*Darkness is a difficult thing,*
Dark Jewel
Dark Jewel
Jan 31, 2016

Darkness is a difficult thing,
It's a monster.
A Villain.

Maybe.. That's what I am.
A monster...

When the darkness comes.
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul

When the darkness comes.

I will be waiting for it.

With my eyes open wide.

With my soul still pure.

And with my soul still intact.

I will fight with pride.

With no going back.

I will try not to fall.

I will stand my ground.

Never bow down my head.

Let the darkness engulf me.

For my lady's light glows.

Her love gives me strength.

Against the impossible odds.

Showing me the way.


I am the stranger outside
Watching you in the shower
The monster under your bed
When you're trying to sleep

I am the stalker in the shadows
When you're walking in the street
The fear on the dark corners
You know I'm waiting there

I am the nightmare at night
Those forbidden thoughts in your head
You try to make yourself resist
But you're a prisoner of my will

I am the coming domination
As you fall to your submission
The surrendering to completion
At last, you face exactly who I am

Copyright Chris Smith 2014
Dark Ink
Dark Ink
Mar 20, 2016

When the day is done for the infantry,
they bow their heads and take a knee,
they clasp their hands and start to pray,
that they may live another day,
should a challenge for them ever arise,
they would proudly meet it with open eyes,
soldiers fight with the honor and pride,
moving any and all fear to the side,
a soldier's family and freedom is his core,
for wanting to ever fight a war.

#honor   #prayer   #life   #death   #darkness   #pride   #fighting   #battles   #glory   #soldiers  
Apr 19, 2016

In tunnelled darks, pastes of reminisce
Outward disjoint points to irrelevance
Spooned and coned in cold mountaintops
The darks of sorrows and trails of struggles

Persistence patterns of self satire in gloom
Sunken in identity crisis of broad oceans
Stormy seas spotlighted by beatific stars
Trajectory of spilled ice in recurrent motions

A mere past cocooned by fears and tears
Clouded in thoughts that cruise and decline
Greyed white imprinted by sudden sadness
Madness echoes on arched ancient bricks

Checkered maniacs of fulfilled passions
Filed and iced in cased prolific memories
Cascades of sunshine tickles to warmth
Orchards of glow that bloom and grow

Picked, ticked and unpacked from boxes
Attacked, nurtured and stored in bliss
Eventful lessons unfolds in untold augury
A mission as the known permeates and fade

Windowed eyes all line up in parade
Mirrored lights digest the haunted haste
A stranger to self, an ally to another
A dance of bright entwine a twist of blur

Darks and lights ........
For audio follow:
the darkness
May 12, 2014

thousand words worth
can never even
the darkness

zeineb bouhaouel
Sep 9, 2014

my head is full of dark thoughts
so i better stop thinking
before i lose my mind

#life   #dark   #thoughts   #darkness   #mind  
Nov 17, 2014

The dark art of sniping, can only be mastered by darkest of individuals.

©2014 copyright Michael Cross
#dark   #art   #darkness   #darkest   #sniping   #snipers  
*Just find the darkness.*
Mar 24, 2015

And when the loneliness gets too much,
Just find the darkness.

Woot woot!
#alone   #dark   #darkness   #find   #loneliness   #search   #random  
Analise Quinn
Analise Quinn
Aug 12, 2014

I shall not fear the
Dark, for the brightest of lights
Shines within my heart

#fear   #haiku   #dark   #darkness   #light  
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