I’m a pure blood libra,
Marci Ace

It’s just the scale in me.
I’m a pure blood libra,
I’m not blind
I can see,
Exactly what’s going on around me.
Fierce indeed.
Money, clothes, wealth
I greed.
Empty souls,
And unhealed wounds,
I feed.
I’m kind,
I’m goofy and bless.
I pick up anyone
And put my enemies
To rest.
I am a libra.
I am the best

                                              Marci H.

Aug 4

What happens when the bad out weighs the good?

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May 23, 2014

maybe we were never meant to be.

maybe you did once love me.

it's that 50% chance

of uncertainity

that fail my relationships


Well, well, well...if it isn't mister and misses, I have to have someone up my asshole 24/7. Even when you're taking a shit. And if your partner isn't right next to you when doing so, you're sending them photos of your shit via text because you think it's somehow romantic and/or cute. You're the least constipated of all the zodiac signs because you're constantly taking it up the ass-shit just falls right out of your ass hole with ease. Man or woman, you have this bizarre almost compulsive fascination with hairy assholes, both literally and figuratively. Because you're so eager to please, you have no problem switching from your ass to your mouth and vice versa. No one really cares when you go missing because you're probably somewhere with your ring finger up someone's hairy ass hole.

Adivice: If you know you're going to be taking dick in the ass and mouth, it would be wise to try and shit beforehand because nine times out of ten, you're left with your own shit in your teeth. Smile pretty for me, baby!

Apr 16, 2014

Boy blue
I couldn’t love you.
I apologize,
See the dark
Sincerity in my eyes.

Red drowned my heart
You knew saving me
Would be dangerous
From the very start.

You took no caution
Refused to yield to yellow
Off on green you went
Bull headed fellow.

Don’t dwell on us
You always did think too much
Tell my memories to relax at night
Mistakes always did keep me up

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But what is one to do, with a Libra?
Kim Davis
Kim Davis
Jan 22, 2014

I try so hard to read signals.
But what is one to do, with a Libra?

So well managed,
Loved by everyone.
Your date of birth,
dictating your ease in conversation,
Making us fight for your love
or face remaining a mere strand of hair
trying to penetrate your thick skull
to get to your heart ,
disposable without noticeable change.

How does one win the love of a Libra?
Especially one with such jet black eyes,
And comfortable nature in any environment.
I cannot measure the diameter of your pupils,
cannot read your body language.
In so many ways, the only thing
keeping me from shedding from your head
is the mere idea
read online
that our zodiacs are perfectly matched.

Kristina Robertson
May 17, 2012

Balance is beauty
Balance is the key to my

Libra is always fair.
Mar 3, 2012

Justice isn't doing the right thing.
It's just about balancing the scale,
Between right and wrong.

He killed a man,
You know what to do.
Chamber to his head click click boom.

The scale must always be,
In a mutual state.
Who ever touches the scale will meet their fate.

Eye for an eye,
Who can argue with that.
Strike for strike, kill for kill, prepare to receive your bill.

You owe us many of things,
An arm, a leg, a wife, three fingers,
And everything else you took away.

If your life doesn't pay the toll.
We will simply carry the ones,
And take them from those who you love.

This is blind justice,
For how can it care.
It is a scale,
Libra is always fair.

The stars say I am Libra. Stars can't talk.
Sep 25, 2014

I'm no comedian,
but to see you smile
I become funny.

I'm not rich
but I will hustle
to get you money.

I'm no chef
but your taste, I savor
I desire your flavor.

I'm no freak
but new lovers,
I love to meet.

I'm no hoarder
but admirers
I love to keep.


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With pride I can chant, **I AM LIBRA!**
Sep 25, 2014

The 23 of the month came
and breath entered my body,
I remembered my name.

Billboards with my face
People cheered me on,
overnight fame.

11 months of living with amnesia,
I'm alive again.
With pride I can chant, I AM LIBRA!

#libra   #october  
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