Allesha Eman
Allesha Eman
Oct 18, 2014

when it starts
It never goes
when It ends
It always leaves

Does it come back
Do you come back
Yes it does they say
But what a darned lie

Yes it comes back
They fight
But they don't know
They leave when they receive

And they never go
Now you are confused I get it
But you will get it too,
When it starts

Its a little hard to crack and understand but that's the point. Make it what it means to you and how it fits In your mind
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is the start*.
Crazy Diamond Kristy

The hardest part
to any journey
you embark
is the start

3-12-17 (C)

Musing on how I often procrastinate until the last minute only to realize that once I started a task, it practically finishes itself.

Thanks for reading! K:)
its a fresh start
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
Apr 13, 2015

a new beginning
its a fresh start
weep not on the past
think of  the memories
of happiness to last

#memories   #happiness   #past   #new   #beginning   #start   #fresh  
before I would start anything again
Roses Behind Every Thorns

I need to step back right away,
before I would start anything again

I need to back off and let it be
before I would be falling deeper into you

Recently I did found someone I'm interested to, but somehow, it doesn't feels right to start liking this person. Things just got really hard and I'm confused now .__.
#love   #end   #me   #start   #indecisive  
May 11, 2014

i wish to unmeet you
         only to meet you again.

#10w   #again   #start   #meet   #afresh  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Apr 20, 2015

From you starts my day,
In you I see my day end.

From you starts my heart beating,
In you it stays alive after my death.

From you starts my true love,
In you it will stay immortalized.

My HP Poem #844
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #story   #i   #romantic   #you   #starts   #ends  
Jan 13, 2016

The parts that switch on,
flicker and hum to hesitant life,
when you come walking through the room.
Reluctantly, I feel all of my emotions begin.
There is a clicking and whirring, a sputter and a cough
There is a squeal and a backfire.
I sound ugly but I'm still alive.

#alive   #on   #emotions   #starting   #beginning  
Jul 17, 2016

Talk to me
Just say hey
Tell me the time of day
I applied for a job
That's  preety Kool
I started an old hobby.  
Ive decided im no fool

Im a human  beeing.
I just want to converse
I know you have free time
So i challenge  you to write me a verse

Hey lachrymose and lies.
That means you.
Ive heard your kind of cute,
So tell  me. Will  you rebuke?
#her   #he   #us   #start   #challenge   #freshlove  
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