Kollitiki Vradypodes
Kollitiki Vradypodes
6 days ago      5 days ago

You are beautiful
-love the sloth who has been adhesified

Amethyst Rock Star


she squawked,

almost incoherently,

I'd just took a sip of my tea.

"To most, they remain a mystery".

The remark remained a mystery to me.

as if there was or was no
purpose to be grasped
by tangible means

as if thoughts were
concrete enough
to be contained
by one mind alone

as if memories were
reliable enough to
recreate history yet
again to condone repetition

as if love was real
to dream or feel
beyond the mind we know
we have no where else to go.

So, the weight of human pain
would equate to our divine gain.

Cry            Leaf
Sniff                      ­          Hair
            Tasty                                Climb
      ­                            Sleep
Choose                         ­                           Fluff
                                                        ­    Hydrocarbons
Fall                                  Scream
              ­    Cat
                                                         ­             Kyet
               ­                     Pencil Javelin
Kill                                                     ­   Save
                                      Love               ­             Hate

See if you can write a poem out of these words. In this order. Add #slothwords so people can find them.
The Adhesive Sloths
Ena Alysopriono

Slow, furry and soft
The most noble animal
The Adhesive Sloths

I know this is weird. I am this weird. No I'm not on anything. I'm naturally this strange.
Kollitiki Vradypodes

You know what would be great?
If I had some CHOCOLATE right now!
...I get distracted easily.
...hungry as well...

gay les straight bi or into adhesive sloths (we adhesified furry little sloths need
Kollitiki Vradypodes
Kollitiki Vradypodes
Nov 12      Nov 13

Don't discriminate
Just don't do it
All it is, is hate
Hate is made out of other hate
and hate only fuels more hatred
You pour gasoline on a blaze of loathing
with every discriminatory comment you make
It doesn't matter
if they have done something you believe is wrong
because you have done many things that are wrong too
it is not for you to judge
so black white brown both or polka dotted for all I care
gay les straight bi or into adhesive sloths (we adhesified furry little sloths need a little love too)
man or woman or sloth
punk emo crazy nerdy weird loser REALLY weird bookworm or literal worm sloth or adhesive sloths (like me)
nature freak or homebody
axe murderer or a cereal killer or a cheerio killer
it does not matter who or what they are
they are all human too. or all sloths. that too.
Just don't discriminate
and share the slothified love of adhesiveness
accept everyone as they are
even if they hang from trees and move in slow motion all day like me
even if they are rocks
because rocks are great
in fact this one time, I found this rock and man, it was absolutely hilarious it should have been a stand up comedian
okay well not a STAND UP comedian, because I mean... rocks can't actually stand up... but like a really hard and Sedimentary roundish stone shaped sit down (well more like lay around like a rock all day) comedian
Wait, what was I talking about?
oh right, don't discriminate!! :)
against other humans or other sloths.
or adhesive sloths.

...I'm not crazy! my mother sloth had me tested!

yeah, I kind of need a life. I've lost a lot of brain cells falling out of my tree when I confuse my arm with a tree branch, grab it and almost fall to my death... anyway, hope the underlying message here gets across.
lots of love to the adhesive sloths out there! repost if you are an adhesive sloth lover!!!
Sloths have got it right
Simon Tyroler
Dec 14, 2013

Sloths have got it right
Live at top speed you die young
Live slow die never

Seriously man
Sloths know what is up no doubt
Live slow die never

If I were a sloth
I would not write any haiku
Live slow die never

Razor sharp claws for
Nails, wearing algae like camo
Live slow never fail

Time to get out of
Bed no no no no no no
Live slow die never

Fight the power and
Bring the man down, later bro
Live slow die never

Sloth sloth sloth sloth sloth
Sloth sloth sloth sloth sloth sloth sloth
Live slow die never

Sloth grabs his own arms
Falls to his death from high trees
Live slow, die. Splat!

Shifted from the floor
Of the forest sloth rises
Live slow never die

o by slowly and the wounds healing at a sloths pace
Nov 20, 2012

You spend all you're time cleaning you're razors and knifes
But for what?
To let the wound sit there and fester
To pick at the healing skin
To let it get infected
And the days go by slowly and the wounds healing at a sloths pace
Some leave thin white lines behind
Others red angry raised marks
And I know you lie on your bed looking at each and everyone of them

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