ready
His mouth waters for roast duck
Horns grow on his head

Cartoon Duck
Is on full alert
Playing ticks
Scheming plans
Confusing his pursuer
Until the moon shines

Duck Dinners
Never come about
Cartoon man
Thinks and thinks
And finally surrenders
Waiting for next year

#man   #humor   #duck   #cartoon   #shadorma  
I am a duck
Ryan Boddy
Apr 14, 2015

I am a duck
And I like to quack
But I don't give a fuck
Thats why I do crack

Quack, Quack, go fuck yourself

#deep   #swag   #penis   #cheese   #duck   #large   #bruh   #srsly   #sweg   #gofuckyourself  
My duck pond polluted with human filth,
Nathan Vienneau
Nathan Vienneau
Sep 3, 2014

My duck pond polluted with human filth,
Old grizzly pidgins flock to eat the disease,
It shows in their mottled grey and brown feathers,

My little duck sits on a rock and cleans.
Where oh where has my baby gone!

Sickened with sadness I can stand it no longer.

#human   #pollution   #park   #duck   #filth   #pond   #pidgins  
The  Good  Pussy
The Good Pussy
May 21, 2015

                            u    u c    u
                           c      k D      c
                          k        u          k
        ­                 D       c   k       D
                          u      D   u      u
                           c       c  k       c
                            k       D        k
                             D      u      D
                               u     c     u
                                   c k  c

"Fuck a duck! "
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