I’m a pure blood libra,
Marci Ace
Marci Ace
May 1, 2015

It’s just the scale in me.
I’m a pure blood libra,
I’m not blind
I can see,
Exactly what’s going on around me.
Fierce indeed.
Money, clothes, wealth
I greed.
Empty souls,
And unhealed wounds,
I feed.
I’m kind,
I’m goofy and bless.
I pick up anyone
And put my enemies
To rest.
I am a libra.
I am the best

                                              Marci H.

May 23, 2014

maybe we were never meant to be.

maybe you did once love me.

it's that 50% chance

of uncertainity

that fail my relationships


Apr 16, 2014

Boy blue
I couldn’t love you.
I apologize,
See the dark
Sincerity in my eyes.

Red drowned my heart
You knew saving me
Would be dangerous
From the very start.

You took no caution
Refused to yield to yellow
Off on green you went
Bull headed fellow.

Don’t dwell on us
You always did think too much
Tell my memories to relax at night
Mistakes always did keep me up

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I fell in love with a Libra once but all I got was a new therapist.
Jan 8, 2016

I fell in love with a Libra once but all I got was a new therapist.
Why is it that you only tell the truth whenever you're leaving?
How much longer can you lie to yourself? You say, "One day I'll learn." When will you actually change?
What do you tell yourself at night when you're awake and tormenting yourself over things you've watched fall apart? Do you really think you could stop any of it from happening?
Now, be honest. Can you look at your reflection and tell the difference between your mask and you?
Why do you get yourself into situations you can't back out of? Don't you know it's not roulette if all of the chambers are loaded?
Do you remember when you told me that you don't believe in fairy tales? Tell me about how happiness is the road you're not allowed to walk down.

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Aug 4, 2015

Some day I'll be equal again.

#love   #good   #bad   #balance   #equality   #loyalty   #september   #libra   #october   #loyal  
With pride I can chant, **I AM LIBRA!**
Sep 25, 2014

The 23 of the month came
and breath entered my body,
I remembered my name.

Billboards with my face
People cheered me on,
overnight fame.

11 months of living with amnesia,
I'm alive again.
With pride I can chant, I AM LIBRA!

#libra   #october  
I'm just a Libra love swinging high on indecision
Aug 20, 2015

I'm just a Libra love swinging high on indecision
in the throes of inebriation, permeated with all sorts of
feelings filling falling fascinations in the moment.
Fleeting while failing to carry on and then become it.

Mine Libra scale's;
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
Sep 3, 2015

She layeth aloft
Mine Libra scale's;
And tis I must say
She balance's them out perfectly.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane nagley dedication/Filipino rose....

Sep 15, 2014

I kissed him!
Stole his love from within.

A libras spell,
He turned pale.

His soul had left his body.
this wasn't good, I felt naughty.

I wanted to give him back his life, CPR maybe?
His struggle for air drove me crazy!

But a voice told me not to bother,
cuz this was the normal reaction for a fish out of water.

#love   #kiss   #zodiac   #libra  
Sep 25, 2014

I'm no comedian,
but to see you smile
I become funny.

I'm not rich
but I will hustle
to get you money.

I'm no chef
but your taste, I savor
I desire your flavor.

I'm no freak
but new lovers,
I love to meet.

I'm no hoarder
but admirers
I love to keep.


#mystery   #libra  
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