Lu Sun
Lu Sun
Apr 10, 2012

I do a lot of thinking
A lot of feeling
A lot of living for others
But what…
Have I done for myself?
Consideration for others is one thing
Consideration for oneself is another

In bitch marriages,
love's a pimple on a financial consideration.

Mar 1, 2015

Lost Sight in life
Though I'm not Blind

Yet I'm not paid in Kind

Now I'm Lost
As I searched to Find

I gave it Heart
Only to lose my Mind.

With a considerate twitch
Water In My Veins

Gliding through life,
Like Seagulls in the mist.
Riding that high
As social misfits.

With a considerate twitch
For which we have nothing
Silence remains
As do our pens.

We write of our fights,
Though few believe.
Until all is gone
And we forever leave.

Crying and caring,
Bleeding and breathing,
All blend into
Ever present pain.

They cry for us,
Dry tears.
Standing in sullen crowds
Surrounded by sad clowns.

What could you do or say
today, that  could make a difference to someone's life.

Jul 5, 2015

I am not nice because I want everyone to like me.

I am nice because I know there are people out there that are like me.

Jun 5, 2015

When they ask how you are





Some more

It's sad how I think this way of dealing with life is encouraged. People don't really open up to each other and I think it's cause they don't believe others will listen or help but I hope we will all keep the faith and tell people how we really feel if we need to

With your sweet lips,
On which oft
I yearn to plant a kiss,
Slander me not please!

My lodestar
You must know
A  drop of gal
The wellspring of honey
Is capable to mar!

Spouses have to be considerate to each other
Paul Glottaman
Jul 30, 2011

Regret is a cornerstone on which we have built a lifetime.
Forced from shelter into life,
we live as though mistakes are not expected.
Show me the man,
who at the end of his life,
does not look back and wonder.
Were it not so easy to dwell on our missteps
we would have no room to grow.
We will never reach out and find that we have
always had perfect teeth,
proper endings,
promises kept.
We are small.
We are considerably broken.
Therein is our most valuable attribute.
We are people, damn it.
Whole and complete, with mistakes made,
doors slammed shut and no path but to the grave.
And how magical is that?
Live, always and everyday,
with the past behind you.
Tomorrow there are a million more mistakes
never to make again.
And marvel , my friend,
the glory of being small and considerably broken.

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